"Hey guys, I'm hungry."

"We took off five minutes ago, Tyson."

"Yeah, but I'm HUNGRY."

"Try eating your toes."


Kai groaned. Another six hours of this. Maybe more. He sat at the back of the bus, Ray and Kenny five spaces in front, and Tyson and Max right at the front, going crazy about the next tournament.

The African Tournament.

Kai had been travelling with the BladeBreakers for about a year now. He'd barely enjoyed it, though. He was the odd one out. But the closest friend in the team was Ray. He seemed to be the only serious person there. He was much kinder than Kai, though.

Kai studied his Beyblade, Dranzer imprinted on it. His closest friend. He sighed and placed it in his pocket.

Thunder cracked outside, making Kenny flinch and start shaking. "There there, thunder and lightning aren't so frightning." His laptop Dizzi, reassured him. "Easy for you to say." Muttered Kenny.

The rain was really pouring, now. Kai could see this was starting to get dangerous. They were driving on a mountain. If they skidded off..

"Cool, check out the lightning!" Max said. Suddenly, it hit the road. Right beside them.

"Not so cool!" Max quickly added. The bus driver let out a surprised cry and grew panicked. Kai froze.

They were skidding.

He was scared. For the first time in many years, Kai Hiwatari was scared.

But he was determined not to show it.

Kenny was screaming and clutching onto Dizzi, Max and Tyson were grabbing onto their chairs, while Ray gripped a pole, pupils thinned.

Kai was thrown to the side of the bus. He grabbed a bar, and held on, eyes shut.

Then, after a shuddering bounce, it all stopped.

Kai's eyes flashed open.

"Everyone okay back there?" The bus driver asked. They had skidded off the road and tumbled down the mountain.

But they were very lucky to be alive.

The bus had completely flipped over. Kai helped Ray, who was hanging upside down, his foot wedged in between the seat, Kenny was kissing Dizzi as if she were the most important thing in the world, while Max helped Tyson, who was stuck under the seat.

"Boys, stay here." The bus driver instructed them as he got out of the bus. "I'm getting help." He dashed off.

Tyson's stomach rumbled.

"Don't remind us, Tyson." Said Kenny.


Take it easy on me with this one. It's my first Drama/Fantasy fic. And I promise it'll get better. My beginnings are ALWAYS boring.