Kai was exhausted. He remained unconscious, but he was slowly beginning to come to.

The first thing he noticed that his arm didn't hurt. His whole body ached, but his arm.it didn't seem poisoned.

He slowly opened his eyes and looked at his arm.

"The poison's gone!" He said, abruptly sitting up, but he cringed and lay back down. His body still hurt.

You're awake.

Dranzer came into view. "What-what happened?" Kai asked drowsily.

Whenever you crushed the Dark One's Blade, all the damage he'd done was erased. So you are no longer poisoned. But I still suggest you lay still. You are still very weak right now.

"What about my friends?" Kai asked. He hesitated after he said it. Dranzer looked at him in the eye.

Your friends.when are you ever going to admit it to them?

"I don't know." Kai said softly. "I will someday, but not now. So where are they?"

They are over there.

Dranzer pointed her wing at their sleeping forms, protected by Dragoon, Draciel and Drigger.

"We're back in the forest." Kai realized.

Yes. We were teleported out of the Darkness Dimension when you crushed the blade. Speaking of blades, we have to retreat inside. Kenny is looking for you.

Dragoon, Dranzer, Draciel and Drigger dove into their blades. Kai looked at his own.

Thanks, Dranzer.

He heard Kenny come out of the bushes.

"Kai! Where're the others? Are they hurt?"

"No, they're asleep." Kai said, gesturing towards to others, who were beginning to wake up.

"Oh, thank God!"

Max sleepily rubbed his eyes. "Ohh, what's going on? Where's the Dark One?"

"Who?" Kenny asked, confused.

"Oh.uh the Phoenix that dragged us into the portal." Ray said, slowly.

Tyson was snoring, as usual.

"What happened there?" Asked Kenny.

" IT WAS SO COOL!!!" Yelled Tyson, who magically woke up.

Tyson began telling Kenny about the Darkness Dimension and other things. Ray noticed Kai out of the corner of his eye. He walked over to him.

"What's up?" He asked. Kai sighed.

"I'm just feeling bad about what I almost did today. I dropped the bus."

"What was that about, anyway?" Asked Ray.

"The Dark One had me combined and controlled. I was told to destroy you guys. I-I almost did kill you!" Kai hammered the ground with his fist.

Ray put a hand on his friend's shaking shoulder.

"It's alright, Kai. It's over."

In the shadows, two red eyes gleamed, watching them.

"Until next time, Kai."


NG: Well, that's it! But I'm gonna write a sequel! Hope you'll look forward to it!