Yu-Gi-Oh! Spectacular Sleepover


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So, uh...it was fun working on this fanfic. BUT ENOUGH OF THE MUSHY CRAP ALREADY!!! Let's see what the Three Stooges have been up to...and now, on with the CONCLUSION of the story! ^^;;


All is peaceful in the Mutou residence. The sun is rising, birds are singing, and everyone is fast asleep.


Serenity: ((Stirs)) Aah. I don't think I've slept this well in years! ((Pauses, then eyes widen)) Holy crap, what was that...?

She gets out of bed, and exits her bedroom, quickly rubbing her eyes before wandering downstairs. As she enters the kitchen, Malik and Y/M slip in.

Serenity: ...? Uh, hey guys! What's up? Did you hear that sound?

Malik: Er, nope, didn't hear anything Serenity. Probably was just you. But you know, it's getting a bit late, and we should probably be all packed and ready to go in a few hours. So ah...how about we go around the house and wake everyone up?

Serenity: (^_^) Sounds fine with me!

While the two of them leave, Y/M remains behind, finds a sharpie on the counter, and begins to scribble obscene words all over the beige walls. Hannah and Peter, er, Peter and I, become invisible so that we can follow Serenity and Malik unnoticed. The four of us head for the basement. Oops...seems that two more are following us. Probably Joey and Mai.

Malik: ((Feigning innocence)) Ah, there's Seto and Mokuba. Goodness, they seem comfy together.

Serenity: ((Gives a small smile)) You know, maybe I was wrong about Seto. Perhaps he really isn't that bad of a guy. I'll go wake him up.

Joey: ((Is being restrained by Mai, who is struggling to keep his mouth covered at the same time))

Serenity: ((Walking over to Seto)) (^_^) Morning, Seto-kun! Did you sleep well?

She is about to tap him when a screaming, rabid and just plain psychotic fan girl jumps on Serenity and begins pulling on her hair.

Rabid Fan Girl ((aka Orianna)): WHAT THE F***, YOU F****** BITCH?! GET THE F*** AWAY FROM SETO, DAMN IN!!! F*** YOU MAN!

Hannah: ((Grinning))

Peter: ((Massive nosebleed)) (X____x;;)

Malik: ((Looks around nervously, hoping that the others in the house don't wake up))

Serenity: (@__@) Eep!

Orianna lets go of her prey for a moment, and when she doesn't get back up, she grins, shoves Mokuba off Seto's lap, and sits there herself.

Orianna: Hehe, hey there sweetie. Hey, you're not looking so bad today. XD

Seto: ((Lets out a small yawn, and opens one of his eyes)) ...

Orianna: ...

Seto: ...

Orianna: ...(^_______^) Hiiiiii, Seto!

Seto: (-__-) And you are...?

Orianna: I'm yours, sweetie! Hahaha! Er, hey, why are you wet? Why am I wet?! (o_O)

Seto: ?

Joey and Mai quickly run out of the room so that no one else can hear their laughter, while Orianna and Seto's gazes slowly turn toward Mokuba...and the warm bucket of water that he had his hand in while sleeping on Seto's lap.

Malik: ((Whistling innocently))

Orianna: (O______O;;) Oh SHIT!

Seto: (*_*) My trenchcoat...

Bakura: You don't have a trenchcoat, dumbass. I burned it, 'member?

Seto: ((Glares at Bakura)) YOU did this?!

Bakura: Who, wha? NO!

Seto: ((Leaps off the couch, rushing at Bakura, who runs like hell, while Orianna snorts in disgust and vanishes))

Hannah: ((Now visible, turning toward Malik)) Wake Serenity up, you sexy Egyptian blonde, and let's check on the others.

Malik: ((Blushing)) Uh, right.

He revives Serenity, helping her off the floor, and the four head into the next room. The television is still on, and sitting on the couch...

Serenity: ((Snickers))

Peter: (-_-) That's just wrong.

Ryou and Yugi are fast asleep. Yugi is leaning against Ryou, who must have fallen over. There is now a compromising situation at hand, where Yugi is laying on top of Ryou, who has his legs on either side of Yugi. Bakura comes running in, and stops suddenly when he sees his aibou. Seto rounds the corner, and smacks into Bakura. From the kitchen tile, he stares at the two, eyes wide with disbelief.

Malik: ((Whispering)) Uh, Hannah, was this supposed to be one of the pranks?

Hannah: ((Shrugs))

Joey and Mai wander in, staring at the two as well. Exchanging glances with Malik, it's obvious that they hadn't set a trap for those two. However...

Joey: All riiiight! Turns out I gotta camera wid me! Dis is gonna make for some great blackmailin' in da near futa...heehee!

He whips out the camera, and takes a couple of pictures, while the others near him snicker silently. Then, to spice things up, Mai takes out her lipstick again, applies some to Yugi's lips very gently, then kisses Ryou's cheek, smearing some of her own lipstick there. The others grin evilly as Joey takes more pictures, then they all move on to the basement.

Malik: ((Grinning to himself as he turns on the light))

Serenity: (O____O;) I think I'm going to be sick.

Seto: That would make two of us.

Joey: ((Pats his sister's hand)) Well sis, I guess ya won't be datin' anyone for a while, hmmm?

Serenity: ((Nods quickly, eyes still wide))

Duke, Tristan, and Mr. Mutou are all lying on the couch. Porn movies are all over the floor, and beer bottles surround the television set. Most are in Duke's lap, however, and in his hand is a very large bra and panties from Victoria's Secret.

Peter: ((Stares at Mai, who grins sheepishly))

Joey: ((Growls at Peter))

Malik tiptoes over to where Tristan is, gives him a little poke, then quickly hides behind the beer cabinet as he wakes up. He groans, and wipes his nose before scratching his head.

Tristan: (~_~) So...tired...who woke me up?! And why's my hand so sticky...?

Serenity: ((Can't hold it in anymore, and bursts out laughing)) Tristan, you have shaving cream all over your face...and it's in your hair now.

Tristan: ((Grins sleepily)) Hey Serenity. Wait... (o___o) crud...MY HAIR!!! MY PRECIOUS HAIR!!!

He dashes out of the room, shoving past the others and heading for the nearest bathroom. Duke stirs, and wakes up, glancing first at the undergarments in his hand, looking very confused, then notices the others staring at him.

Duke: ...(O)___(O) Er, it's not like that, guys. Really. (=___=)

Duke quickly drops them and hurries off, blushing madly and sweating from embarrassment. The others can no loner control themselves, and fall on the ground laughing. They sigh, still giggling every now and then...


Hannah: (O______O) That was Yami! PHAAAROAH?!

She runs into the previous room, the others following her. Standing next to the couch is Yami and Isis. Yami is breathing heavily, staring at Yugi. He turns, sees the others, and glares at Bakura.

Bakura: ((Doesn't notice Yami because he's too busy looking at Isis's...)) (O)_(O) ((...and is slammed into the wall))

Yami: BAKURA?!?!?! Why is your aibou sleeping with MY aibou?! And I think I'll kill you before you answer that question for looking at Isis!!!

Seto: ((Also staring at Isis, who is blushing like mad and turns around)) Damn woman...

Isis: (-_-) Seto, you can afford to BUY woman and see them topless every night. Ra...

Bakura: ((Smirks at Yami)) Really now? I'd say Yugi was the one who started it.

He chuckles as he is slowly lowered to the ground. Yami turns around, suddenly noticed the lipstick is on HIS aibou, and wails pitifully. Hannah, I mean, I run to his side, patting his back.

Hannah: There there now, pharoah. Everything will be alright. ((Hugs him))

Yami: Who in the Shadow Realm are you?

Malik: ((Shoots daggers at Yami. Not literally, or he would be dead))

Hannah: I'm your new lover! MWAHAHAHA!!!

Malik: ((His hair stands up on one end, growling)) What about ME then, my pet?

Hannah: Uh...I like you both?

Malik: ((Snorts, and walks off))

Isis: ((Lunges at Hannah, who backs off)) Arf! Arf! Nooooouuuuuuu!!! (;_;) I'm bishie-less!

Peter: ((Shakes his head as he roots through the closet)) What?! Only N64?! And he calls himself the King of Games...how am I supposed to play Zelda with THIS piece of crap?! (O___O;)

Peter plugs in the Nintendo and begins to play Super Smash Bros. Hannah grumbles, and wanders over. Seto and Joey join in. They all end up playing as Link, but it doesn't take long for Hannah and Joey to get kicked out ((approx. 30 seconds, with all those damn hammers)). After a few more minutes, Peter is beaten by Seto.

Seto: ((Smirks)) YOU are the weakest link. Good-bye.

Peter: (-___-;;)


The sound of a glass bottle shattering arouses everyone's curiosity, and they all wander into the kitchen. Yes, even Yugi and Ryou, who don't seem to notice the lipstick or the position they were in earlier.

Everyone: (X_X) (X_x) (O___O) (o_O) (O_O) (*__*) (^__^;) (___) (O___x) (T___T) (@___@)

Whitney is sitting on the ground, sobbing, clutching the neck of a shattered rum bottle with one hand and gently stroking Pegasus's head with the other.

Whitney: (O______O) Hannaaaah!

Hannah: (X_____X;) Whitney-chan, what's wrong? And what the hell are you doing holding Pegasus?! He's dead, damn it! Let him rest in peace!

Whitney: ((Small, detached smile)) No no, he's not dead, no no...just asleep. ((Strokes his head, which causes a few to barf and others to turn extremely pale. Seto simply can't take it, and passes out))

Hannah: (o_O) So then why are you crying?

Whitney: ...Me rum's gone!

Hannah: (-_-) It'll be okay, Whitney-chan.

Whitney: (T_T) But where's all the rum gone?!

Tristan: You're underage, lady.

Whitney: Didn't stop you, did it?

Tristan: (_____)

Duke: Hmmm?

Whitney: .....((stares at the other bishie she claimed)).....

Duke: (O_O)?

Whitney: XD;; DU-KEEEEE-OH!

Duke: ((((O))))_((((O)))) Wha---?!

And all Hell finally breaks loose. Hannah is sobbing, begging Malik to take her back. Yami and Isis are making out like there's no tomorrow. Serenity stares at a frustrated Tristan. Joey and Mai raid the refrigerator. Peter...well, he's been playing on the Nintendo this whole time. And Bakura...

Bakura: ...? ((Speaking out loud, but to himself)) That's strange. I could have sworn that I left Silver right here...

Silver: ((Pounces on him)) Hiiiiii!

Bakura: (O_______O) Bloody hell. Hey Silver. (^___^;;)

Silver: ((Grins, and the magic keyboard appears in her hands. She sits on Bakura's lap, and begins to type happily))

The others are suddenly quiet, and give their full attention to Silver. Then, they all begin to do the macarena, or however the hell you spell that.

Silver: (^______^) Now that I'm in control again, I'd like to say that since you guys already completing the sleeping part...the party's OVER! SLEEP, then OVER! So OUT OF YUGI'S HOUSE!!!

Whitney: But where's all the rum gone?!

Silver: ((Sighs, and brings Pegasus back to life))

Pegasus: ((Grins)) Oh, hello sweet heart. My, you certainly are a fine looking thing, aren't you?

Whitney: (^-^) Aww, seriously?!

Pegasus: ((Seductive grin)) How about we talk about this some more over a bottle of wine, pumpkin?

Whitney: Silver! You made him straight again!!!

Silver: XD

Whitney: There's a first time for everything! And if you'd like, Peggy-chan, I'll dance a little jig for yooou. (^_~) And we...

Pegasus: ((Silences her with a passionate kiss, leading her away))

~ There, damn it, I did it, Whitney, I did it! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ~

Silver closes her eyes for a moment, then smiles. She hits the "Esc" button on her keyboard, and she, along with Hannah, Peter, and the majority of the Yu-Gi-Oh! cast, are transported back to their houses/mansions/soul rooms/hell holes.

Hannah: ((Holding up a black sign with gold ink)) "To be continued..."

Silver: (O_____O;;;;;;;) No, damn it! The story's over, baka, OVER!

Peter: (-_-)

***THE END!!!***


And the story is finally, FINALLY over! MWAHAHAHA!!! XD Anyway, the next fanfiction will begin sometime soon. I'll try to get a bunch of ideas throughout the week, but think I have the general plot ready, so I'll try to have the first chapter up in a few days. Until then, please visit my web site, http://mine.at/Bakura, and feel free to e-mail me, webmaster@bakura.zzn.com, if you are bored or want to contribute fanart/fanfics. 'Nara!!!