Well, I meant to start this sooner but I kinda got sidetracked... it's going to be Shonen Ai, that means boy/boy.

If you don't like that kind of thing, please don't read this.

Also, this is AU. (Alternate Universe).
AND, it's my first non-humor, and first Shonen Ai. Yay for me!

(Sora's POV)

Great. Just great. Today we got our math tests back, I got a D- AGAIN. Mom's going to go ballistic. I can't help it if I don't get straight As like she wants me to. All the kids in my class are so nosy that I can hardly even hear what's going on! Well, I have no after school clubs or anything, but now I wish I did. I don't want to go home. My mom is so strict and awful I can get in trouble for no reason, and I mean that literally. No wonder my dad left her when I was so young.

"Hey! Sora!" I hear my friend, Donald calling for me. As usual, he's with Goofy. (I wonder what possessed his parent to name him that.)

"Hey guys!" I shout back, trying to sound cheerful. Donald and Goofy run to me- I guess I forgot that we're supposed to walk home together after school...

"Why didn't you wait!" asked Donald. He's wearing a strange blue hat with zippers on it, and some white hair stuck out of it. He's wearing a blue shirt that looked like his hat and white pants. He's AWAYS angry. Also, he's 13; only one year younger than me.

"Sorry. I forgot." I mutter.

"That's okay!" says Goofy. He's much taller than Donald, and a little taller than me. He's not wearing the uniform-just an odd green hat, a green shirt and black pants. He and Donald get to have PE the last period of the day, and get to change into regular clothes then. Lucky. Anyway-he has black shoulder-length hair and he's ALWAYS happy. He's 15. (Are 15 year olds even ALLOWED to be happy? I thought that a perky 15 year old is a sign of the apocalypse.)

We finally get to my house and I swallow hard.

"Good luck Sora!" Shouts Goofy as he and Donald continue to their houses. It's creepy, sometimes it seems like he can read my mind.

I enter my house and my mom's waiting for me, with a scowl on her face.

"You're late!" She snaps.

"I had to wait for Donald and Goofy." I try to explain.

"No excuses!" She's glaring at me now. A bad sign. Without thinking I quickly hand her my test. I run to my room, but she yells for me to 'get my ass over there.' I sigh. I'm only 14! I'm not ready to die! She reads my score then slaps me and says things I don't want to repeat.

After what seemed like an hour, she finally sends me to my room. I can't take it anymore. I want to leave here, I want to find my dad.

He just disappeared one day and left only a note saying :

'I'm leaving this place, good-bye.'

Now, my dad's not a mean guy, from what I remember he was the best! But he would always fight my mom, and when I asked about it the next day he'd say that everything was fine. Until the day he left, I was only about 6 or 7 then. I miss him a lot.

So tomorrow, I'm leaving. I'm going to find my dad! I'll pack the things in my backpack then I won't come home after school. I might skip school altogether, even though my mom might catch me then. Because they'd call saying I wasn't there... I guess I still need to think it over.

I think I fell asleep while I was thinking, it's morning now. I have to think fast about how I'm going to do this, the bus will be here soon. So now I'm chanting 'Think, think, THINK!' to myself, but I know how I'm going to do this now.

The school day went by so slowly! But now I just ate my lunch, I'm walking to the office, holding my stomach. One of the ladies who works at the office is there

"What's wrong, honey?" She asks.

"I feel real sick..." I say. Okay,so I feel fine. I had cafeteria food today (mom's to lazy to make my lunch, and don't have time to ever make it myself.) Several other kids reported sick earlier in the week 'cause of the bad school food, so this lie's believable.

"I'll call your mom." She says.

"No!" I shout, she looks at me like I had a daisy growing out of my head. "My mom's not" cough "home, and she didn't tell me her" moan "work number. It's a" cough "short walk home, I'll be" groan "fine."

"Okay. Be careful, now."

I nod, collect my stuff and go. This'll be easy!