Competing for Sango

Summary- Inu and Kag have been married for six months. Sango and Miroku, however, are still too chicken. What happens when Sango and Miroku come across a village of all men, all who want Sango! Mir/San

This is my first Miroku and Sango fic, so say what you want.

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Chapter one- Love sucks

"Hi Miroku!"

"Hey Miroku!"

"Hello Houshi-chan!"



Sango groaned and leaned against the wall of the hut. 'Not again.'

She watched as Miroku waved back to the women in the village, his fan club of swooning mindless girls. He had always been the most popular man in the village, and had grown to be the favorite of all the women in the village, ranging from six to sixty (though he wouldn't ask those women to bear his child).

"Hello ladies!" Miroku called back as he came through the village, his staff in hand.

His curse had long since dissipated after defeating Naraku, and for several weeks after he had been frolicking through the fields like a child at Christmas.

Defeating Naraku hadn't been easy, as they had first predicted. All of them, including Shippo, had come back to the village half dead, just barely making out, thanks to Kaede, who had died just a few months later. Soon after, Kagome took over the old miko's role as the healer and priestess of the village.

Kikyo was put to rest (much to Kagome's pleasure); Kagura and Kanna mysteriously disappeared after the death of their master, and Kouga had finally got smart and got a clue, going after his old fiancée instead of Kagome.

As for Kohaku, he was revived. However, he could not forgive himself. He had tried to commit suicide, but Sango had kept him from doing so, Kohaku found another way to make up for his wrongdoings. He left a few days later, saying he was going out into the world to help people. And he became a wandering demon hunter.

Kagome came from inside the hut, holding a bowl of ramen noodles in her hands, resting her arms on her protruding belly.

Inuyasha and Kagome had been married for half a year now, having a wedding in both her time and his. An hour later in the honeymoon she was bearing his child.

'At least someone is bearing somebody's child,' Sango thought top herself as Kagome carefully sat down next to her, with some difficulty of course. The young miko noticed the taijiya's (how the hell do you spell that?) anger, her flaming aura giving pretty much everything away.

She was glaring at the group of women surrounding the monk. Nothing unusual. Kagome knew the two feelings for each other. What either of them didn't understand, however, was why he still asked beautiful women to bear his child, if there was no threat to his life anymore. Luckily, it passed as more of a joke than anything else, though most of the women took it as an invitation.

"Sango?" Kagome asked.

"Look at them," Sango said, obviously disgusted, "they're just pining for him with no dignity whatsoever. And he just loves the attention!"

"Well that's Miroku for ya," Kagome said, "and he's never gonna change."

Sango scoffed. She got up and said, "I'm going for a walk."

She went off into the forest, Kirara at her side.

"What is it with men, Kirara?"


"They're egotistical jerks who say one thing and do another."


"Hentai apes who think from the south and not from the north."

"Are you talking to yourself again?"

Sango nearly had a heart attack. "Don't sneak up on me like that, Inuyasha!" she said, catching her breath.

The hanyou smirked. "Feh, if you really want the Houshi that badly then go and talk to him."

"What are you here for Inuyasha?" she asked, rather impatiently.

He walked up to her and handed her a scroll. "A kid gave me this, said to give it to you," he said.

His ears suddenly pointed in the direction of the village. "Oh my gods, she's having the baby! I'm coming Kagome!"

He ran off in a flash of red. Sango smirked. "If only he knew just because the baby kicks, doesn't mean she's in labor," she muttered. A tiny part of her felt sorry for the guy. His mother never got the chance to give him the talk, so he always pretty much went with his instincts, but unfortunately, his instincts were just a little too antsy.

She kept on walking through the forest. She opened the scroll, revealing a summoning.

Taijiya Sango,

We have heard of your great work as a demon hunter. Our village is in great need of your assistance. For the past five months, the women of our village have been mysteriously disappearing from the village every night. Now all of our females have vanished. We ask for you and a being with spiritual powers to come to village to purify and eradicate this demon.

There was a map on how to get to the village. 'I need someone with spiritual powers. That just leaves Kagome or... Miroku.'