Aly, Dependent

An Alternate Ending to Amy, On Her Own

            "Can you get my genes back to the condition they were in before the marker was turned off?" Amy asked Adrian, hoping that the ten-year-old boy's procedure was the miracle she had been hoping for.

            "There are no guarantees," Adrian said.

            "Amy!" a voice shouted from behind them.

            Amy didn't need her genetically enhanced abilities to be able to hear him, or to know that it was Mr. Devon.  Irritation built up within her.  She didn't want to be rescued, nor did she want Mr. Devon to go home and tell Nancy what she was about to do.  "What are you doing here?" she demanded.

            "Amy, you have to go home!  You don't know what this procedure will do to you!  It's not safe!" he told her.  "Remember on the island?  The treatment might be similar to the one given to Thirteen…it could wear off, and have dangerous side effects."

            Dangerous side effects?  To Aly's treatment?  Amy hadn't considered that before, but it didn't bother her.

            Adrian yelled for some guards, who attempted to remove Mr. Devon.  And, as much as Amy wanted another chance at being who she once was, she had to follow him, just like she had when she came with Tasha.  So, she did.

            "Amy, what were you doing?" he demanded, once outside.  "You're fine now, what's the problem?"

            "I'm fine, but that's all," Amy responded.  "I used to be able to help people before, and now I'm nothing.  This may be my only chance to become who I once was, and I want to take it!"

            Mr. Devon shook his head reproachfully.  "Amy, you know as well as I do that the procedure is dangerous.  The other clones seem fine with the changes, and in time, you will be too."

            Amy doubted that, but said nothing.

            Inside the building, Adrian contacted the Organization.  They had anticipated that Amy would return, but they hadn't expected to lose her so quickly.  "It's Adrian," he said.  "The subject left with Devon.  Why don't we just go with my approach, and create new clones with stronger abilities than the Project Crescent ones?  Can't we just accelerate them like you did to Number Nine, the one who died?"

            "We have another plan, actually," the man said.

            The phone went dead.

            At home, Amy sat at her computer, and continued to e-mail the other clones.  Personally, she was sick of hearing the other nine former members of the elite praising these changes.  Out of curiosity, she wondered how Aly had been keeping up.  Maybe she could even talk to her about what it was like to want perfection, but not to have it.

Amy7- Hi, Aly.  Are you on?

Amy13- Yea, what's up?

Amy7- Have you been going through any changes lately?  I'm just curious.

Amy13- OMG!  How did you know?  A couple of weeks ago, I was tripped in the middle of the hallway, and hit my head.  And, somehow, the bruise was gone by the time I reached my class.  The next day, in gym, I was able to do a hundred and twenty consecutive cartwheels!  I've gotten As on just about everything lately, and I really think that maybe I am getting stronger this time!  This is so cool!

            Amy was shocked.  Even she had never been able to do that!  What did Amy Six say that she used to be able to do?  Forty-two?  Still, maybe Aly was just exaggerating to show off.  Also, Amy hadn't been there, so she couldn't know if Aly's bruise was that severe, or if Aly's grades had really been too bad beforehand.

Amy7- Really?  Because I'm not like that anymore.  I recently got an B on a French test, and I can't run as fast, or jump as high.  The other Amys are saying the same things, that they're losing their abilities.

Amy13- That doesn't make any sense!  Why would you?

Amy7- I don't know yet.  I don't want to tell my mother, or she'll worry.

Amy13- I have to go, my dinner is here.

Amy7- Bye.

Amy13- Bye.

            Well, that was odd.  If all of the Amys lost their abilities, how could Aly's suddenly appear?  It didn't make any sense!  The more Amy thought about it, the more confused she became.

Memo From the Director: The remaining genetically altered clones were found to be ineffective.  We have concluded that a single Amy and Andy will be sufficient to achieve our goal.  From the females, we have selected Number Thirteen to be our subject.

Re: From the Director: How can that be?  Amy, Number Thirteen?  I thought that there were only twelve?  And, which Andy will be used.

Memo From the Director: That remains undecided.  We will come to that decision tomorrow, at the 7 o'clock meeting. 

Re: From the Director: How will we prevent the others from interfering?

Memo From the Director: I have been assured that the others will not be an issue.