Body A Mother's Prayer

by JD


She had never aspired to being famous, nor had she dreamed of it for her children. Some people might have said she set her goals too low, being a stay-at-home housewife, that she didn't think big enough. But the plain truth was, she felt she was blessed in her wonderful husband and her two successful girls. And as for staying at home..heavens! She was lucky if she had a moment's peace at home to herself many a week, what with auditions and shows and traveling. Not that she'd pushed her girls into their career. Those two had known what they wanted themselves since they were just little tots, singing their Christmas carols to their parent's friends.

And how fast the years had flown. It seemed like just yesterday they were in her makeup, and now they were famous, up on stage and on the radio, singing and having the time of their lives.

Things changed. That was a fact of life, and everyone knew it, even if they wouldn't admit it.

She just couldn't understand how things could have changed this much, so fast.

A motion nearby caught her attention, and she raised her head hopefully before realizing it wasn't her missing girl...just that Tumbleweeds photographer, what was his name...oh yes, Clarence. Clarence Smith, Jr, Amanda had told her yesterday by the tour bus. He and that interviewer woman had been close by ever since, talking to the band members and taking photos. He wasn't doing that now, however, just standing there by the Christmas tree, fiddling with his hat. Poor boy probably felt like he was completely out of his depth here, what with flighty girls running off and Jake eyeing him like he was a strange bull in the pasture.

Not that she'd noticed him being interested in either of the girls, really. Seemed like a real respectful young man. His mama had probably spent a lot of time making sure of it.

She just had to talk to someone, and he was the only one around with her husband and everyone else off looking for Amanda. She wasn't sure just what to say, at first, then laughed at herself. /Oh heavens, he's just a boy! Eighteen if he's a day. Just be honest and ask him what is close to your heart right this moment./

So she did.

She asked him if he believed in God.

She was a little surprised when he said he yes. For a moment she thought he was likely just saying it to humor her, what with the situation and all, but that thought quickly faded from her mind.

He was serious.

She tried to set him at ease a little by quoting her favorite Bible verse and asking if he knew it, and was pleased that he did. She didn't doubt his word. There was something just basically honest and appealing about him, that made the very idea of him deceiving her on this matter ridiculous.

And then he stepped closer, and told her that he thought a mother's prayer was the most special of all.

She had to close her eyes to hide the tears, then.

Out of the mouth of babes, her mother had always told her.

And in her heart, said one more prayer.