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redqueen: Before everything, there was him. He was my salvation.


* * *

"Get the woman," the taller of the two agents ordered his companion, nodding toward me. He then focused on Morpheus. "I'll take care of him."

"Stay by my side and stay out of this, no matter what," Morpheus murmured to me. "I don't know whether or not they intend to kill you, but I will protect you."

One of the agents turned his head from side to side, cricking his neck. The two faced Morpheus, squaring shoulders, shaking out arms. They looked tough, but I wasn't very afraid. Morpheus said he would protect me, and I believed him.

Then the agents rushed at Morpheus, and all else was forgotten as I tried to follow the action. The three traded blocks, blows, kicks, and punches at lightning speed, so fast that their limbs were a blur of movement. The agents circled around Morpheus, surrounding him, lashing out with fists and feet. Morpheus ducked, swerved, blocked–anything to prevent contact. The agents each landed a punch one after the other on his torso and Morpheus grimaced in pain. It was obvious who had the upper hand here.

I wanted to help, but Morpheus had told me to stay out of the fight. I also wasn't so stupid as to believe that I was in the same league as these three men.

Morpheus reached beneath his coat and whipped out a handgun, aiming it at the head of the nearest agent–but a kick from the other landed on his wrist, and the gun snapped out of his hand and went skittering across the pavement. While Morpheus engaged the agents in furious hand-to-hand combat again, I dove for the gun. Here, at least, was something I could do.

But before I could touch the handle, a hand picked the gun off of the ground. I looked up into the face of a beautiful, dark-skinned young woman. "This won't help," she told me with a smile, pocketing the gun. "Not against them."

I watched, open-mouthed, as more leather-clad individuals, all of whom seemed to have appeared out of nowhere, entered the fight, distracting the agents from Morpheus. He risked a glance toward me and I saw his eyes widen as they focused on my new companion.


The woman grinned at him as she pulled me to my feet. "Finally decided to play Messiah, Morpheus?"

Morpheus nodded, stepping away from the fight. "I've found the one I need. I can't lose her."

"Then go." Niobe gave me a shove toward Morpheus. I stumbled and practically fell into his arms. "She'll do," the woman added wryly. "Run. Now. We'll distract them."

Morpheus smiled at her. "Thank you, Niobe." He gripped my arm and towed me away, up the slope to my car on the overpass above.

"Are they going to be all right?" I demanded.

"I hope so," was the quiet reply.

I was ordered to take the passenger seat, and did. Morpheus slid into the driver's seat, revving the engine to life. Tires screeched and rubber burned as we rocketed away.

* * *

"What did that woman mean when she said 'finally decided to play Messiah'?" I asked Morpheus as merged with rush hour traffic on the freeway.

Morpheus was silent, tapping aimlessly on the wheel.


He blinked and glanced sidelong at me. "In the real world, Trinity, I am the captain of a ship called the Nebuchadnezzar. I was given this assignment months ago and told to find a crew. I have not yet done so."


"Because I could not find the right person with which to begin building my crew. Now I have."

I stared out the window and watched the world, a digital world, fly by. "You say everything with such confidence, Morpheus. How can you be sure I'm really the one you need?"

"It is instinct, nothing more. But I trust my instincts." We stopped outside of a warehouse that had been abandoned for years–I think it used to make paperclips. "Come with me."

I followed him into the dusty old warehouse, entirely empty save for a few crates piled in a corner. We went to these and each took a seat on one, facing each other. Morpheus reached into his pocket and pulled out what appeared to be a small, silver pillbox, placing it between us.

"I told you, Trinity, that the next time we met you would have a choice to make."

I tensed at his words, instinctively aware that I had reached some sort of crossroads in my life. A fork in the path, so to speak. Whichever way I turned, there would be no going back.

"This is your choice, Trinity. You can choose to forget about me and everything I've told you, and go back to the life you led before you met. Or you can let me show you the world as it truly is, and discover exactly who you are." He opened the box, revealing two large pills–one red, one blue. "Take the blue pill and you stay in the dreamworld. Take the red pill, and you awaken."

I stared at the box, acutely aware of my fear of the red pill. It represented everything unknown to me, the prospect of a new life, but no guarantee of happiness. Yet I also knew what the blue pill represented–a road that could only lead the one end.

Morpheus gazed levelly into my eyes. "You must choose your own path, Trinity. Do what you believe is right."

He knew. He had experienced it, too–the uncertainty, the fear. I knew nothing of what lay before me, but I did know this–I trusted him. The idea of being so close to anyone had once been inconceivable, yet this man, whom I barely knew, held all my trusts, hopes, and dreams in his hands.

Before Zion, before the oracle, before Neo, there was Morpheus. He was my salvation.

I reached for the box on the crate and chose a pill.



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