Author's Note:  This was the first ever fan fic that I wrote (and am still in the process of writing).  Its posted on a Harry Potter message board as well as  The plot lines not really that great to start out with but it gets better as it goes along (I promise).  I'm not really sure about the title but it's the best I could come up with.  Sorry if this first chapters a little short but its just the beginning, turst me, there's lots more to come!

You Will Understand

Summary:  Harry's 6th year at Hogwarts is going to be hard, little does he realize just how much he will go through…..  WARNING!!!!  OotP Spoilers!!!!

Rated:  PG-13  (for language)

Disclaimer:  I own none of the Harry Potter character except for Aubrianna, she is from my own mind so do me and yourself a favor and don't steal her. 


Chapter 1:  Pity and Blame

*Edenburg Central Park*

Harry sat on a bench in the middle of a park located as far away from the Dursley's as he dared go without getting lost.  A fountain stood a few feet away from where he sat and Harry had a good mind to go over to it and drown himself. 

"This summer has been like a bloody trip to hell," he muttered as kicked at the ground. 

Summers had never been Harry's favorite time of year, but with all that had gone on in his previous year this summer only made Harry more upset and drawn away from the wizarding world. 

A few feet away on the path that wound through the park, three teenagers ran through the woods shouting back and forth to each other and laughing as they went.  He watched them go as a pain of guilt wrapped around him.  He thought of Ron and Hermione and how he had ignored them horribly this summer.  So many times the had sent him letters, telling him again and again that no one blamed him for what happened.  That it wasn't his fault. 

"It is my fault though.  I'm to blame," he thought, "Still its not their fault that everything turned out the way it did.  I should really write to them."

"You should but you know as well as anyone that you won't," he argued with himself

"So what?" he countered back "I have every right to be upset.  I killed my god damn godfather for crying out loud!"

"Talking to yourself Potter.  You really are losing it!"  he muttered to himself. 

Still he did miss Ron and Hermione but what would he tell them?  That he hadn't written because the sympathy from their letters and other such things was more than he could bear? 

"If Sirius were around I could write to him and talk to him about what's going on with me"

But Sirius wasn't around.  He had been killed at the end of last term by a Death Eater while trying to save Harry.  This, combined with the fact that the death eater was only after Harry had added to Harry's guilt that he had caused his godfather's death. 

"My stupid hero syndrome strikes again!" he muttered.

A bike zoomed past him on the trail causing Harry to come out of his gaze.  Glancing at the sky he realized it was later than he thought.  Quickly he got up and headed back toward the Dursley's, still muttering to himself under his breath. 

A few houses down from the Dursley's Harry came across an old can just lying on the street.  Remembering about portkeys he wondered if this was one.

"Maybe if I touch it, it will take me far away to someplace where no one I love will ever be hurt again," he thought.  It was more of a hope and wish than real belief that it was.  Still though, it couldn't hurt to try. 

Pausing for a moment he looked around.  Not a soul was to be seen.  Cautiously Harry picked up the can, closed his eyes tight, and waited……..Nothing happened.

Sighing Harry chucked the can over his shoulder.  Instead of hitting the hard pavement behind him though it hit something soft and bounced off. 

"HEY!" shouted a voice behind Harry.  "That hurt!!!!"


Author's Note:  Ooooo, cliff hanger!  Aren't I awful???  Hehehe  Don't worry though, the next few chapters are already written, I'm just spanning them out in segments.  The next one should be up in a day or so.  By the way, for those of you wondering this story is also posted at Hogwarts Castle under the title Anything Else?  That one has more to it right now but this one is updated and has more added to it.