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A sigh of malcontent glissaded against the edges of Jess' lips, pressuring them with its ethereal burden, until they were obligated to shift, allowing his sigh to slip out into the open, when he saw Michelle's outline out of the corners of his eyes. Although his sigh got caught up between the variety of lines of conversations around him, remaining obscure to her delicate ears, which seemed overindulged with the array of silver rings which were hanging from both of her ears, the edges of his eyes were glimmering with dissatisfaction.

He apperceived that she wasn't going to let him walk away after his little forgetful behaviour last night, but he never saw her as the type of girl that would want an actual explanation. Albeit it hadn't even been close to the margins of fairness, he had apprehended her personality to exist of nothing but self centricalness and superficiality. Leaving nothing else for his curiosity to discover and leaving him to look at nothing but her appealing exterior. He would like to believe that his eyes didn't only detect the beauty that was skin-deep. And after his atrocity, he knew that he didn't deserve the pure and uncut gems, although he had held one within the palm of his hand only last night.

He graphically remembered every word that escaped the sweet prison of Rory's lips, because they had been playing in his mind like a broken record, repeating the same part over and over. He could still feel the strands of her hair resting upon his fingertips and the way her smile was reflected through her assiduous yet cautious touch. Feather light her fingers seemed, as they rested against the fabric of his shirt, not daring to move until he attentively took her hand in his and placed it around his neck, giving it the illusion as if they were dancing.

He understood that he had to take things slow with her, read every line twice, instead of quickly flipping through the pages. He had contained a soft chuckle as she clumsily placed her other hand around his neck too, looking up at him, as if she was trying to figure out if she could trust him or not. Although not everyone would have showed the same patience and self-control that he had, he knew that it would eventually be more than worth it. They didn't ended this bewitching moment with a kiss to match, but the smile Rory left him with, satisfied him from the bone down to the core.

Of course Michelle didn't fit into this perfect picture, so Jess had left Michelle at the apartment, while he went over to the bridge, telling her one of his many lies which he had stored in his mind. And even after Rory had left, he had stayed at the bridge, smoking almost half a package of cigarette and reading one of his broken down novels, which he always carried with him. That was why he always went to second hand book-stores. New ones weren't appreciated by him. He wanted to feel the frailness of the aged pages underneath the tips of his fingers when he read. And if the book tapped into his self-conscious, finding a fragment of his childhood memory to chew at, he would think about why the book was getting to him and write the answer in the margins, if he could find a suitable one.

As Jess approached Michelle, her facial features became clear to him, revealing her both the offended expression, which she carried in her eyes, and her impatient posture. Her arms were defensively crossed and her eyes lost all its allure when they narrowed. Her foot was also rhythmically tapping the floor underneath her, giving him a headache. Frankly he didn't know what he was thinking, taking her home with him yesterday.

''Michelle,'' Jess said, nodding at her, as he stopped only inches away from her. ''Any reason why you decided to drop by my locker ?''

''I think you know why I'm here.''

''Fill me in anyway, just so I know we're on the same page.''

''Does last afternoon ring a bell ?'' Michelle asked, slightly offended by his remark.

Jess shrugged, knowing that he was being cruel to her. ''The Fast and The Furious was on last afternoon. Not exactly a big wow for me, since I'm not really into the whole racing-in-the-streets-thing. People could get hurt.''

Michelle sighed, visibly annoyed by is ignorance. ''Don't pretend as if you don't have a clue about what I'm talking about. We were in the middle of a hot make-out session and then all of a sudden you're gone. And I just wanted some kind of explanation for your behaviour, cause obviously it can't be me.''

Jess raised an eyebrow at her words, but decided against his usual sarcasm for once. ''You're right, it wasn't you.''

''That's what I said,'' Michelle said, not trying to contain the satisfaction that had been lying upon her lips for these passed minutes.

''I won't go into any details, but let's just say that I'm scared of committing myself to just one person. Trust issues.''

''Ah, I didn't know. God, now I feel like such a fool.''

''It's okay.''

''Are you sure, cause if you.............''

''I know where to find you,'' Jess lied.

Michelle nodded and uncrossed her arms, so she could reach out her hand. ''No hard feelings then ?''

Jess held back a smirk, as he shook her hand. ''No hard feelings.''

''Good, well, the bell's going to ring any minute, so I better head for class. I'll see you around ?'' Michelle asked, as she started to back away from his locker, finally giving him the opportunity to open it, if he wanted to.

At the beginning of the year he had put all his books in his locker for safe keeping, knowing that they would just be extra weight if he wasn't planning on attending his classes in the first place. Well, he had planned on attending his classes when he first got here, wanting to start with a clean slate, but it had only took him a few days to fall back into his old routine. Now he was juggling with the fact of actually going to his classes for a change, knowing that it would give him a much brighter and easier future, no matter how cliched it sounded.

''Sure,'' Jess answered, opening his locker and blindly reaching for one of his books.

Just because he had decided to attend his classes, didn't mean that he had to lose his rebellious touch immediately and come off as a geek. Although his opinion was a bit harsh, he actually admired the persistence of those who worked hard for their grades.

Jess closed his locker and turned around, noticing the pair of friendly eyes that were gazing at him from across the hallway. Jess wondered how long she had been standing there. He didn't recall catching her presence earlier, which he normally did. He could sense when people were looking at him, although Rory seemed to be an exception. Just as he was going to acknowledge her sudden company, the bell rang, causing a comprehending smile to grace her pleasant features.

Jess shrugged and pointed at his books, letting her know that he probably should get to class. Rory nodded, briefly meeting his eyes, before heading off to her own class.


During her lunch period, Rory retreated into the unostentatious library. At a table in the back of the library, hidden from everyone's sight by large bookcases that were filled with subjects like psychology and philosophy, Rory sat down. Just enough light was allowed to slip through the pages of the books and around the corners of the bookcases to make the room a little brighter than gloomy.

A book lay open in front of Rory, when Lane sat down across from her at the table. And although her eyes were staring at the pages in front of her, the concentration that Rory was so well-known for was missing. Lane reached for Rory's book and started to pull it towards her. When the book was already gone from underneath both her eyes and fingers, Rory looked up at Lane, finally realising that she wasn't alone.

''Lane, hey. What are you doing here ?''

Lane shrugged, as she closed the book and handed it to Rory. ''I just had the urge to go to the library. Did you know that they only have three books on the history of rock music ?''

Rory smiled. ''Stars Hollow High isn't your typical school of rock.''

''That calls for a big and fat duh! I mean, three books on rock music and about thirty on some rare flower.''

Rory chuckled. ''It definitely makes you wonder about their priorities.''

''So, any reason why you've decided to spend your lunch in here instead of in the cafeteria, where we usually eat ? Not that this isn't nice, but I would just feel weird about eating in a library. I mean, is that even allowed, cause............''

''It's because of Jess,'' Rory interrupted.

''Oh, you're avoiding him......''

Rory shook her head. ''I'm not avoiding him, well not really, I just needed some time to think.''

''I don't think that thinking about Jess and Michelle will help you with the getting over him part, even though you two have never officially dated, but that's just the small print we're talking about.''

''I don't wanna get over him,'' Rory said.

''Since when is torturing yourself in ?''

Rory smiled again. ''We made up.''

''When did this happen ?''

''Yesterday. I sorta admitted that I was jealous of him and Michelle and then he, well, he hugged me,'' Rory told Lane.

''He hugged you ?''

Rory nodded. ''Why ?''

Lane shrugged. ''He doesn't seem like the kiss-and-make-up-kinda-guy. Of course I don't really know him, so who am I to judge. Man, I have really been spending too much time with you.''

''I'm sure your cd collection feels neglected.''

''Not as neglected as your book collection has been feeling these passed few days.''

''Lane,'' Rory warned, not wanting to catch the attention of the few loners which were scattered around the library. But soon they forced to leave the library, because of the playful banter they had rolled into.


Jess' eyes immediately found Rory, as she walked down the steps in a hasty pace, wanting to get away from the misleading exterior of the building. Just like the friendly masks that most of the students wore, with its inviting coating, it tricked you into believing that the core would be accepting of every individual. Taking them for who they were, looking passed the alternative clothes and black nail polish. Unfortunately there were only a few individuals who lived their school life by this rule.

Jess threw his cigarette on the ground without thinking about it, stepping on it, as he walked faster than usual, to catch up with the oblivious angel faced girl. His footsteps remained unnoticed, even when he was right behind her, close enough to touch her hair if he wanted. But instead he placed his hands in his pockets for safe keeping and completely caught up with her.


Rory slowly lifted her head and tilted it slightly to look at him through her lost strands of hair, which were streaking her face. Truthfully, she hadn't been able in getting him out of her subconscious mind. The silence she had drew back in during several periods of this day, had soon been disturbed by the pleasant memories which were lurking in the corners of her mind 24/7. She flashed him an appreciating smile, before greeting him with a soft hey.

They continued walking for a couple of more minutes, before Jess decided to get straight to the other end of the line, aware that the diner was getting closer and closer, giving them less and less time to waste.

''So, I didn't see you at lunch.''

Rory bit her lip, returning her eyes to the ground. ''I wasn't avoiding you, Jess. I think we've gotten over that state in our relationship.''

The words left her words so fluently, that she didn't have any time to take them back. Instead she was forced to live through the fact of knowing that her cheeks were slowly turning into a bright shade of red and that she had no way of hiding them from Jess.

''I didn't mean that. We don't actually have a relationship, although I guess friendship could be called a relationship, if we were friends that is. Not that we are, but............''

Before Rory could continue her nervous rambling, Jess took her hand in his, causing Rory to stop walking and look at him. He could see the wonder in her graspable eyes. A smirk graced his face, when he saw that the redness in her cheeks was yet increasing, making her seem so unsure of herself.

''I assume you want to talk about where we stand in our relationship ?'' Jess asked, a smirk still tainting his face, his eyes matching it for once.

Rory nodded, as a grin broke through her features. ''Yeah.''

''Rory !''

Rory recognised her mom's voice, but took several more seconds, before looking away from Jess' chocolate eyes and slowly pulling her hand back, giving Jess the opportunity to gently graze every part of it with his fingers, before finally returning his hand to its former resting place.

He nodded in the direction of her mom. ''You better go.''

Rory nodded and turned around and headed over to her mom, thinking that all those unpleasant occurrences between them had been proven to be more than worth it.


When Rory set foot on the basketball court that night, she wasn't surprised to find that Jess was already there. But what did grasp her attention, was the fact that he was sitting on one of the few benches, which surrounded the court, reading. Of course she knew that he had a passion for reading to match her own interest, but she had never seen him come to the basketball court just to read. His left foot was resting upon his basket ball, making sure to keep it in place.

''Hey,'' Rory said, as she took a couple of more steps towards him, still feeling a little unsure.

Though she was hoping for some sign of acknowledgement, she didn't get one. Jess seemed to caught up in his book to notice her. Even when she continued approaching him, until she was standing right beside him, he didn't look up from his piece of fiction.

''Jess,'' Rory tried again.

A wrinkle appeared in Jess' forehead, as he tried to hold on to his earlier focus. But when his eyes lost sight of the line he had been reading, he was forced to give in and look up at the person who distracted him.

''Sorry if I interrupted you,'' Rory said, their eyes locking.

''Rory, how long have you.............''

Rory shrugged. ''Not more than a few minutes, probably even less. I can leave if you want.''

''No, I can read any time,'' Jess said, as he closed his book.

''So,'' Rory started, digging her hands into the back pockets of her jeans. ''I was wondering if you wanted to play some one on one ?''

He nodded, placing his book beside him on the bench and reached down to grab his ball. He spun it around a few times, before lifting himself off of the bench, placing both him and Rory in an intimate position. One that Jess carefully took advantage off.

''Are you still having doubts about where we stand ?''

Rory was taken back by his question, which was noticeable in voice, that was close to trembling. ''I........I mean.............what are we ? Are you going to kiss me when we're around each other ? I've been worried about those stupid things. And nervous........''

''There's no need to be nervous,'' Jess reassured her. ''I know that you haven't exactly been in this position before and that's cool. And although I really wanna kiss you right now, I won't.''

''But what if I want to ?'' Rory whispered, lowering her eyes as she did this. ''How will I be able to know if you want me to and..............'''

''Rory,'' Jess softly, but urgently said, as he lowered his eyes to her level.

But Rory didn't look up, she was too embarrassed by the words that had just left her mouth. She just felt really lost right now. She didn't know what to do, how to act or what was expected from her, though she knew that nothing would be expected from her. But when she felt Jess' fingers against her skin, it seemed natural to lean in and move her face closer towards his with every second that passed. She parted her lips and closed her eyes, as her lips came close to crashing against his. Rory didn't even notice how Jess quickly studied her facial expression, before meeting her lips. His was slower than she had wanted it, but she knew that he had more experience and that she should probably trust him. He was only protecting her from herself, making sure she didn't forget taking baby steps first. After all, those baby steps would eventually lead to the large and daring leaps, which would cause for the crowd to go wild.

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