Jeshi: A friend of mine, DemonicPaladin had given me this idea!! ^.^

Bakura: Did I mention that this one was stupid also?

Jeshi: Of course it is! ^.^

Bakura: And she doesn't own "Yugi-man" or so she calls it…

Jeshi: Nope! ^.^ And this one is dedicated to my friend, Kaira-chan!! ^.^

Yami watched intently as the horrible little fuzzy creature moved back and forth….it paced…around and around and around….it drove him mad…it made him sick just looking at that absolutely revolting being! He was amazed that it was ALIVE…

He watched it, angry rage filling up inside him. Oh, how he LOATHED this thing. Watching it move….walking around aimlessly…with it's stupid sunglasses…stupid ears…stupid drum…stupid feet carrying him about….the stupid rhythm it made when it hit the drum and walked….the PINK fur….the way the little bastard NEVER STOPPED!!!!

Yami had hated this immortal life-form since he first saw it. He was watching tv with Yugi….it was advertising something…but what? But that wasn't the point…the point was that this THING was in front of him…the exact same THING from the magical box known as the television in the crazy 21st century world. The thing that NEVER STOPPED MOVING…..IT KEPT GOING…AND GOING….AND GOING…

Yes…that's right…Yami didn't just hate ANY old thing….


ARRRGHH!! That horrible drumming, the pounding…the…CUTENESS…the PINK FUR!!! The ears, the glasses, the stupid hideous thing never stopped moving!! WHY?!?!?!??

Well, that was it…he had had it for the last time with this putrid furball, a lazy excuse for an advertisement on the magical box…

"I'M GOING TO TAKE YOU DOWN, YOU HORRID BEAST!!" Yami yelled at the fluffy pink rabbit who was STILL marching along with his drum.

"I'M NOT JOKING…THE LOSER IS SENT TO THE SHADOW REALM!!!" He declared. And with that, the match began!

Yami grabbed a little stick and began to circle the small, mechanical drummer bunny. He hit at it rapidly with the stick, backing away, dodging the 'attack' that was sent back at him with the little drum that the bunny carried around with him. Yami then kicked the bunny across the little battle arena that he had created by a seaside cliff, sending the bunny into the tall green grass, where he would hopefully be eaten alive by these creatures that Yugi called "Grasshoppers"…

But…he DIDN'T die…seconds later, the pink bunny had emerged from the jungle of grass and was heading straight towards Yami!!!

Yami didn't know what to do….this bunny looked pretty pissed off now….he slowly backed up…he had to think of something…he had to…he had to!!!!!….He…

He fell off the cliff…

What can we say? Yami just forgot that he had the battle arena on a SEASIDE CLIFF

The victor was now the Energizer Bunny, who DID keep going and going and going….until it fell over a rock, in which it collapsed on it's side, opening the battery compartment, and the two cylinders that were labelled "Energizer" fell to the ground with a soft ::thud::…still half-full of battery acid…

And this just proves to you that the ultimate "King of Games" cannot keep his title any better than the Energizer Bunny can keep his reputation for Energizer when they say that he keeps "going and going and going"…not anymore…

Jeshi: Yes, it was a one-shot…and yes, it was short…and yes, it was stupid…but…I am proud of myself! ^.^
Bakura: Why?

Jeshi: Because, it's the first humour Yugi-man story that I wrote that I didn't have in script formation!! ^.^

Bakura: *sarcastic* Joy…-_-;

Jeshi: YES, JOY TO THE WORLD!! ^.^