Disclaimer:  obviously, these characters are not mine, but are jk rowlings.  If they were mine, I would be writing FICTION, not FANFICTION lol.  Hope you enjoy.  BTW, thanx matt for the literary help!  More chapters to come as the muses inspire.  Prolly a/b one a week, b/c of class.

Author's Note:  This takes place in the middle of Yr. 5

           Lily and James' son.  Lily's son.  Not Lily and Severus' son, as it should have been.  Lily and Severus' son if the Dark Lord had not BECOME.  It was not his fault.  He could not help being born to his damnable family.  Pureblood, Mudblood, Squib…  these meant nothing to him, except that Pureblood forced him to the Dark Lord and away from Lily.  Harry, who was so like Lily, but looked just like James.  Lily's eyes.  Lily's eyes in Harry's gaze.  Lily's eyes looking at him with such contempt.  He could hear Harry's thoughts.  If he heard Harry's mind scream "Greasy-haired Bloody GIT!!" one more time while looking at him with Lily's eyes once more, he would scream!  Harry was the only person other than the Dark Lord that made him hate his Legilmency skills.  Was that razor-edged mind  yet another thing that Harry had  inherited from the Dark Lord?

           Soon. Very soon.  His plan was almost complete.  Soon Harry would be his.  Lily would be his once again…


           Blue smoke filled the Potions dungeon.  How the HELL do you get blue smoke from a simple sleeping draught??  None of the ingredients combined in any way make blue smoke!  His question was soon answered, for Neville the idiot stuck his hand into his cauldron and fished out his wand, which was now missing chunks of the wood, a single phoenix feather poking out of the side.  Ah, so the boy's wand has a phoenix-feathered core…  Very interesting…  But why would Frank Longbottom have a wand with a feather from Fawkes residing in its core.  It must have come from Ollivander, because the Longbottoms didn't have the means to go to the Continent for supplies.  And if the prophecy is true, then it would make sense that Harry and Neville could have the same core in their wands.  Ollivander knows of the prophecy, and he certainly would not tell Harry… he might even lie and say the ONLY the Dark Lord's had the same construction to keep Harry from knowing…  But if they all share the same core as the Dark Lord's…  I must remember this for later.  This could greatly affect my plan.

           "Mr. Longbottom, will you inform me as to why you thought the fourth step of this potion was to drop your wand into your cauldron?  Exactly what part of 'add two grams essence of flobberworm to the pot, stirring three times counterclockwise' in any way shape or form looks like 'You petty excuse for a wizard.  Why don't you drop your only responsive remnant of your father into your steaming cauldron, just to see what happens'?"

           Neville began to cry, as did many of the Gryffindor students in the room.  Have I gone to far?  Probably, but when had that ever stopped "Evil Professor Snake"??

           Lily's eyes glaring at him.  Green flames that reminded him so much of the Dark Lord spewing from Lily's eyes. I have gone too far.  How will I ever be able to complete my plan  if Harry harbors nothing but contempt for me?

           "Mr. Potter, explain to me EXACTLY what you meant by the tone of that look."

"Nothing, Professor."

           "Five points from Gryffindor."

           "But Professor Sn.."

           "Shall I make it ten?"

           "No, Professor Snape…"

           Why do I have to be so harsh towards the boy?  It is because he is so like James?  Or the Dark Lord?  Or, is it because I haven't been there for Harry as I should have been, and feel that I have  to raise him in the short time I've been near him?  Do I expect too much from the boy?  After all, he IS James' son…  That was a case of a Pureblood polluting a Muggle-born's genes.  So, how to rectify this situation?

           "Mr. Potter, please remain after class has ended."

           Either through actually hearing it or through Legilmency, he heard Harry whisper, "What the hell is he going to yell at me for now?" to which Ronald yes another bleedin' Weasley responded "Probably looking like your father."

           This conversation is not going to be pleasant.

           Class ending.  Students fleeing the room as if being freed from Auschwitz.  Harry staying behind, glaring…

           "Mr. Potter, I realize that you are well aware of the situation concerning Mr. Longbottom's father.  I…apologize if I upset you in any way."

           "Why don't you apologize to Neville, Snivellus."  Harry storms out.

           That GODDAMNED child.  If he only knew how close he really was to his beloved Snivellus, would he show more respect?  Would he love me as Lily does?  Did?  Did...  Even now, it is hard to speak of her in the past tense.  I will never be able to think of her as dead.  Especially when I see her every day GLOWERING at me.  Lily, who never glared at me, never so much as gave me a look that wasn't overflowing with love.

           Completing this plan is going to be harder than I thought…