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Winning You -Deadly Tears

Chapter 6: Give It A Shot

Kagome followed behind the tall dog demon named InuTaisho. His long and wavy silver-white hair placed in a high ponytail, swaggered from side to side, due to the motion of his long strides.

Their destination was the mansion's training center.

Her head bent down in thought.

'What if things doesn't start off right, what will I do?' Both her hands intertwined with each other. She was nervous.

But then she remembered their conversation...


"Dog collars, you say?" InuTaisho inquired, cocking an eyebrow up.

"Yes... dog collars." Kagome repeated.

"The small strap made by mankind to control lesser animals, preferably dogs, by placing it around their necks and attaching it with a leash, is that correct?"

"Um, yep... those things." The girl in question scratched the back of her head in a nervous gesture.

The demon watched her with his almond-shaped golden eyes, not bashing a lash a single moment. The girl probably thought he detested those things with a passion. Well, not as much as she thinks. "What is your purpose with these... dog collars you speak of? I'm just curious." He asked.

"Uh, I was thinking... maybe I can place a spell I learned years ago, onto the collars, so when it's attached to their bodies, an electrical wave will set off into them. So, let's say things get out of hand during training, I focus my energy onto one of their collars to give it a signal, then a jolt will occur." Explained Kagome.

Crossing his arms thoughtfully, InuTaisho had to consider the choices Kagome made; After all, he was the one who chose her for the risky task.

Seeing InuTaisho's thoughtful expression, Kagome quickly reassured him. "But don't worry, the reaction is roughly ten seconds, just to slow them down at the time, and I'll only use it when I really have to!"

With an almost unnoticeable sigh, InuTaisho nodded. "Under one condition, you will train them in our trainer center and not on the field quite yet. It is pouring outside and my sons are not actually fond of the rain."

Confusion slowly manifested on Kagome's face.

"I will go into details later. But now, I will order a servant to retrieve the items for you, and I already informed InuYasha, Naraku, and Sesshomaru to meet us in the center. They are most likely waiting for us now."


So that was the deal.

A surge of confidence had suddenly emerged from Kagome and she held her head high, ready for what's to come.

"Kagome?" InuTaisho's voice boomed. They had entered into the main elevator, his index finger pressing the18th floor button, which was the very top floor of his mansion.

Kagome leaned against the wall opposite of him. "Huh?" She asked.

"When we get there, I will leave immediately so you can begin the session." He explained simply.

She adjusted the red handbag around her shoulders, hands gripping the strap tightly. "I guess so." Kagome replied, unsureness staining her voice.

Warm golden eyes searched her blue ones. "What happened to the determined girl I spoke to minutes ago." He asked in good humor. "Kagome, you will be fine, do not worry." A genuine smile found it's way on his handsome features.

The elevator came to a stop and slid open. InuTaisho walked out, followed by a even more nervous Kagome.

Picking up a set of large dumbbells, Inuyasha worked his arms in a continuous horizontal motion, with ease. A satisfied smirked formed on his lips. It really felt good to feel your muscle build into complete perfection.

Those dumbbells were made especially for demons, weighing a lot more than the ones for humans.

Sesshomaru, working his own arms with another pair of dumbbells, watched his brother coolly beside him. As always, whenever he noticed InuYasha's pride peaking up, he loved to squash it with a smart remark.

"Tsk! Is two thousand pounds all you can lift?" Sesshomaru paused to see his brother's smirk drop to shoot him a glare. "...I thought so. Five thousand weights is like a simple feather to me." He bragged, nonchalantly.

Looking away, InuYasha began chuckling. "Always talking trash, Sesshomaru. You consider yourself stronger than anybody on this planet and yet, father considered a trainer for you, no less, a human one. Isn't life funny that way?"

Ooh, a perfect strike back! Score 1 for InuYasha and Sesshomaru.

A small blow to his dignity, Sesshomaru went for another round. "Yes, it might be funny. But who's the one father calls a sorry weakling?"

Ouch. That pinched InuYasha in the guts. Two points for Sesshomaru.

Dropping his dumbbells to the ground now, Inuyasha retorted back. "He said that because you angered him! He told me after, that I had remarkable strength, just needed to channel out more power."

"He only said that to make you feel better about yourself."

That remark had instantly struck a vein in him and InuYasha gritted his teeth to hold back his anger. "You just love being a smart ass, don't ya? Sesshomaru, the smart ass... really goes well with you."

"Hm... maybe." Sesshomaru curled his lips to a smirk, as though the remark hadn't affected him the least bit.

Now for the bonus round...

"Will you both shut up, or does a human need to teach you that also?"

Yikes! Double blow to the guts at the dog bros! And now, the winning points goes to...


Sesshomaru and InuYasha fell silent as they looked across the room to find their stepbrother watching them. Of course, how could they forget about him...

Naraku sat upon a black leather recliner, one leg propped onto a small glass table in front and the other freely hanging off it. He rested an arm over his knee, staring at the two dog demons that he hated with a passion.

As cocky as he was, InuYasha was the first to retort. "Who asked you to speak, bastard? As I recall, you aren't so lucky yourself!"

Naraku remained quiet, ignoring him, and then finding an interest in his talons... really sharp talons...

Taking a few steps toward his loathed stepbrother, InuYasha continued to rant. "I'm getting sick and tired of you insulting me and getting away with it." He flexed out his fingers. "You think you're such a badass, huh?"

Naraku rolled his eyes, exasperatedly. 'This irritating fool loves to talk.' He thought, annoyingly. Personally, taking InuYasha seriously would be a joke to him; and a complete waste of time and energy.

Lifting his dark eyes to meet golden ones, Naraku could tell the bastard was ready for a fight. He, himself, wanted to fight too... he really did... but he was so bored out of his mind he could almost... yawn.

Offended, InuYasha gritted his teeth and decided to charge at him... that was until the training room's oak door busted open, stopping him immediately.

All the demons paused and whipped their heads toward the entrance, watching as two figures entered into the compartment. It was their father and followed behind was the human girl.

In that instant, more tension increased in the atmosphere once they laid eyes on her.

Naraku, Sesshomaru, and InuYasha locked their eyes on the raven-hair girl, carefully following every steady movement she made.

What they didn't know... that the real games were about to begin.

"Uh- wait! Don't leave too...soon..." But InuTaisho had already left, leaving her isolated with the famous demon trio. Not even a 'hello' to his sons or an opening introduction for her...

She guessed he really meant it by leaving right away.

'Oh, great! Now what to do?'

"So...uh, what's up, guys?" Kagome grinned sheepishly; watching all of them giving her really intimidating looks.

She rubbed her arms.

Oh, boy... this was not going to start off easily as she hoped.

Closing her eyes, she breathed in deeply and exhaled slowly, hoping that the action would be a little soothing. She opened her eyes again... it kind of worked.


"Oh, wow... so much equipment." She studied the humongous room, which was littered with all types of training equipment you could name. Only, they looked more advanced.

"Exercising to get buff, huh?" She directed the question to Sesshomaru, who stared at her stoically while working his arms with the silver dumbbells.

Kagome immediately bit her bottom lip. Each one of them had the bodies of a god. What a stupid thing to ask.

Good gracious! Look at those fine abs! Her eyes stared shamelessly at the almost bare chests belonging to the two silver-haired brothers.

If it weren't for the tight, white tank tops they both wore at the moment, she wouldn't have stopped the drool ready to escape her mouth.

No... you're in control here, so brace yourself, girl.

She figured that boiling up a conversation with them was like ordering a flea to talk; it just wasn't happening.

So the next thing she did was walk over to a pile of silver dumbbells stacked at one corner and bent down to lift up the really small ones she spotted.

Right then, she could've sworn a vein busted open in her right arm. How much did these things weigh? Like three hundred boulders?

Grunting and giving up, she stood straight again, feeling her cheeks heat up. How embarrassing! Her goal was to show off some of her strength in front of her pupils, but she couldn't even lift up the small ones!

Not a good way to start, Kagome.

"You are joking with us, right?"

Kagome's heart jumped at the sound of someone's voice breaking the deathly silence. She found out soon it was Sesshomaru that spoken out. It greatly surprised her that anyone would even speak a word to her while she was there.

The handsome demon rolled his eyes. "What can you do?" He asked suddenly, almost as if figuring out what his father found so special about her.

Immediately, Kagome caught on what he meant and answered, "Oh... well, um...hmm... how to explain," She tapped lightly on her chin and peaked up at the ceiling in thought. "I can't really explain it in words. I mean, it probably might sound ridiculous..."

Dropping his dumbbells carelessly to the floor, Sesshomaru began heading his way to the door. "And I think you're ridiculous." He added boldly. "See to it that changes will be made by early of tomorrow."

Naraku observed the girl's startled face. He was waiting to see how she would respond to Sesshomaru's fleeting form.

InuYasha folded his arms and remained silent. He didn't know if he should punch the girl's lights out or remain where he stood, not willing to be humiliated again like the other night. Though, his fingers twitched with anticipation.

Kagome's mind screamed of what to do. The guy plainly insulted her for no apparent reason and now is preparing to take off like that?

No- she can't let him leave now, that will only show off her weakness; and they will only take advantage of her.

The dark-haired girl clenched her hand, concentrating on the closed door.

Sesshomaru reached for the door's silver knob, twisted it, but failed to open the door. He saw nothing that locked the door in place, so he twisted the knob again, only it wouldn't budge.

He could most likely break down the door with ease, if he wanted to, but that will only anger his father, finding that his son ripped out the hinges of the door and fled from training.

Turning around to face the girl across the room, his eyes boring into hers while grimacing.

:Its the human girl, Sesshomaru. She is the one who's doing that.: Inuyasha said to him, telepathically.

A thin brow cocked up on Sesshomaru's face. :I know. I am merely testing her out: He replied, folding his arms.

So he thinks a human is not worth it? Kagome was determined to prove them wrong. "Now I'll stop being the nice girl and get down to business." She told them coldly. Her confidence flaring back up.

Naraku's eyes flashed a violet hue, then back to its normal color. He could sense the sudden anger radiating off from the girl's body.

Things were getting interesting now.

"As your new trainer, we will cover over certain things." Kagome's eyes glanced at each demon, seriously. "You will learn how to respect people and who they are. That means humans included.

You will have to learn how to get along with each other as brothers, because as a team in the tournament, working together is the only way to be successful.

Also, proper manners will be indeed taught to each one of you, that I guarantee it! And one other thing, bulging into people's rooms to start a fight will cease." Kagome glared particularly at InuYasha.

Sesshomaru snorted. "Do you know who I am, human girl? Nobody sets rules for me, only I do." He tucked some stray hairs behind his ear as he glared at her.

"And we will learn how to call people by their names." Kagome added slowly, in a cold manner.

Anger immediately ignited the tall demon. How... dare she! With his remarkable speed, he knocked the girl down in a blink of an eye.

Kagome didn't see it coming, and it hurt like hell! She automatically wrapped her arms around her stomach, feeling the windpipe knocked out of her. She clenched her teeth in pain.

InuYasha looked at his brother :I don't think that was a good idea, Sesshomaru.:

:Why? What is there to be afraid of: Sesshomaru asked, telepathically. His brother's meaningless warnings were irritating him.

InuYasha was about to reply when he saw the girl push herself off the ground unsteadily.

One stupid punch won't keep her down easily... those assholes. "Today, I will be testing your strength, mind, and agility. Each one of you will fight me, one by one." Kagome continued, like nothing happened. Though, her voice was some-what hoarse, still affected by the punch Sesshomaru had given her.

Standing an arm away, Sesshomaru grew surprised that the slender girl was even conscious after the blow. 'How interesting.' He thought.

'Once I test out InuYasha, Sesshomaru, and Naraku, I'll know what their weaknesses are and use that to train them better.' Kagome inwardly smiled.

'Thanks grandpa-sensei for everything.' She remembered her personal trainer, her own flesh and blood grandfather, who taught her what she knew and how to control her own abilities since she was a toddler. He was a loving old guy and she missed him. He had died naturally two years ago, but he still lived in her mind.

Kagome shook her head. This was not the time for the mushy-gushy stuff.

She positioned herself into a fighting stance. "Now, who wants to fight me first?" She challenged.

No one answered.

Okay, a little provoking must be done.

Kagome stepped forward and looked up at the angelic face of Sesshomaru. He was certainly handsome, beautiful at that; And she loved his light eyes, really sexy... but his attitude, it was horrific.

Finally having that urge, her right hand shot up and slapped him hard in the face.

The room fell silent.

InuYasha gasped.

Naraku's lips twisted into a satisfying smirk.

The girl was indeed crazy.

Sesshomaru narrowed his molten eyes down at Kagome, his lips forming into a grim line. He breathed out loud and slow, an evident sign of anger peaking up by the minute.

One thing Sesshomaru hated in all his life, was being disgraced by anyone. One thing he despised the most, was being disgraced by a human.

Kagome braced herself.

Let round one begin.

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