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Chapter 8: Oops...

Legolas finally stopped running after he covered about 5 miles and curled into a cave. "Damn Elladan, I am going to get him for this..." While grumbling to himself, all the fellowship save Gandalf and Boromir had caught up. Those were behind as Gandalf was a bit too old to run like that and Boromir was too small.

Aragorn knocked Legolas over and pinned him to the ground, "Legolas, this is your last warning, do anything with Arwen again, and I shall see to it that you are unable to sire children."

Legolas sighed, "Alright mellon-nin, I'll be a good boy, now can you get off my windpipe? I'm rather fond of breathing!"

"Oh, sorry..." Aragorn said as he got up. "So, how are we going to prevent Elrond from killing Legolas?"

As if to give his question reason, they saw Elrond run into the clearing, still wielding that knife and Gandalf's staff. He saw Legolas and made to run after him when Thranduil, Boromir, Gandalf, and the twins caught up to him. Thranduil (being worried for the well being of his son for obvious reasons) stole Gandalf's staff and whacked Elrond over the head with it.

Now, had Thranduil been given time to contemplate the consequences that could occur after hitting an elf lord over the head with a magical device, he probably would have used a rock instead. However, given no time to think just how to protect his son and the future of Mirkwood as sooner or later, Legolas would need an heir; Thranduil would be forced to learn why one should never use a tampered magic staff as a common clubbing device, the hard way.

There was a flash of light (which the fellowship tactfully avoided within the cave) and when the fellowship peered out of the cavern they saw four conscious dogs.

"Oh great, now they're dogs too! Now how do we get out of this?" Gimli moaned as he walked over and lightly kicked one of them in the head causing said dog to stir.

"Ohhhhhh," he moaned, "I am never going to do that again..." said the blonde dog.

Legolas knew that voice, "Father?"

Thranduil (now a dog that looks like a dingo) looked up, "...Legolas...? What the hell...? You're a dog and I understand you-" He broke off. "Oh no..." The elven king looked over himself and his fears were confirmed. He glared at one of the other dogs (Elrond was easy to pick out as the twins were still twins, only now cocker spaniels) and kicked him in the head although a lot harder than Gimli did to him. "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT YOU PSYCHOPATH!!!"

Elrond the Springer Spaniel moaned, "But I don't want to get up yet mum..."

Thranduil growled at him but at a loss of what to do. Being without pose able thumbs, he couldn't pick up anything to whack him with not to mention he did not plan on hitting anyone with anything for awhile. He noticed a branch dangling conveniently above Elrond's body. He slammed into the think tree as hard as he could, causing the branch to fall on Elrond's head. Needless to say, the got Elrond's attention.

"What the hell?" Elrond gasped.

"Now what do we do, oh fearless leader?" Thranduil snapped.

"Is this about the Last Alliance? Listen, it's your father's own damn fault he didn't listen to us!"

"Why should we have to listen to you? You Noldor don't know a damned thing! Who died and made you guys the lords over everyone else?"

"ENOUGH!!!" thundered Gandalf. Thranduil and Elrond stopped bickering immediately which had Gandalf calm down. "That was 3,000 years ago; I think it's high time you both dropped it." Thranduil growled quietly and Elrond put his back to the blonde dog. Gandalf glared at the two and continued, "We have to find a way to fix this problem otherwise, the Fellowship will fail before it even begins. Time is of the essence." He turned to Elladan and Elrohir, "How do you fix this?"

Elladan and Elrohir looked at each other nervously and back to Gandalf, "We don't know..."

Boromir groaned, "Perfect, just perfect."

Gandalf silence Boromir with a glare and looked back at the twins, "Do you think you could try to fix my staff if you could get you 'tools' from your room?"

"Maybe, but we'd have to sneak past everyone first."

Aragorn and Legolas came forward. "Breaking and entering is what we do best." Aragorn grinned.

"Aside from slaying yrch and stealing certain items from certain brothers' rooms..." Legolas said proudly.

Thranduil sighed, "This coming from the future heirs to the thrones of Gondor and Mirkwood..."

Gandalf frowned, "However, at this moment, we can use those... talents. Alright, you two get the items Elladan and Elrohir may need, and Elladan and Elrohir will work on fixing my staff. The rest of you..." he began, turning to the rest of the 'dogs', "Let all hell break loose so that Legolas and Aragorn will have minimum security to worry about."

Thranduil smiled, "I haven't had this much fun in 4,000 years."

Elrond whispered something to Thranduil which made him hit Elrond. "What I did with my wife the night Legolas was conceived is my own damned business!"

Everyone tried to ignore those two and went off to give Rivendell a surprise it wouldn't soon forget.


BUMP BUMP BUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. What happens now? Can Elrohir and Elladan fix the staff? Can Aragorn and Legolas work together to get those tools? Will Elrond and Thranduil ever stop fighting? Will I ever stop asking such annoying questions? Why are you still reading said annoying questions? Find out on the next, action spiffed and sugar coated episode of THE FELLOWSHIP OF FLEAS!!!!!!!