Yu-Gi-Oh! Spectacular Sleepover


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Author's Note: This is my first attempt at a humor fanfic! - I came up with this random title a few days ago, and I've decided to turn it into a story. My main inspiration for this story is Tasha3, or Zoey Girl, as most of us know her. Her hilarious tales have given me many of my ideas. However, I do not intend to copy her stories. The only thing(s) I plan on doing are calling Yami Malik "Y/M", and pair up Yami with Isis. My other inspiration is my new friend, Whitney. The two of us have been coming up with the craziest of ideas, and we plan on writing a "Lord of the Rings meets Yu-Gi-Oh" fanfiction in the future. =D So, having said all that I feel is important, enjoy the story!!!


Yugi hummed to himself as he cleaned up his room. His friends would be coming over in a few hours, and he wanted his room to look somewhat decent, even if they couldn't all sleep in his tiny little room. Yes, this was going to be a sleepover. And it would be one that would not be easily forgotten!

Yugi: ((Heading downstairs)) I can't wait until everyone comes over! We're going to have so much fun...lots and lots of games! ()

Yugi enters the kitchen, preparing some fruit punch and cookies for the others. No one would be coming over early, save for Joey, who had nothing better to do than to follow Yugi around. Yami followed, frowning despite the knowledge that there were going to be games.

Yami: Who's coming, aibou?

Yugi: () Joey, Tristan, Tea, Serenity, Mai, Duke, Ryou, and Isis. ((Putting some emphasis on the last name, knowing that his yami would be pleased))

Yami: () Perfect!

He begins to leave the kitchen, then pauses. Yugi looks at him curiously. His yami doesn't turn around.

Yami: Yugi...who ELSE is coming?

Yugi: (OO) Cough Erm, what, Yami? No one else...just...those eight, that's it.

There is silence for a while. Yami lets out a sigh after a while, and turns around to look at Yugi. His eyes are narrowed ever so slightly.

Yugi: (OO;)

Yami: Aibou, you forget about our mind link. Now, you can leave it to me to find out who else is coming tonight, or you can tell me. If you do, you won't get hurt...as much.

Yugi: (OO;;) ((Stares at his meanacing yami. Gulps)) Uh, ok.


Yugi: Well Ryou couldn't just leave Bakura home alone because he might try to kill the cat so he's coming along and Isis refused to come unless her brother and his yami did too because they would probably take over the neighbors while she was gone so they have to come too and Seto heard that Serenity was coming so he decided that he...-

Stares wide-eyed at his yami, who has stopped breathing.

Yugi: (OO)

Yami: (O)(O)

Yugi slowly begins to back away from Yami, who now has the looks of a true psychotic. As he backs out of the kitchen, he turns around and begins to run for the back door. As he's bursting through it and into the back yard...


Yugi: --; Crud.

Not watching where he's running, he collides with Joey. Falls to the ground.

Yugi: XX ouch...

Joey: ((Rubbing stomach, where the little boy hit him)) Hey Yuge! Wad's wit all da screamin'? ((In case you are wondering, yes, I am going to make fun of Joey's accent. Sorry fangirls. ; ))

Yugi: ((Sighs)) I just told Yami who else is coming.

Joey: Ya mean Bakura an' da Malik freaks?

Yugi: ==; Yeah. (OO) Hey wait, I didn't tell you that! How'd you know, Joey?

Joey: Sis told me.

Yugi: But I didn't tell her either. How'd SHE know?

Joey: Girl hotline. Isis told her.

Yugi: Ah. Then I guess you know about Kaiba, too, huh?

Joey: ((Looks at Yugi)) Waddabout that clown, Yuge?

Yugi: (O)(O) Oh no.

Joey: ((Eyes widen)) WHYDAHELL IS HE COMIN'?!

Yugi: ((Turns very pale)) He...he...I...I- ((Is picked up by a crazed Joey)) --; I'm dead, aren't I?

Joey: ((Growling)) Just...tell...me...why...he's...coming...

Yugi: (O)(O) ((Whimpers)) Please, Joey...

Just then, the doorbell rings. Joey lets go, brooding over what he's just heard. Yugi runs back into the house, dashing past Yami, who is finishing up a lousy picture of Bakura. Running to the front door, Yugi opens it to see Tea, Mai, and Serenity yelling at Tristan. As soon as the girls see Yugi, they immediately stop, and walk in, smiling.

Tea: Hey Yugi!

Yugi: Hey Tea! ()

Serenity: Hey Yugi!

Yugi: Hey Serenity!

Mai: Hey cutie.

Yugi: ((Blushing)) Ehehe, hi, Mai.

As the girls walk past him, Yugi looks back outside to see a very annoyed Tristan trying to get all the girl's luggage into the house ((there are around 14 suitcases in all)).

Yugi: ((Sweatdrop)) Uh, here, let me help you.

He walks outside, and begins to help with the luggage. Yami, thoroughly annoyed with Tea's flirting, escapes her grasp and starts to help as well. Just as they get all the luggage in, Duke walks in.

Yugi: ==; What, no knock? Or ring?

Duke: ((Shrugs)) Where's the girls? ((Tossing some dice around))

Yami: ((Points his thumb in the direction of the living room. Tea's shouting can be heard as the three girls watch a crappy soap opera, even though it's 5 p.m.

Tristan: ((Glares at Duke)) Devlin...don't get fresh, you hear me?

Duke: ((Gives a casual grin)) Sure. Hehe...

Duke walks away, and it takes all of Yugi AND Yami's strength to hold back an enraged Tristan. Seto Kaiba enters, along with Mokuba, who is dragging the briefcase behind him. Seeing Seto, Yami lets go, sending Yugi and Tristan to the ground.

Yugi and Tristan: XX ouch...

Yami and Seto glare at each other for a while. Then, smirking, Seto glides past Yami, heading in the same direction as Duke.

Tristan: ((Murmuring)) Shit. That bastard...how could I possibly stand a chance against those two. ((Sighs))

The two get up, rubbing their heads. Tristan wanders off to find Joey, while Yugi goes back into the kitchen to finish up with the snacks. Yami stands around by the door, trying to look like he's cool, but in reality, waiting for Isis to show up. He hears the doorbell ring, and quickly opens the door. But instead of Isis, it's Ryou and Bakura. ((I must inform you all right now that Ryou and Bakura are mine. MINE, damn it, MIIINE!!! OO;;; ))

Ryou: () Hello, Yami! How are you today?

Yami: ((Gives a small nod, glaring at Bakura))

Bakura: ((Eyes closed, smirk on face)) Hmm...

The two walk past, and as Bakura passes Yami, he opens his eyes, giving his own glare in return. And if dirty looks could kill, Yami would have burst into flames in an instant.

Yami: ((Turning almost as pale as Bakura)) (Ox)

Not bothering to close the door, Yami runs back into the kitchen. He grabs a pair of scissors, and immediately begins to cut up the picture into very small pieces, eyes wide.

Yami: ((Snip snip snip...))

Yugi: ==; ((Shakes head, and adds some ice cubes to the bowl of punch. Isis, Malik, and Y/M walk into the kitchen, having found the door open. Isis immediately walks over to Yami, while Malik searches for Bakura, and Y/M stands near Yugi.

Isis: ((Purrs)) Hello, my pharoah.

Yami: (OO) ................

Isis: ((Hugs him from behind)) And how are you today, Yami?

Yami: Better, now that you're here.

Isis: ((Smiles. Hugs his head tight against her body))

Yami: OO;; Hehe...this'll be fun.

Y/M, bored as always, sees Yugi preparing the snacks. His gaze falls on the bowl of punch, and he slowly grins. Behind the two lovebirds, there is the sound of a muffled voice, a thud, and the sound of something being dragged across the ground, followed by the slam of a door.


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