This story takes place after all Drizzt's friends have passed away, leaving Drizzt on his own. It isn't connected to my other stories…Thanks for the title, DragonEyeZ!! Oh, Drizzt will be O.C. at first, but that will change…


Chapter 1--Looking For Trouble

Drizzt sat at a corner table in a small bar in Silverymoon, bundled in his cloak. He had arrived earlier that day and came in to have a drink, actually a lot of drinks. Drizzt Do'Urden was planning to get roaring drunk and get into a brawl for the first time in his life.

His life had gone dramatically downhill after Bruenor Battlehammer had finally passed away three months ago. First he had been replaced as the guardian of Ten-Towns by Catti-brie's great granddaughter, who he had trained then Bruenor's son had ordered him to leave the mine two days after Bruenor's funeral. Non-Dwarves were no longer welcome in the mines, he'd said. Stumpet had been unable to talk her son out of it, so Drizzt had gathered his things and left.

Drizzt snorted at the memory and drained his glass for the seventh time. He cursed the Drow's tolerance to alcohol under his breath. It was getting in his way.

A barmaid came over. "Another one, sir?" she asked.

"Save yourself the effort and bring the bottle," Drizzt grumbled. He looked up and saw three barmaids walking away. Obviously I'm finally feeling the drinks, good, I want too, he thought. Drizzt sighed, Catti-brie and Wulfgar had married two years after Delly and her babe had died in childbirth. They had been happy and had eventually had two children of their own.

The barmaid bought the bottle and set it in front of him. She gave him a concerned look. "Would you like something to eat, sir?' she asked.

"No, thank you," Drizzt said.

The barmaid left, shaking her head.

Drizzt refilled his glass; pleased that he didn't miss it then drained it again. I should be deciding where I'm going. I could stay here in Silverymoon. Lady Alustriel has hinted about a place in her guards if I want it. No, I don't want to spend my life behind walls, guess it's back on the road again, he thought. He propped his chin on his hand and peered towards the door. Gods, I must be drunk. I know this place doesn't have four doors. He tried to fill his glass again and this time he did miss. It wasn't easy to hit a glass when you were seeing three of them after all. He took a swig from the bottle instead. Hell, the dwarves do it this way all the time, he thought. He decided that perhaps he should just get a room and forget getting into a brawl. He doubted he could hit anything now anyway. He tried to stand up and fell right back down; luckily he hit the chair. On second thought, I think I'll stay right here, he thought. He grinned when he thought of what Lady Alustriel would say if she seen him like this. He wondered if she knew he was in Silverymoon and hadn't bothered to go pay his respects to her and if she was insulted by it then decided he didn't much care.

A loud laugh and a woman's pleading voice drew him out of his thoughts. He looked up and saw the barmaid that had served him struggling with one of the other customers. The big man pulled her forcibly into his lap and kissed her while shoving his free hand down the front of her blouse. He ignored her struggles and pleas.

Drow could shake off the effects of alcohol quite easily. Rage surged through Drizzt and he stood up, sober in an instant. "Get your hands off her, pig," he snarled.

The man stopped pawing the barmaid and looked up. "Why don't ya mind yer own affairs, runt?" he retorted.

"Why don't you leave the women alone until you can get one who's willing?" Drizzt returned then looked the man over, "though that probably will never happen."

"I'm gonna rip yer head off yer shoulders!" the man yelled and lunged at Drizzt.

Drizzt dodged easily out of the way and the Human crashed into the wall after tipping over the table and smashing the chair into kindling.

"Not at that rate you won't," Drizzt taunted.

The Human staggered to his feet and lunged at Drizzt again, screaming curses.

Drizzt tried to sidestep, but stumbled and fell sprawling.

The guard tripped over him and smashed another table under his weight. Cheers and jeers filled the air from other patrons. Many of who were betting on the fight's outcome.

Drizzt scrambled quickly to his feet.

When the Human got up this time, he was holding a chair leg. "Damn ye, Drow, stand still!" he snarled.

Drizzt grabbed a bottle from one of the tables and threw it at the Human. It hit him in the forehead then shattered.

The Human stood there for a minute without moving then his eyes crossed and he toppled to the floor. Suddenly it got very quiet. Drizzt looked up and saw two of Silverymoon's guards standing in the doorway….

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