You Will Understand

Summary:  Harry's 6th year at Hogwarts is going to be hard, little does he realize just how much he will go through…..  WARNING!!!!  OotP Spoilers!!!!

Rated:  PG-13  (for language)

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Chapter 8:Interupptions

Harry wandered up the stairs and into the room he and Ron had shared last summer.  Opening the door he was glad to see that Ron was already asleep, apparently oblivious to the fact that Harry was to arrive that night.  This did not bother Harry in the least though, it simply meant he had time to think alone before he spoke to everyone about what he heard. 

What was so secretive and why was he not being told about it?  Didn't they think after all he had been through that he could handle it?

A yawn escaped Harry.  Realizing just how late it was Harry shrugged off his jacket, laid down on the bed, and fell fast asleep before his head hit the pillow.  


A scream awoke Harry the next morning as he felt a figure jump on top of him, practically suffocating him on a huge hug. 

"Harry!  Oh, Merlin!!!!  What are you doing here?" cried a girl voice.

Squeezing out of the girls hard grasp Harry put on his glasses and smiled up at his lost friend.  "Hello Hermione.  How are you?" he said simply.  Apparently this was not the right thing to say however for the next moment Hermione began hitting Harry across the head with his pillow.  

"How am I?" screamed Hermione.  "Blimey Harry!  I've sent you letters all summer and with no reply either and your asking me how I am!  You git, why didn't you tell me you were coming?"

Harry opened his mouth in a desperate attempt for an explanation but was stopped when the covers in the bed across from them began to move.

"Blimey, Hermione!  Can't a guy get some sleep without a girl screaming his ears o…  HARRY!" cried Ron as soon as he saw what all the commotion was about. 

Harry smiled as his redheaded friend jumped halfway to the ceiling upon seeing him. 

"Why didn't you tell us you were coming?" asked Ron, still in shock at seeing his best friend there.

"Exactly what I wanted to know," said Hermione smugly as she turned back to finish lecturing Harry "It was awfully rude of you to just show up like this, Harry and not even bother to tell us you were coming.  Of course we're glad to have you but still…."

Harry laughed as she continued to rant to him.  Ron stifled his laughter until finally Hermione ended her speech (more because she ran out of breath than anything else).

"Hasn't changed a bit, has she Harry?" asked Ron, chuckling to himself.  It was obvious that Ron rather liked Hermione, but no one had ever gotten him to admit to it.  It was a real shame being they would have been perfect together  (A/N:  I really don't think this.  Anyone who knows me knows I am a big Draco/Hermione shipper but for this story its just not possible)

"Nope, that's Hermione for you.  Always been the mothering type she has," said Harry chuckling at how true this statement really was. 

Hermione glared at the two for a while, but eventually began laughing as well.  Eventually the trio fell silent and Harry felt compelled to tell them about the previous night.  Maybe Hermione knew more about Kluddes or had heard something that could tell him what Mrs. Weasley didn't want him to know. 

"Um… say, have either of you heard anything about…" but suddenly Harry was interrupted by a knocking on the door.  Not bothering to wait for a response Mrs. Weasley stepped into the room, her eyes glowing in merriment upon seeing the three. 

"There you lazy heads are!" she said smiling  "I thought you'd sleep the day away at the rate you two were going!  Not that you don't deserve it Harry," Mrs. Weasley added as an afterthought.

"Sorry mum, I must have forgotten to set the alarm last night," said Ron, still smiling at Hermione. 

"No you didn't dear, I turned it off so as not to wake Harry," she said "Now come down to breakfast before your brothers eat all the food on you!"

Upon saying this, Mrs. Weasley left the room followed by Ron and Hermione. 

"Well come on Harry!  Knowing Charlie and Bill the pancakes are probably half gone by now!"

And with that Ron and Hermione left the room leaving no time to ask either about last night without Mrs. Weasley hearing.  Harry sighed.  It would just have to wait until later. 


The group arrived in the kitchen seconds later causing quiet a commotion in the usual silent kitchen. 


"Good to see you mate!"

"Why didn't you tell us you were coming?"

"How've ya been?"

Harry smiled wearily at all of the Weasley's before plopping down in a chair next to Ginny. 

"For Merlin's sake all of you!"  Came Molly's voice from over near the oven.  "Have I taught you all no manners?!  Give Harry a chance to eat something before you all go badgering him with question!"  Mrs. Weasley turned around and began bringing food over to the table.  "Here you go Harry, eat up!"  Turning back to her children she glared.  "Now not another word from any of you until breakfast is over!"

The group fell silent immediately and began grabbing food at an enormous rate.  Harry smiled.  He had always loved Mrs. Weasley's ability to take charge over any situation.  Even after all these years she still had the power to silence even her oldest boys with a glare. 

Still smiling Harry took a bite of the food.  Only after he had taken the first bite did Harry realize how good it was and began eating it and an enormous rate.  The food was warm and hearty, filling Harry up completely.  The food from the night before had been good, but warm food is always better than cold sandwiches in Harry's mind. 

The group ate in silence, taking care not to ask any more questions to Harry.  The silence was soon broken however when the Weasley twins; Fred and George disapperated in, causing the room to seemingly come alive once again. 

"Harry, old chap!  And when did you arrive?"  asked George

"Bloody good to see you again it is!" cried Fred

"Mum!" George exclaimed.  "You never told us Harry was coming!  Now he probably thinks we're being rude!"  His eyes dancing in merriment revealing that he really didn't think that Harry would be upset with them after all. 

"We didn't know he was coming until he did," said Mrs. Weasley back coolly

"It was sort of a rushed about thing," Harry added.

"Did they attacked already???  But I thought it wasn't a sure thing yet!" cried Fred

Mrs. Weasley glanced around at the table, a worried look growing in her eyes.  "Not now Fred!" she hissed "Wait until the table is cleared!"

"Just wait one bloody minute!" cried Ron "Do you mean to tell me that THOSE TWO know what's going on and we don't?!"

"They're of age Ron," Mrs. Weasley said with a sigh  "When you of age, you can be in the Order also but until then I say you're too young!  Now finish your breakfast all of you!"

Ron glowered yet continued to eat his food.  Five minutes later the whole table had finished and Hermione, Ron, and Ginny waited hopefully for news of the Order. 

Mrs. Weasley ignored the ignored the stares and began clearing the table.  For another five minutes the three waited in silence for Mrs. Weasley to bring up the Order once more. 

Finally Mrs. Weasley cleared her throat.  "Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny.  Go upstairs now.  I want to speak to the others alone," she whispered quietly yet forcefully.

"Aw, come on mum!"  Ginny complained, "We old enough to now too!"

"Yeah mum!" echoed Ron, "If it effects us as it so often does I think we should have a right to know too!"

"Please Mrs. Weasley???" begged Hermione

The three continued on like that for sometime causing such a commotion that no one noticed something very odd.  Harry hadn't said anything throughout the entire time.  Mrs. Weasley however did notice and quickly silenced the three students. 

"Enough!  Now I want all of you upstairs NOW!!!!" she bellowed

The group groaned and began trudging up the stairs until Lupin stopped them. 

"Now Molly," he coaxed "the children need to protect themselves too.  They should be on the lookout for any dangers or threats now.  Merlin knows we can't do it alone."

Glancing around and the hopefully glances Mrs. Weasley sighed.  "Alright but just for a bit so they can be warned."

Smiling gleefully the group sat back down and waited patiently for someone to start. 

Lupin glanced at Harry first before starting, seeming to ask the question of whether Harry wanted to be there or not.  Harry merely nodded so Lupin began.  "Since the Order first heard about You-Know-Who's rise again, we have been trying to recruit other countries and magical beings to help us defeat Voldemort."

Ron looked up in surprise at hearing the Dark Lord's name but said nothing as Lupin continued. 

"Voldemort's army has been attempting to kill of muggles once again, particularly now after being recognized this spring.  We were sure that many of the creatures supported us, but we were wrong."

Lupin stopped for a second, apparently trying to figure out just how much they should really know.  Eventually he nodded to himself and continued once more. 

"A group of magical creatures called Kluddes or specters as they were known as in Medieval times, have recently joined Voldemort's ranks.  Kluddes can change into anyone, posing as a great threat especially now.  These creatures are Voldemort's main weapon now.  Its nearly impossible to tell the difference between a Kludde in disguise and the real person."

"Basically like a polyjuice potion only better," said Fred.

"Right" agreed Lupin "And the only way you can tell a Kludde from a person is from their long greenish finger nails and that they make no footprints when they walk."

"You can also tell by the fact that they can't die like a muggle or wizard can but we prefer not to use that test," joked George. 

"George!" said Mrs. Weasley, glaring at her son. 

Lupin ignored George's comment and continued.  "The Kluddes are a very big threat to all members of the Order now, but most especially to Harry.  We felt that it was no longer safe for Harry to be staying with his aunt and uncle unaware of this threat so we quickly tried to get him."

Harry shivered, not liking the fact that Lupin was talking about him as if he weren't there.  "It didn't work though Lupin.  They still attacked anyway." Harry pointed out

Lupin looked uncomfortable at this.  "Yes, it was supposed that it would.  You see Harry, there was no safe way to get a message to you that we were coming.  The floo system is constantly being watched, portkeys are incredibly hard to get a hold of legally, the only thing that we hoped wouldn't arouse suspicion was an owl.  Voldemort has spies everywhere know, especially with….."

"Alright!  That's enough Remus!  Harry can fill them all in on the rest of last night upstairs," said Mrs. Weasley. 

The group remained silent and seated, hoping that Lupin would argue with her.  He did not however. 

"You all heard me!  Now off with you!" Mrs. Weasley scolded

So without any other choice Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny trudged back upstairs feeling that they had been left in the dark on something particularly important.