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Living Under the Same Roof


As boys, the two were rivals. For a short time they even hated each other with a passion. That almost seemed like a millenia ago. They had grown and matured, both physically and mentally, supporting each other time and again, making a strange, but effective, team. They were polar opposites, but inseperable. They would spit insults back and forth, fight and argue, but they were codependant.

Sasuke, the taller of the two, was introverted to the point of being antisocial. He was the perceptive one, always keeping them out of trouble. Naruto was much more flamboyant, always cheerful, his personality as bright as the unruly mop of blond hair atop his head.

Naruto's outgoing attitude always brought a smile to the young Uchiha's lips, and he was never lonely around the boy. Even if he was, Naruto was always by his side, comforting him, because he understood what it was like to be without a family. For no one to greet you in the morning To wake up to an empty home.

It was on one of these occasions that Naruto suggested a solution.

"Why don't we just wake up to each other?"

A blush crawled across Sasuke's face and he started to sputter. Surely he didn't mean...?

"Baka!" the blond snapped, catching on to what Sasuke was thinking, "I meant we should share an apartment togther!"

Sasuke's expression turned thoughtful as he mulled over the idea. He could stay near Naruto, he wouldn't be alone anymore and economically, it would cut living expenses in half. He wasn't able to collect benefits from being an orphan anymore. Those funds had stopped when he became a legal adult, at eighteen. [1]

But what would it be like to live around Konoha's loudest ninja all day and night? Did that mean he would get no sleep? Well, there was never any harm in trying...

He glanced over at his fidgety friend. "Sounds good," he answered. "But couldn't you just move into my house?"

Naruto squinted his eyes, and Sasuke knew he was thinking. "It is much bigger..." he said after a few moments. "Plus, I can put all my stuff there!"

Sasuke blinked. "I doubt even a grain silo can hold all the crap you've got." It was the truth, too. Naruto had the habit of saving everything he owned. The boy still had his old orange jumpsuit from his genin days. That had been seven years ago.

"I still don't understand what you have against my stuff..." Naruto grumbled.

"Idiot, I don't have anything against it-"

Without allowing Sasuke to finish, he looked up and flashed a toothy grin, jumping from the park bench they were sitting on. "It's settled then! I'm gonna go get everything packed up!" He grabbed the dark-haired young man into a hug, then walked away with a bounce in his step.

Sasuke watched the reatreating figure of his friend, all thoughts of protest banished from his mind. The warmth of the other boy's body made his skin tingle, and his breath hitched when he smelt the familiar herbal shampoo that Naruto regularly used.

It was only then that he remembered the reason he _shouldn't_ be living with Naruto. He was gay, and never told the blond about it. Selfdoubt and fear buzzed through his head. What if Naruto found out? How would he react? And the most important question: What the hell had he gotten himself into?


[1] Naruto couldn't live in his apartment for free, right? And Sasuke couldn't live off of whatever money he got from his parents. They'd be incapable of working that young, too. I thought there might be some kind of fund to help orphans out. Sort of like welfare or something. (Although I doubt Sasuke would accept it if he had the choice, given his pride and all. :P)

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