The Beginning

"Thanks." The girl said sarcastically to a handsome man who had doctors' coat and identification on.

"You know, I tried to help you, but if you won't let me check you into the hospital, I can't, really, help you to the best of my ability." The doctor replied whose name tag said -Doc. Billy Ray-.

"I can't afford to be in a hospital." Said the girl sadly.

"Sara, you might, no the tests prove it. You have cancer! And you're insurance will cover it, won't it?"

"I don't have any!" Sara said with a whimper.

She turned and ran from the room. Billy Ray sighed and closed her file with a snap. He ran his hand through his shoulder length hair. At that moment a nurse named Samantha walked into the room.

"Hard case?" she asked. Billy Ray shook his head,

"Just stubborn, she'll be back." He answered.

At that moment there was a Blue Code in Room 702, Billy Ray jumped to his feet and bolted to the room. It had been his patient, he had been burned in a church fire when he was praying, and he died from bodily 3rd degree burns. His name was Paul Popowich.

"Just what I need." Groaned Jane, the owner of the hospital.

"Well, there's nothing we can do now." Billy Ray said as he pulled the sheet up over Pauls' Head. Every one quietly left the room and Billy Ray closed the door softly behind himself.