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*~*~* Seme and Uke *~*~*

Sasuke was dead set on a perfect party, but decided that he'd never be able to pull it off, so he jogged down to Sakura's house and told her of his plight.

"You know, I get the feeling you're only talking to me because you need my help. What a crappy friend you are!" was the first thing she said as she leaned back into the overstuffed orange couch. She had made them both a cup of coffee and now they were sitting in the living room under seperate blankets, because they were chilled to the bone from talking outside. Seeing the flat look on her friend's face, she flailed her arms and cried "I was just joking!"

"Ha...ha." he growled out, and the pink-haired girl narrowed her eyes. She bent closer to Sasuke, who snorted and backed away.

"There's something different about you..." she pulled the boy by the chin and moved his face from side to side. Her eyes lit up with recognition. "I know! You're now madly in love with Naruto and you want to have hot, passionate sex with him!" she laughed out loud, but quickly stopped when she didn't hear what was supposed to be his heated denial, or stuttering protests. In fact, when Sakura's eyes met his, he just blushed and glanced away.

"How did you learn that just by looking at my face?" he asked tentatively.

She paused, her mouth gaping open like a fish. "I was only joking about that, too." Sasuke hacked out a cross between a strangled moan and a squeak, which ultimately sounded like a dying elephant. A long pause stretched between them.

"...Does that mean you really _do_ want to have hot sex with him?"

"I wouldn't put it that crudely..." Sasuke answered, shifting from one foot to the other. "I'd call it making love."

She waved her hand dismissively. "They're both synonyms for the same thing. As long as I get pictures, I don't care."

"Pictures?!" the dark-haired boy yelled, eyes wide. "What kind of sicko are you?!"

"A yaoi fangirl." Sakura gave him a smug, perverted smirk, which was very uncharacteristic of her. She grabbed the unexpecting Sasuke's hands. "Let's not go into detail about that. How goes your relationship? When did you guys admit it? Did you get any? Huh? Huh?"

"What're you talking about? He still doesn't even know I'm gay!" the boy exclaimed in exasperation, and Sakura nearly fainted in shock. She pushed herself off the couch with great effort, and stumbled into the kitchen. Sasuke followed a few worried steps behind her, watching as she poured another mug of coffee and gulped it down, without any cream, milk or sugar. The dark-haired boy grimaced at the thought of the bitter taste rolling down his throat.

Placing her cup onto the counter, she took a few deep breaths, holding in whatever she wanted to scream at him. Setting her mouth back to its regular, cheery smile, she grabbed her purple jacket from the coat rack. "Well then! I'll be back in a few hours, I just need to get some stuff." She tossed Sasuke's coat to him, and shoved him out the door. "You get home, and talk to Naruto about this. I'll come over when I'm ready. This'll be the best goddamn party Naruto will ever have, and if I play this right, you'll have him in the sack by midnight!" She cackled maniacally and ran down the street and out of sight, leaving a very dazed and bashful Sasuke behind.


True to her word, the pink-haired girl barged into the Uchiha home around midafternoon, along with almost fifty other girls carrying weird objects like wood, paint, tiles and a disco ball. Sasuke recognized them as the Yaoi Faction, which was formed when he came out of the closet with his fangirls. Four of these girls grabbed both him and Naruto by their shirt collars, and threw them out on the front steps. Of course, they just _had_ to throw Sasuke on top of Naruto, which resulted in plenty of embarassment for both boys. When the young Uchiha demanded the reason that all these people were here for just one birthday party, Sakura told him she had explained his 'situation' with the girls, and they agreed that they would be the ones doing all the work, leaving Sasuke to take Naruto 'out.'

"Just don't come back until dinnertime!" Ino called light-heartedly and slammed the oak door in their faces.

"Dammit, now what are we supposed to do today?" the blond complained. He stomped up and down the length of the lawn, stopping every few seconds to glare at the house.

"Well, it's not like we had anything planned, now did we?" Sasuke quipped back. "And quit pacing, you're ruining the grass."

Naruto pouted, "I did so! I wanted to watch my Gravitation episodes today!" the dark-haired boy jumped slightly in surprise, and his friend mistook it for interest. "Yeah, it's about these two guys: one's a writer and the other's trying to make it big as a singer. The writer disses the singer kid's lyrics, and they end up hating each other!"

'Oh, brother.' "Who gave them to you?" Sasuke furrowed his brow in suspicion. This sounded like the work of...

"Ino." Naruto answered, and Sasuke snorted a 'figures' under his breath. "It was weird. This afternoon, she just kinda walked up to me, shoved the videos in my hand and told me to watch them. Said they were really good."

The older boy sighed, wondering if his groupies couldn't go any lower. Did they have no honor? Sasuke guessed that Ino must have heard his predicament directly from Sakura. She was a more aggressive person, and probably decided that she should take matters into her own hands. Her plan was a failure, though, because getting the blond to watch homosexual couples _wouldn't_ convince him to like men. Being gay was a little more complicated than that. "Naruto, that series isn't what you think it is." Naruto gave the boy a puzzled look. "It's shounen-ai, gay relationships. Shuichi, the singer, falls head-over-heels for the writer."

The blond's face contorted into a mask of disdain, and Sasuke felt oddly lucky. Observing how Naruto reacted to yaoi would give the other a better grasp on how he would react to his sexuality. "Bah, that stuff's such stupid crap! Romance is never that ideal. What's the point of watching it?"

The young Uchiha sank down onto a stone step to analyze what the boy said. It was gruff and full of malice, but he never objected yaoi outright. Romance? Did he hate all romance? Was it because of Rika? 'Well, there's no point in trying to figure him out.' Sasuke huffed in amusement. 'You could just ask him yourself and get a straight answer and not have him suspect a thing.' The boy realized that Naruto's extreme cluelessness came in handy sometimes. So he painted on a jesting grin and threw a pebble in his friend's general direction. "Does that mean you're not against yaoi?"

The blond gave his trademark simper, scratching the back of his head. "Ummm...I like shounen-ai more...I think it's kind of cute." his cheeks pinked at the admission, waiting for Sasuke's reply. The onyx-eyed boy nodded sagely, but said nothing more. Motioning for Naruto to follow him, he jogged across the lawn and down the street. He only slowed to allow his friend to catch up. "Where are we going?"

"To the manga shop. I hear they got a new shipment of doujinshi." He said as he crossed one of the residential streets, stepping onto a larger one that lead to the heart of Konoha. "Besides, we have four hours to waste. Might as well use them on doing stuff we enjoy."

In the midst of waving at a few passerby's, Naruto snickered. "Heh, I guess you enjoy oggling the pictures of people making out. Burning time is just a good excuse." Sasuke smirked in reply, and Naruto punched him playfully on the shoulder. "Pervert."

"Damn straight! You wouldn't believe half of the dirty thoughts that go through my head."

Both boys laughed. "You'll have to tell me about some of them sometime," the blond joked. "and then I'll be the judge of that. I'm not too innocent, myself."

"You are compared to me." Sasuke said without missing a beat. 'Naruto, if you knew about any of the dreams that have included you, you'd run for the hills.'

They toned down the lewdness of their conversation as soon as they hit the main street, easily blending in with the many people in the marketplace. It was pretty crowded and noisy, with merchants peddling their wares, people chatting in front of stalls and children running about, whipping the fallen autumn leaves at each other. A crisp breeze weaved inbetween the buildings and citizens, making quite a few stop what they were doing to pull their jackets tighter around themselves. Sasuke hugged himself and shivered violently. He had forgotten to grab his jacket before being chucked outside, and all he was wearing were a pair of jeans and a black turtleneck, which the cold cut through like a knife. To the dark-haired boy's surprise, an arm was carelessly slung around his shoulders, and he was pulled into someone's body. He looked down to meet Naruto's clear blue eyes and his relaxed half-smile. Sasuke blushed and returned the smile, snuggling closer into the warm embrace and shyly putting an arm around his friend's waist.

They walked around like that for quite some time, just gazing at different merchandise, haggling, buying a few things and joking around. They spent at least an hour in the manga store, reading comics until the owner booted them out, which made Naruto lose his temper and yell insults about the unfair way he was treating his customers. It was then that Sasuke detected the villagers' judgemental stares they shot at him and Naruto frequently. He became self-concious and began to push his friend's arm away until a hand caught his.

"What idiots." Naruto grumbled. "You'd think they'd be a little more open-minded."

"Yeah." Sasuke mumbled under his breath.

"Don't worry! If anyone asks, you're my girlfriend, and we don't care what people say!" The fox-like grin was up on the blond's face, and he waved energetically at an elderly woman, who scrunched up her nose and hobbled away as fast as her shriveled old legs could carry her.

Sasuke beamed with pride and love. Naruto was such a great guy. He'd never let anyone get the better of him, even if he had to lie and say his best friend was his girlfriend...Wait... "GIRLFRIEND?!" he roared and smacked the other boy upside his head.

Naruto rubbed the bump on his skull, still in patient good humor. "Yeah, what did you expect? I may be shorter than you, but I'm still more ruggedly handsome and physically stronger than you are. That makes me seme." He grinned and a small sparkle flitted across his white teeth, resembling one of Gai-sensei's smiles.

'Ew.' The young Uchiha shuddered, but regained his composure. No way was he going to be on the bottom! "So what? I'm smarter, hotter and have that sexy bedroom smirk down perfectly! That makes _me_ seme!"

"Hell no! You're a pretty boy!"

"At least I'm not naive!"

"Me? Naive? Hah!"

They continued to argue about their 'relationship' in the middle of the street, and many onlookers stopped to gape. The fight escalated to them flinging crude insults back and forth, making a few mortified parents grab their young children to cover their ears. It may have looked and sounded like the two 'lovers' were quarreling bitterly, but if a person took a close look at their eyes, they would see concealed laughter and friendship.

"Oh my God! You guys, what are you doing?!" Sakura's voice shrilly cut though the shouts and the murmurs of the spectators. She and a handful of the Yaoi Faction were there, blinking in confusion at the two boys. "Ino told you guys to be back by dinnertime! It's late! You made us all worry!"

Sure enough, the sky was streaked with the dying reds and oranges of sunset, and the first stars were gleaming in the sky. 'Time flies when you're having fun,' Sasuke thought wryly. He sighed, and faked his best puppy-eyed look. "We're so sorry, Sakura! We were just having _so_ much fun together and..." he trailed off and dug his foot into the ground, knowing he had gotten the desired effect on the pink-haired girl. She sniffled sympathetically, hugged him and they all began the large procession back to the house.

"Hey, Sasuke?" the blond boy poked him to get his attention. He then simpered and blushed, curling his hands together and exclaimed in a singsong voice: "You know, I feel so bad about fighting with you!" His eyes filled with fake tears, "I'll be uke for you any day!"

"Don't worry, Naruto-chan..." Sasuke sighed huskily and held his crush posessivley around the waist. "I'll go easy on you tonight..."

Hearing that, all the fangirls, including Sakura, promptly squealed and fainted in delight.

Naruto blinked in bewilderment, gazing at the sleeping bodies of females that littered the ground. "What was that all about?"


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