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Chapter 1

Lex thought the plan through one last time before calling Chloe. Yes, he thought, it would work. He had all the logical, rational arguments ready to convince her. It would allow help him protect her. He wasn't sure why it seemed so important to protect her; he just knew that it was. His plan would also give him a chance to be near her, very near her, an idea that sped up his pulse and greatly appealed to him. He told himself it was because she was an intelligent and interesting person who he was never bored with. Not wanting to continue the train of thought he dialed her number.

"Hello," Chloe answered her cell phone.

"Hello, Chloe. It's Lex Luthor."

"Lex. This is a surprise."

"I had an idea on how to head off and discredit any action by my father."

Chloe sat up straighter. "You have my attention." He smirked slightly and began to explain his plan. "We make sure that the press knows we're having a relationship. Since you're now 17, it's legal."

"Are. You. Insane?"

His smirk widened. "Not last time I checked. Let me explain."

"Fine. Please do. I'd love to hear how us having a relationship will keep Lionel from hurting me. It would likely make him hate me more."

"You weren't listening. I said we make sure *the press* sees us as being together. Then if my father tries to discredit you, or your work, we can say it's because he doesn't approve of our relationship."

"So we come off as some modern day "Romeo and Juliet", from different worlds, complete a father who is against us."

"Yes. The press would eat that up and you'd be seen as an innocent victim, which you would be."

"And you get to have your father look bad," Chloe pointed out, even though she knew he had already thought of that..

"That would be nice. But he'll know what would happen, what the press reaction would be. It might keep him from trying anything. At least for a little while, which would give me more time to find out his plans. Besides, he'll be busy trying to find out if our relationship is real and then trying to break us up. It will also direct some of his anger away from you, to me."

"You're OK with that?"

"It's nothing new to me. It is to you. I'm prepared for it. You aren't."

"You *do* realize how arrogant and patronizing that sounded?" asked Chloe, in an ach tone.

"Maybe. But that doesn't mean it's not true."

"Fine. I'll play the role of your girlfriend. When should we start?" Chloe asked, trying to ignore the sudden racing of her heart.

"Your father's leaving on a business trip tomorrow and won't be back until next week. So Friday I'll pick you up and we'll go to a club in Metropilous. We can stay in the Pent House that night and come back Saturday, after some shopping. And don't worry, the Pent House has two bedrooms."

"Sounds like a good plan. I have a class soon, so I'll see you Friday." She didn't bother to ask how he'd get a minor into a club, since she already knew. He'd tell them his name, if they didn't recognize him on sight, and they wouldn't even think of asking for any ID's.

Chloe sat back in her chair and stared at the screen, letting herself think about what had just happened. She would be acting like Lex's girlfriend. She'd be spending the night in his pent house. She knew they would have to, at the very least, kiss; to keep up appearances. The thought had her blushing. She'd often dreamed of kissing Lex, and now she would be doing it for real. She had no doubt that he was an expert.

She agreed that it was a smart plan to throw his father off balance, and help her. But she couldn't believe that was Lex's only reason. He always had his own motives and reasons. She figured she'd just have to wait and see. She refused to let herself hope that it was because he wanted to spend time with her and act as her boyfriend.