"This time you've gone too far!"

Brian charged at Kurt, slamming his fist into his face. Everyone's shouts and screams for him to stop fell on deaf ears as he continued to attack Kurt. All he could see was blood red, his fury and rage boiling over.

Kurt tried to dodge Brian's blows, pleading with him to calm down and think sensibly for once. He leapt over Brian's head, landing in a crouch, his back to the window. Slowly, he stood up, holding his hands up slightly.

"Bitte, mein freund! Stop zhis fighting! I did not do any." Brian rammed into Kurt like a bull, both of them smashing through the glass and falling towards the jagged rocks.

Kurt teleported to a boulder swiftly, looking at Brian with worry. Getting up, Brian ran at Kurt with a scream. Before Kurt could leap or teleport away, Brian had him by his tail and he yanked him down to the ground.

Grabbing Kurt by his hair, Brian started to slam his head against a boulder, screaming into his face furiously. Kurt struggled with Brian uselessly, his movements slowly relaxing and becoming slow.


Meggan's scream seemed to wake Brian up at last. He stopped, looking up at her in a daze.

"Oh God, Brian! He's dead!" Meggan wailed, kneeling beside Kurt and cradling his head in her arms.

"What?" Brian almost whispered. Rachel and Kitty ran up, Rachel burning with fury. She grabbed Brian and smashed him hard against a boulder, baring her teeth at him with a snarl.

"You jealous murdering bastard!" she screamed in his face, the screech of the Phoenix seeming to echo her anger. Kitty wept softly, holding Kurt's hand gently in both of hers. She looked at his bloody head and shook her head, more tears falling down her cheeks swiftly.

Very slowly, Kurt's tail lifted up and moved a little. Everyone looked at it and Rachel ran over to try and help him live but his tail withered and fell down to the ground limply. Kurt had just died.

Meggan held onto Kurt, sobbing softly. Slowly, she lifted her head and stared at Brian, fury slowly coming to her. Her body and face began to twist and contort, until she looked like a fire red demon with long sharp claws and deadly sharp fangs. She bared her fangs in a feral snarl.

"Meggan." Brian said weakly, backing away slowly. With a wild howl, Meggan pounced on top of him and drove her claws and fangs into his flesh.

Kitty and Rachel watched calmly as Brian was ripped limb from limb, screaming like a pathetic little child.

When Meggan had finished, she hurled the bloody ruins into the sea, slowly turning blue with pointed ears and yellow eyes.

"Come on, Meggan. We should get inside." Rachel said softly, holding Kurt in her arms.

Nodding, Meggan followed them into the lighthouse; her spaded tail swaying behind her.