Do my crying in the rain

Warnings/notes : Seto + Joey, first pov (Seto), Mokuba, not really a happy ending

Disclaimer : I don't own Yu Gi Oh. The song 'Crying in the rain' belongs to A-Ha and has also been used by me for another song-fic.

written at 22nd july 2003, by Misura

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//Rain starts falling from heaven

Could never take away my misery//

Soon enough the single drop has become a stream of water, running down my face while the rain pours down on me.

The heavens seem to weep the tears I swore I'd never spill for anyone.

In a way it feels good to feel myself getting soaked.

I feel alive, refreshed, cleansed.

Other people seem not to share my opinion, hurrying home cursing under their umbrellas.

I don't have one.

I don't want one.

That too would remind me of you.

The comforting sound of raindrops ticking ...

Pressing closer together because my umbrella wasn't meant to be shared ...

My sight is blurred by the wetness that falls from the sky.

//Since we're not together

I pray for stormy weather//


Someone calls out to someone else.

Not me.


The running footsteps I hear behind me aren't from anyone I know.



The hand on my shoulder that halts me isn't attached to the body I've seen naked so often and not often enough.

I turn around to face a stranger.


Your name falls from my lips so easily.

//To hide these tears

I hope you never see//

"What are you doing out here? You're *soaked*."

You say that as if we're still together, as if there's still an 'us'.

You're mistaken.

"None of your business."

Who do you think you are that you can sound like you care about me?

"Yes it is! You'll get ill if you don't get into something dry and warm soon."

Imagine, I might even die, if I'm lucky.

No more pain, no more worries, no more anything.

Hn. I probably won't be that lucky.

Besides, there's still Mokuba.

"Leave me alone."

You already did, don't you remember?

//Someday when my crying is done

I'm gonna wear a smile

And walk in the sun//

"What's *wrong* with you?"

Is that a demand for an answer? An explanation even?

I don't believe I owe you one ; you didn't gave me one either now, did you?



And it's all your doing, so how dare you look at me like I'm the one who hurt you?

"Seto ... be reasonable."


So many emotions captured in a single syllable.

"My house is nearby."

You sound coaxing as if I'm some skittish animal you're trying to catch.

//I may be a fool

But till the end darling you

Never see me complain//

Did you already forget you had me once and drove me away?

Or is this still a game to you?

"I know that."

I know you.

I love you.

I shouldn't.

Because in the end, my knowing you was a mere illusion.

Like you loving me back.

I may have acted like a fool before, I don't intend to make the same mistake twice.

"Seto ... "

You use the name like a weapon while you once used it as a declaration of caring.

//I do my crying in the rain//

I have nothing left to say to you.

We already said our goodbyes and farewells.

I have no wish to repeat them.

Mokuba will be waiting for me, worried probably.

Perhaps I will make us some hot chocolate.

We'll manage it together, like we always have.

When the rain stops falling, my face will be dry too.

"Where are you going?"




"I love you!"


You're lying.

Or you're too late.

The rain has dried already.