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Epilogue- Always Been Yours

"AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! IT HURTS! Where's Kaede?!"

"Hold on Kagome! Kaede will be here in a moment!"

"Well I can't wait a moment! This thing is comin' outta me NOW!"

Sango rushed into the hut, carrying a bucket of water. "Kaede's coming with some herbs to help the pain."

"Oh thank god!" Kagome breathed, "I have grown a new found respect for my mother!"

Kaede rushed in. "How far apart are the pains, child?"

"Three minutes and twenty-two seconds!" Kagome said.

"Then the child is coming out fast, we have to do this now."

"Are you ready, Kagome?" Sango asked.

Kagome let out a breath. "More than I'll ever be."

5 minutes later…******************************************

Miroku came towards the hut, catching sight of Inuyasha sitting outside of the hut like a dog waiting outside the door for its master.

"She kicked you out, didn't she?" Miroku stated bluntly.

"She called me a dog-eared freak, does that answer your question?" the hanyou replied, "what's her problem?"

"Considering the fact that she's squeezing something the size of a small watermelon out of an opening the size of a lemon, I'd say a lot."

"Please, I've been stabbed through the stomach several times, and I haven't bitched like that."

"For your sake, I'm going to leave that comment alone."


(Note: Due to the excessive abusive language in the next conversation, the following lines of dialogue have been cut out of the fanfiction.)

"It's a boy!" Kaede said, placing the baby down in his mother's lap. Kagome held her child against her chest. "Inuyasha, you can come in now."

"You're not gonna kill me are ya?"

Kagome chuckled. "Of course not, now come in here and see you're son."

He slowly made his way inside the hut followed by Miroku, muttering something about Kagome probably killing him in his sleep. He looked up, peering at Kagome and the small bundle in her arms before taking a seat next to her. His eyes lit up as golden eyes peered curiously up at his. The infant's eyes were completely amber, which would even out to full pupils as the child grew. Onyx curls clung to the newborn's head, two black canine ears sticking out of the soft head of hair.

"He's beautiful… isn't he…" Kagome whispered.

He didn't respond, slowly reaching towards his son.


Everything was right in the world. Koji's village had been saved. The women had been freed. Inuyasha and Kagome had just had their first-born child…

Yet, something was missing in the Taijiya's world.

Sango sighed. "What is wrong with me?" she whispered to herself. She felt empty for some reason. She looked around and that's when she noticed something different about the village…

Everyone was in couples.

Everyone was in twos… except her, that is. She groaned. They were times like these where she really hated spring. They were just paired off like they were prepared to enter the ark. One of the more animalistic instincts of human nature. As flowers bloom, so did hormone rages- at least that's what she called it, since all the couples seemed to have broken up by the end of the summer. But they always seemed to regroup in some sort unknown synchronized pattern. And they say only animals were that predictable.

… but that didn't make her feel any less alone.

"Oh tell us more about how you defeated the spider demon, Houshi-sama!"

She let out a loud groan. Coming face to face with the "alpha male" was not something she needed at the moment. But she was too close to the group of crazed fan girls to turn back without being unseen.

The whole group burst into a fit of feminine giggles. Sango rolled her eyes, glad that she wasn't raised to fall to the whims of man who couldn't do anything for her that she couldn't do for herself. She had no respect for those kinds of girls, following around their "leader" like a flock of sheep, going by the identity chosen by their rank. If it wasn't for physical appearance, no one could tell one woman from another.

She hurried passed the group, trying to make herself as inconspicuous as possible- which was pretty much impossible since she was the only woman with a giant boomerang strapped to her back.


She mentally cursed. The swarm of females opened like the parting of the Red Sea, giving the center of attention the perfect view of her. Miroku slowly got up and walked over to her.

"Sango… I… we…"

"Ah, Houshi-sama!"

One of the girls came up him, strapping herself to his arm. Arisa, president of the Miroku Fanclub, and the Leader of the Sango Hater's club. "We'd still like to hear the story of how you single-handedly defeated the kumogashira," she said, trying to knock the taijiya out of the picture.

"Sango, would you like to join us? I was about to get to your part," Miroku offered.  

Sango looked at the group, receiving glares from several of the village females. "If you don't mind, I'd like to retain my dignity." She walked off.

He was pulled back into sea of females, but not before catching a glimpse of Sango's face before she turned back around. His expression darkened. She didn't look angry, no, he'd done much worse…

She looked hurt.


"Kohaku! No!"

She jumped towards him, knocking the knife out of her brother's hand. Kohaku tried desperately to fight her off him, reaching for the knife. "No! Let me go!" he yelled.

"Kohaku don't do this!" she argued, shaking him by his shoulders.

"I have to it's the only way!" Kohaku yelled back, "I can't keep living when everyone else is dead! I killed them!"

"And it's just as bad if you take your own life, Kohaku! They all know it wasn't your fault!"

"It is my fault!" He reached for the blade.

"If you feel guilty, Kohaku, you can repent, not by taking your life! You can help and protect others!"


"T-that's what Father would've wanted…"

Sango sat in front of the stream, resting her chin on her knees, the breeze softly combing through her hair. She sighed. She'd been doing that a lot lately. 

Despite all she believed about those couples in village, her heart couldn't help but lurch at the sight. They all seemed to all have a faint glow around them, as if nothing in the world would ever make them happier than being with that one person forever. But… that was foolish. Nothing lasts forever…

Then why does love?

She was pulled out of her contemplating by a soft smacking against the wet bank of the stream. A small fish was flapping against the moist ground, struggled to breathe. She smiled softly as she slowly picked up the fish and slid it back into the water. Sango watched it swim downstream…

Right onto the fisher's stake…

Well that was a moment killer.

Her thoughts trailed back to a certain Houshi. No matter how hard she tried, she just couldn't understand him. One minute he could be Mr. Perfect, then the moment he saw something with an hourglass figure, he turned into the number one playboy. But she liked him that way, despite his little perverted quirks, she still felt lighthearted (not to mention light-headed) when he was around.

Dammit, she was lonely…

He'd tell her sweet nothings, make her feel good, his mere presence making her feel like everything was right in the world, even when it was the exact opposite. But at the same time, he would flirt with other women, and turn back to her as if it were nothing at all, completely putting her heart through hell…

'Because I love the perverted bastard…'


She looked up at him, surprised that she had not sensed his presence. "Houshi-sama…" she whispered. His hand slowly drew his hand out towards her face, his fingers gently grazing her cheek, before slowly drawing it back, a small teardrop resting on his finger. Had she been… crying?


"I-It's nothing, really!" she said, wiping her eyes with her sleeves, "the… pollen just makes my eyes water. It is spring."

He slowly sat down in front of her, a slightly different demeanor to him. He almost seemed… nervous about something.

"I'm… sorry."

She looked up from the grass. "Houshi… sama…"

"What you said when we were in the other village," said Miroku, "you were right. I was selfish… I was… unfair to you. You deserve someone better… someone like… Koji…"

She covered her mouth, obviously shocked from what he said. But he didn't expect her to start snickering.

He looked at her oddly. "Sango?"

She burst out into a fit of laughter; despite the odd looks she was receiving from the monk. 'Great, I poor out my heart and soul to the woman… and she laughs at me…'

"Excuse me… should I start picking up the shattered pieces of my self-esteem now?"

"Miroku *snicker* Koji… *snicker* he's…" she burst out into another fit of giggles, before starting over, "don't tell me you were… jealous… of Koji?!"

He fiddled with his hands. "Well…"

She burst into another fit of laughter. "Houshi-sama… Koji was never interested in me."

"Come again?"

"Koji was only acting that way so he didn't seem… conspicuous."

"So you're saying he was pretending?"

"When we went out that night, he had asked me for advice…"

"If my father finds out, he'll be ashamed of me," Koji said.

"Koji, it's alright, if your father cares for you that shouldn't matter…"

"Houshi-sama," said Sango, "Koji. Is. Gay."

"WHAT?!" Miroku squeaked. She shook her head, giggling at the expression. 'Should to tell him that Koji was actually interested in him? Naahhh…'

"Houshi-sama… can I ask you a question?" she asked hesitantly. He looked at her curiously.

"Remember what happened last time… we were sitting here. You had… proposed to me…" she turned away from him, slightly ashamed that she was asking him this, "how come… we never… fulfilled that promise…?"

It took all of her will power to look at him. He looked… surprised to say the least. "You mean… you wanted to?"

"What? Of course."

"I had thought… you only said yes… because you had… pitied me…"

"Pitied you?!" She looked stunned. "You think I promised to bear your children, because I pitied you?!" she stood up, obviously angry. "When have I ever pitied you Miroku?! I don't even give myself pity Miroku, I treat you like an equal because I know pity was the last thing you wanted. I have never, I never will, I am not, nor will I ever pity you! I said that because I care for you, dammit!"   

Miroku stood up, obviously stunned by her outburst. He reached out, placing his hand under her chin, his thumb tracing her bottom lip. His face came closer to hers as he gently brushed his lips against hers. She froze, taken aback by his gesture.

"I care for you too."

Her eyes welled with tears. "So… do you still want to… fulfill that promise?" she whispered. He smiled at her, both ready to start a life together.

And I could say that this the end, but I'd be lying, because it was only the beginning.
















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