Love Taught Me

A gentle breeze passed through the large, untamed field. Yuji stood with Marlene, holding her hand in one of his. On his other arm he held their infant daughter.

Isn't it beautiful?

Marlene smiled at him.

Their child cooed in content.


This is what they had fought so hard for.

This is what his B Cells were meant to be used for--

Suddenly, Yuji released his hold on Marlene's hand, his own suddenly feeling wet and cold. He examined his hand, a loud gasp escaping.

The appendage was covered in blood!!

The baby began to cry.

Looking over at Marlene, his fears only intensified when she backed away, her expression indicating horror.

Don't be afraid…

He reached out to her.

The baby's cries suddenly twisted into a demonic screech. Yuji looked down at her to see the child's eyes wide with the same psychosis that had possessed him not so long ago…


He could feel someone shaking him.

He could see Marlene fading away.


The hands suddenly released their hold on his shoulders.

The girl was gone. Before him stood a field of ebony…

"Marlene!! Please, come back!!"

The hands were suddenly holding his face.

"Yuji, calm down! I'm here, it's alright now…"

His eyes opened. Although the only light source was from the moonlight shining through the open window, it was enough for him to identify Marlene sitting up over him. They were inside of their small home, inside of the bedroom and bed they shared.

"Marlene…" he whispered. Yuji could still feel his adrenaline pumping through his veins, slight tremors coursing through his hands as a result.

She sighed in relief, leaning forward and pressing her forehead against his. "Thank goodness… What happened?"

He closed his eyes, relishing in the closeness between himself and the mother of his child, especially after such a traumatic dream. "Marlene…do you…um, do you think Yung might have B Cells…?"

She froze. The possibility had crossed her mind on occasion, but the girl had always pushed it to the back of her mind. Marlene simply didn't want to think of what could happen if their child really did have B Cells…

"I don't know…" she finally answered. "…but, even if she did, there are no more Blue to fight. There's nothing here that can activate the B Cells even if she did have them…"

Her reply eased his mind, but only a little.

"Is there anyway we can find out? I mean…whether or not she has them…" Yuji whispered, resting his hands tenderly on her shoulders.

"I'll ask the doctor tomorrow…but the equipment here isn't overly advanced. I don't think we have anything that will be able to determine…" Marlene said softly.

A sudden cry from just outside their room called their attention. The two smiled to each other as the baby their love created called for their attention. Marlene pushed herself off of the bed and walked to the crib, Yuji following. As Yuji gently picked up their baby, Marlene walked into the kitchen to heat up a bottle.

"Can you believe that she's going to be one month tomorrow…?" The sleeper whispered, his voice thick with adoration. Yung's facial features were shaped like her mother, but she had her father's red hair and dark eyes. She was the most beautiful baby Yuji had ever laid eyes upon.

Marlene laughed softly. "Yes. It will also be one month tomorrow since you fainted on me…"

Yuji huffed. "Hey, at least I waited until Yung was born before I went out! That's got to count for something…"

Testing the formula against her wrist to make sure it wasn't too hot, she walked over and planted a kiss on her love's cheek. "It does."

His wounded pride eased, he returned the kiss. "Y'know, if Dice ever found out, he'd never let me live it down!"

Marlene handed him the bottle, and the Sleeper proceeded to feed their baby. Considering that Yung was their first child, he handled her very well. He loved children and had always wanted one of his own. "Well, if we ever see him I'll make sure to let him know…"

His mock glare brought forth another laugh. Finishing with the bottle, Yuji set Yung on his shoulder and gingerly pat her back. His expression suddenly darkened. "I hope she doesn't have B Cells…"

Marlene rubbed his arm. "I'll try to find out tomorrow… even if she does have them…there's nothing here anymore that can activate them…whether or not she has B Cells shouldn't make a difference in her life…"

Yuji nodded. A small burp emitted from the child and he tenderly set her back down in the crib. The young couple embraced and watched in contented silence as Yung fell back asleep…

Author's Notes: I wanted to make this chapter fluffy, but at the same time, the subject of B Cells has to cross their minds to some extent. Since it made Yuji almost mad with bloodlust I'm sure the thought of something like that happening to their daughter must concern him. Finally, I know Yung is the 'generic daughter name' for Yuji and Marlene, but it just feels so right that it's almost canon. Hope you like this chapter. I will post the next chapter as soon as possible (I'd be an ogre to end the story here, with the question of the B Cells unanswered. :D )