The Fellowship of Fleas!

Summary: Something goes horribly wrong with one of Gandalf's spells and all of the members of the fellowship are turned into DOGS!!! (Ok, maybe not original, but a classic all the same!)

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Chapter 1: A Skewed Spell!

The Fellowship decided to try to get to know each other a little bit better about two days before they were going to leave Rivendell on their quest to Mt. Doom. Gandalf thought that it would be spiritually fulfilling for them to know each other. Meaning, he wanted to do *something* to get Gimli and Legolas to stop fighting.

They all headed out to the woods surrounding Rivendell (not too far though) to a small clearing with a circle of tree stumps and rocks with a small area for a fire in the middle.

Gandalf clasped his hands together, "Alrighty then! Let's get the fire going!"

The hobbits smiled gleefully at the thought of s'mores.

Unfortunately, there had been rain and the wood was too wet to burn. Even the pyromaniac, Gimli was unable to do much more than a spark. Legolas *had* gotten a fire going... Unfortunately. it was Boromir's clothes that burned.

Finally, while Boromir was running around, screaming "AHHHHH!!! PUT ME OUT!!! PUT ME OUT!!!", Aragorn trying to calm him down so that Boromir could "STOP, DROP AND ROLL!!!" and Legolas repeating, "I'M SORRY I'M SORRY I'M SORRY I'M SORRY!!!!", Gandalf sighed and tried to light a fire using his staff. What he didn't count on, was the fact that Elladan and Elohir had tampered with it.

There was a loud BOOM!!! And all the fellowship fell unconscious (thankfully, Boromir had finally stopped burning by throwing himself into a shallow pond)

Legolas could not remember what made him fall. As he began to get his bearings again, he realized that he was much warmer than before. 'Gandalf must have gotten that fire going after all.' he thought until he become conscious of the fact that he could not hear the crackling of a fire. While thinking (eyes still closed) he tried to scratch his nose. Only to find it wet and cold and that he didn't have a hand to scratch his nose with. He had a paw.

Legolas' scream resounded in the entire valley and woke the others. Legolas looked around and could not find his companions; instead, he saw a bunch of dogs waking up.

Aragorn heard Legolas scream and awoke only to set a large, blonde, shorthaired, curly dog that seemed frightened. He tried to stand only to find that he could go no further than on all fours. He looked down to see what was wrong. Sure enough, he too now had undergone a change.

"What the devil!?!?!" He shouted, or rather, barked. He gasped when he heard his voice. The others were now fully awake, looking around in confusion.

"Mr. Frodo? Frodo? Frodo!" Sam bellowed. No small dog was he.

"I'm right here Sam." Groaned Frodo. He looked around, bewildered, "What happened?"

"It would appear that something has happened to my staff. Probably one of Elladan' and Elohir's little pranks." An old wizened Mioritic Sheepdog answered.

They all looked around at each other. Legolas had been turned into a Chesapeake Bay Retriever (although he looked like he might have had some Dingo in him), Aragorn was a German Shepard, Frodo was a Chocolate Lab (AN: Mmm. Chocolate. Wait, WRONG CHOCOLATE!!!! EWWW!!! BAD IMAGES!!! I DON'T EAT DOGS!!! GOT IT!?!?!? I'M A WOLF DEMON/HALF ELF!!! NOT A DOG EATER!!!), Sam was a Great Dane (and was quite unused to being so much taller than everyone else), Gimli was a Siberian Husky, Pippin was an Irish Setter, Merry was an American Foxhound, and Boromir was no where to be seen.

Aragorn looked around, "Boromir?"

"I'm not coming out. Not until Gandalf fixes this!" Boromir's voice whined.

Of course, with all of their improved noses, it did not take long before Legolas and Aragorn sniffed him out and found him in a bush. Legolas stifled a laugh but Aragorn (also trying not to laugh) cuffed Legolas on the head. Having no other way to carry him, Aragorn picked Boromir up by the back of his neck using his teeth and carried the small, white poodle into the open.

Gandalf, Frodo and Sam managed to keep their bliss down to a smile but Gimli, Pippin and Merry were rolling on the ground with laughter.

"THIS ISN'T FUNNY!!!" Boromir barked but, finally, the entire fellowship was laughing at him.

"What was that?" came a familiar voice. Legolas, Aragorn and Gandalf recognized it as Elladan.

"I don't know, let's check it out." replied Elohir. The two elves came upon the clearing and found them. "Hmm, we come out here looking to see what tampering with Gandalf's staff does but instead, we find a bunch of mutts!" All the fellowship growled at him.

"Well, even if they are mutts, they're smart!" laughed Elladan. "Come, I guess we won't find out what our trick did until tomorrow. Let's bring these guys home. We can't leave them out here." He said as he attempted to put a rope on Gimli who was not cooperating.

Elohir laughed, "This is how you do it." He tackled Legolas and got a rope on him, only to be dragged off by the massive dog. "HELP!!!!" Elohir screeched until a loud crashing sound was heard, followed by a splash and Legolas strutted back into the clearing, collar free but wet (Chesapeake Bay Retrievers love water). Elohir dragged himself back into camp, soaking wet and with algae all over him, holding the rope. "The stupid dog went into the lake and pulled me under until I took the rope off."

Elladan was doubled over laughing, "Why don't you handle the poodle, I'll get the rest!" Boromir growled.

Elohir looked as though he had decided he did not care about whether or not there were dogs running loose. "Let's go home." he growled as he began to stomp off.

Elladan smiled, "Hoping they'll just follow you?" He then put on a fake child voice "Daddy! They followed me home. Can I keep them!?!?"

"Shut up." growled Elohir.

Elladan turned around and his jaw dropped. "They *are* following."

Elohir looked, "Great. All that for nothing."

Elladan laughed again, "At least you smell better!"

Elohir frowned, "Hey! At least I take more baths than Estel! He really stinks most of the time. It's a wonder Arwen can stand his smell, let alone love him! HEY!! STUPID DOG!! LET GO!!!" he shouted. Aragorn was busy trying to tear his pants off (stop thinking those dirty thoughts you pervs!!!)

Finally, Elladan pried Aragorn off of Elohir's leg (please keep your mind clean. for now.) and they arrived at Rivendell.

Elrond gave his son's 'The Evil Elrond Eyebrow Glare of DOOM!!!' "What are those doing here?"

"Believe it or not father, they actually *did* follow us home! They were in the Middle of the forest." Elladan replied.

Elrond sighed, "Very well, we can keep them. For now."

Arwen came out, "What's going on here? Are they back yet?" She saw the Fellowship and ran down to see them (Elrond helped his sons get collars and leashes on all of them), "Awwww. They're all sooooo cute! Where did you find them?" she asked while scratching Legolas under the chin (Aragorn growled from jealousy).

"Elladan and Elohir found them in the woods. Be careful Arwen." Elrond warned.

Arwen patted Legolas some more, "This one seems friendly enough. I bet Aragorn would like him. Can I keep him? PLEASE?!?!?" she pouted.

Elrond sighed, "Fine, if they don't already have owners. You can keep him. it *is* a 'him'... right?"

Legolas's eyes almost popped out of his skull when he heard that. The first thing that came to mind was the word, 'fixed.'

Elladan nodded, "They're all males. It's a wonder they haven't tried to kill each other yet."

Arwen pulled on Legolas' leash, "Come on, I'll think of a good name for you. How about 'Fluffy'? Oh come on, I was only kidding. I'll think of one while I take a bath."

Aragorn paled although it could not be seen under his fur. Elrond lifted an eyebrow, "Are you sure you want him in there while you get undressed?"

Arwen smiled, "Oh come on father, he's only a dog." As she went in, Legolas looked back at Aragorn with a mischievous smile that had Aragorn tugging against his leash (in vain for he was tied to a tree) with all of his power.


Alright! I know, not that good so far. I'll try to do better, I promise. Oh, and another thing, if you want to see any pictures of the dogs they all were turned into, go to . It has a huge list of dogs and they have the ones I mentioned. This list is in alphabetical order and it's easy. If you have a dog you'd like to see, tell me, maybe I can squeeze it in or, if you have a better idea of what kind of dog each person should be, maybe I can make a switch-o-roo! Hmmm, maybe I should turn some of the Rivendell elves into dog... *cough-Elrond-cough*

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