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Rated: PG-13

Pairings: Inu/Kag, Sess/Kag, Nar/Kag (Love Square!)

Winning You  -Deadly Tears

Chapter One: New Trainer


"Ring of daggers!" a voice shouted through the air. A red glow emitted from a figure covered in a black cloak, it's hood draped over the figure's head. His palm shot forward, facing his opponent not too far away from him. A red energy force seeped out of the figure's palm and formed a large ring, the size of a barrel. It suddenly dismantled into small pieces of red light, glowing brighter as each light began to form into black daggers. The daggers floated in the air, facing its master's rival to take strike. He yelled and the daggers flew toward the opponent with fast speed, ready to slice up the remains of him. And… direct hit!

The opponent's expression had displayed no emotions, as the energy daggers pierced through his abdomen, chest, left and right arm, and neck. All that was shown from the effect was a drop to his knees with his head bowed. His long silver mane shielded his entire face, covering the instant smirk that played across it.

The figure in the black cloak crossed his arms and coolly laughed at the other, his pride over-taking him. "Is that all you got! I was hoping to have a challenge, not a killing spree."

His opponent slid of his silver hood, attached to his now battered cloak, and arose back up; the smirk slowly vanishing from his face. "It appears to me that pride blinds you from realizing your faults!" He slid off his silver cloak, revealing only his bare, muscular chest and white pants. "Allow me to demonstrate how it's really done." His golden eyes suddenly flashed with a piercing blue light, blinding the entire dark room, and his opposer.

An aura of blue flames slowly emitted from the ground and encircled the two fighters, illuminating the room with blue hues. A small surge of electricity bolted across the room instantly, nearly striking at the figure in the black cloak.

"Dark oblivion." His deep voice echoed, as the room became windy. Clashing noises of glass objects flew around and shattered into nearby walls.

Before the attack could be done, a third figure intruded and spoke, "Sesshomaru, that is enough!" When the surrounding energy faded away, he walked over to a nearby door and flipped the light on. "I don't want you to kill your brother, this is just training."

Sesshomaru glared at him, "Yes, father." He responded as if forcing the words out. He looked back at his opponent, controlling the urge to finish off the job. "I suggest you thank father from preventing your demise, InuYasha. You are very lucky."

InuYasha slipped his black hood off, a bundle of silver hair falling past his shoulders. He growled angrily, feeling his pride slipping away. He then looked at the figure by the door, anger surging through his body. "But father, Sesshomaru has nothing on me! He should've been afraid of his life!" He argued.

"I, InuTaisho, am strongly aware of your brother's power over exceeding yours. This training is to test your level of strength at this point. From what I have seen, you are need of much more training, InuYasha. You will continue tomorrow at dawn but with another opponent. I'm afraid Sesshomaru will demolish your life the next time you spar."

"And who might that be?" InuYasha reluctantly asked, hating the fact he was described as weak.

"The person is waiting for us in the living area, along with some company. I want you and Sesshomaru to wash up and change into something decent, so you can welcome the guests. I will be expecting your presence no more than half n' hour, is that clear?"

"Yes, father." Both InuYasha and Sesshomaru responded in unison. InuTaisho opened the door from the huge dojo, and gracefully walked out, leaving the two brothers alone. Sesshomaru snorted, grabbing his training bag and leaving the room without hesitation.

InuYasha did the same, grabbing his own bag and followed suit behind him, mumbling curses that was intentionally meant for Sesshomaru.


The two brothers coolly walked down the main corridors of their mansion, passing several large golden chiseled doors. InuYasha had chosen to wear his usual attire, blue baggy jeans with a dark blue muscle sweater. Sesshomaru had worn baggy black jeans with a white muscle shirt.

They seized walking when they came upon the last door to the end. Sesshomaru twisted the knob and pulled the door opened, walking into a huge, well furnished room known as the living area. Maids and servants roamed around the place, dusting, sweeping, and tidying the room when it wasn't necessary. The room consisted of expensive white and gold furniture, with the carpets completely a rich shade of golden. Crystal chandeliers hung high in the ceiling, lighting the entire room with its bright rays.

A servant walked over to the brothers and led them to their father, who sat on one of the furnitures, busy chatting away to two guests across from him. The brothers witnessed one of the guests being a young lady who looked no more than seventeen and the other, a man of middle-aged. InuTaisho spotted them and gestured them to come over.

"Ah, these are my two sons I want you to meet." InuTaisho nonchalantly said to the guests. He and the guests stood up, facing the brothers and shook their hands to greet them.

InuYasha began to wonder where the trainer or in terms 'opponent' was, that his father explained to him. His words spoke out suddenly, not realizing how soon it came out unintentionally, "I thought you said my opponent is here? I don't see any sign of him."

InuTaisho and and the middle-aged man laughed at the question, but InuYasha didn't understand why. Sesshomaru curiously glanced at the girl, her raven hair delicately framing her pretty face.

"My son, your trainer is standing in front of you. She has volunteered to help you train for a month." InuTaisho turned to face Sesshomaru after he heard him snort. "I want her to train you also, Sesshomaru. You will be surprised of what she can do. This will be your official trainer, her name is, Higurashi Kagome."