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Chapter 40--Back In Kern

They arrived safely in Kern just an hour before dusk. "We must go to the temple and give our report. We must tell them about Glenna," Tarion said.

Drizzt glanced towards the inn.

Shandra knew what he was thinking. "You have to come with us Drizzt. You were the one that was harmed by her, so you are our witness," she said.

"We both will, I'm a witness too after all. Besides I want to see the inside of a Human temple. I've never been in one before," Kylia said.

Drizzt grimaced, remembering how they'd reacted to his presence. He could imagine what their reaction would be to two Drow.

Shandra didn't wait for an answer. She rode to the stable next to the temple. They dismounted and tended the horses first before heading for the door.

The two paladins guarding the entrance put their hands on their swords and eyed Drizzt and Kylia as the group approached.

"Come on, you both know who Drizzt is," Shandra said.

"Yes, we do, but we don't know the woman," one said.

"I'm Kylia, pleased to make your acquaintance," Kylia said. She gave a perfect curtsy that was subtly mocking. Luckily the guards didn't seem to catch it.

"She's with me and I will vouch for her just as Lady Shandra vouches for Drizzt," Tarion said quickly.

The guard frowned then nodded, though reluctantly. "You may enter," he said.

They entered the temple and headed for the High Priest's audience chamber.

"Wow, do all paladins have a stick up their arse?" Kylia asked casually.

Tarion gave her a shocked and offended look. "You should not speak so disrespectfully of them," he protested.

"Awww, don't worry, sweetheart, I think you're adorable," Kylia said and patted Tarion on the butt.

The timing was perfect since two paladins were walking past at the same instant and gave Tarion a sharp look.

Tarion blushed, looking like he would have liked to disappear. "Don't do that and I'm not adorable!" he protested.

Drizzt barely managed to keep a straight face and even Shandra had to fight down a smile.

They came to the double doors of the audience chamber where another paladin stood guard.

Tyr bless you and guide your blade," Shandra said.

"And the same to you, Lady. What do you require?" the paladin asked.

"My party and myself wish an audience with High Priest Galen, please," Shandra said.

"Wait here, Lady and I will see if he is able to meet with you," the paladin said. He went into the chamber.

"Certainly is a lot of trouble to see this Galen," Kylia remarked.

"One doesn't burst into the High Priest's presence unannounced and without permission," Tarion said.

The paladin returned. "He will grant you an audience though it must be brief," he said and gestured for them to enter.

Once inside Shandra and Tarion sank to one knee and bowed their heads respectfully. "Good evening, Lord Galen. We have returned," Shandra said.

"So I see. You may rise. What did you wish to see me about?" Galen asked, "and why have you brought another Drow to this holy place?"

Shandra began telling all that had happened then had Drizzt and Kylia fill in other details.

Once they were done Galen nodded. "It will be investigated. Is that all?" he asked.

"No, Lord. Tarion and I wish permission to return to traveling if we may," Shandra said.

Galen frowned and glanced at the Drow then nodded. "I believe that would be for the best. Go with Tyr's blessing," he said.

"Our thanks," Shandra said and they left the audience chamber and headed towards the sleeping area. Tomorrow the new adventures would begin….


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