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* * * *

The future, year 8002

* * * *

"Headmaster, please listen to us!" a distraught female voice exclaimed. "We cannot defeat this enemy on our own, none of our people have the proper training. We need help!"

"I agree," a deep male voice replied. "Many battle skills and spells have been lost since the great Red Lightning wars."

"Indeed." An old voice replied. "You are both right of course. Now, the next question is how to get help."

"I don't know. Compared to the wizards and witches of old we're nothing more than squibs. How I wish that the battle skills hadn't been lost through the ages of peace."

The Headmaster looked at the two young people in front of him.

The male was a tall man with onyx eyes and pitch black hair, he had a rather hooked nose and held himself with great pride that had been built up in his family since the times of the wars. He was said to be the true descendant of the most famous Potion Master and Spy of all ages, Severus Snape. His name was Venatio Snape.

The woman was of average height. She had brown hair and eyes. She could trace her family all the way back to the great Red Lightning wars as well, to a certain Cynthia Thatcher who had been a great Slayer of Vampires. Her name was Igris Thatcher. All three of them were trying to come up with a plan of getting help.

A few months ago a Dark Lord had appeared, the likes of which hadn't been seen since Voldemort's time. At first they had thought this was another one trying to draw attention to himself and that he was no real threat, and that's where they went wrong. Now they were on the brink of being conquered by this monster. Oh, they had offered resistance, but had only been a slight annoyance to the Dark Lord. The man was more powerful and versed in Dark Arts than anyone.

Over the ages since the Dark Lord Voldemort had been defeated, wizards and witches had forgotten the old art of duelling. They had forgotten battle spells and skills and consequently had grown rather weak. It was the long time of peace brought to them when Harry Potter had finally managed to defeat Voldemort by drawing on all the raw power he could. The strong pull had caused the Magical Core - where all magic came from - to be drawn into Potter's body, and the young man had become its host. He became the Magical Core.

After the battle Potter had disappeared along with the Red Dragons Order. And slowly Vampires and other magical creatures had disappeared as well. In the end Hogwarts herself had disappeared. One day the school had just been gone, and no one had been able to find it since then. The Wizarding World had been lulled into sleep. They had built another school, the Academy for Witches and Wizards, and let it be with that. The things taught at this school weren't even half of what had been taught at Hogwarts. There were old books and student-written essays that proved to them that the first- years of Hogwarts knew more than the fifth-years of the Academy.

As said the Wizarding World was lulled into sleep and had forgotten most spells, potions, history and abilities since then. And now they were paying their toll. They didn't know how to defend themselves.

The Headmaster sighed. He of all people should be able to figure out something. He had to think! Think!

The silence in the room stretched until suddenly the Headmaster jumped up grinning happily.

"My dears," he said to the two young people opposite him. "I believe I have an idea!"

"Lets hear it then," Venatio said.

"There is something that not many people know about. It has been passed from Headmaster to Headmaster in this school, only to be used in case there was grave danger." He sat back down still smiling. "There's a prophecy saying that the hero's of old can be summoned from beyond the grave, but this can only happen in the halls of Hogwarts herself."

"So it's a dead end?" Igris asked.

"Not at all. All the clues are there, and all we have to do it decipher them."

"Lets hear it then, old man." Venatio looked sceptic.

"The hero's of old

Called back from the grave

Many things to teach and be told

The world they once again will save

The Potion Master and Spy

The Transfigurer and Animagis

Canines, Elves and Vampires

And lets not forget the dragon

The red-haired family

The researcher herself

And countless more

And the Gamemaster, Lord of all

You can find them in the halls of old

Hogwarts awaits you on Pendragon's island

In the Great Hall they sit made of white sand

Sit at the tables four and let your troubles be told

It won't matter if you're Witch or Wizard, yellow or blue

They will help you if your troubles are true

Let them teach you all they know about earth and sky

And the Red Dragons will once again fly."

"That's all nice and well, Headmaster." Igris said. "But where is Hogwarts? As all of us know the school disappeared not long after the Red Lightning war."

"It's all in there, Thatcher, pay attention." Venatio turned to the Headmaster. "Pendragon's island is the key. Once we find out what that is we'll be able to locate Hogwarts school herself. Imagine all the texts and books of old that must be preserved in its library."

"As usual you're right. I seem to remember to have read something about someone called Pendragon. Perhaps there's a connection." He quickly found his wand and flickered it. "Accio book!" a second later an old tome came flying into his waiting hands. "I was right. You have both heard of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table I presume? Well, it says here that before Arthur became king, his name was Pendragon."

"That means that the island the prophesy or whatever it is, was talking about the Island of Avalon!"

"Indeed, but no one's been able to find that island either." Venatio pointed out.

"That's where you're wrong." Igris smirked. "My ancestor, Cynthia Thatcher, found the island and the secret of where it lies has been passed down from mother to child since then, just like this poem's been passed down with the Headmasters of this school."

"That's settled then; tomorrow the three of us will leave for Avalon and see if there isn't something true in this poem." The Headmaster grinned. Perhaps he would meet his own ancestor, Draco Malfoy.


"And you're sure this is the right way?" Venatio asked for the tenth time.

"Yes I am," Igris growled. "I had to memorise the way to the island just like the others in my family."

"Information changes." Venatio helped the older Headmaster up. "And why the hell did we have to climb around in the Scottish countryside?"

"Because it's the only way I know off, now stop snivelling and come on." Igris led them towards the west.

"I have to agree with Venatio on this one." The Headmaster said. "Where, exactly, did your ancestor find Avalon?"

"It's not far. We're going to the island of Oronsay."

"And that's where we'll find Hogwarts and whatnot?"


"You're crazy, but I'd do anything to end this war." Venatio stepped up to her and looked out over the sea that had appeared before them. "Too bad we have lost the ability to apparate. It would have made this so much easier." He mumbled as he took out his wand and started waving it about. A second later three brooms appeared out of nowhere and they got on. "Well, lets get going then."

They rose into the air and started flying. Not many minutes later an island appeared in front of them. It was surrounded by thick fog and almost nothing could be seen of the landscape. As they flew over the island they scouted for something that might point them to where Hogwarts was located.

"There!" Venatio pointed straight ahead.

The thick forest underneath them was suddenly breached by several towers. On the highest of them two flags were waving in the wind. One had the Hogwarts coat of arms and on the other there was a picture of a red dragon on white background.

As they got closer they could see more and more of Hogwarts. By now the castle was covered in vines and dead leafs and whatnots, but they could still see and feel the previous splendour of the castle. The magic in the air around them crackled, gently caressing their faces and hands as if welcoming them home. And it did feel like home, more than the Academy had ever been.

The three travellers landed lightly in the deserted courtyard. None of them spoke, there was a certain calm silence about this place that they didn't want to break. The Headmaster led them up to the great oak doors, and just as he was about to push them open the doors opened on their own accord and let them pass.

"Merlin's beard!" Igris whispered.

They had just entered the Entrance Hall. Several staircases led up or down, and numerous corridors went off in almost every direction imaginable. The ceiling was incredibly high and everything was just... magical!

The doors straight opposite the main doors, opened and they could see straight into what had once been the Great Hall. Slowly the three of them entered and looked around. On the walls old tapestries hung proudly showing off the animal of each House. There was Ravenclaws eagle, Hufflepuffs badger, Slytherins snake and the proud lion of Gryffindor.

Four long tables ran through the entire length of the hall. As they followed them with their eyes wondering on how many students had sat at them, they saw the teachers table and gaped. 27 statues of the purest white marble sat at the table. They couldn't exactly make out who was who, but as they came closer they could see in what detail the statues had been made.

The Headmaster started at the left along with Igris, while Venatio started on the right side.

The woman looked closely at the two first statues and gasped. "It's Remus Lupin and Sirius Black!" she whispered.

"Then this must be the notorious Weasley family." The Headmaster said and mentioned to the next nine relatively alike statues. "Yes it is, here are the twins!"

"From this side I have what can only be Mayon the Dark Angel and his mate Bianca." Venatio called from the other side. "Next come a couple of... Elves! True Elves! And a Dwarf! Great Merlin!" he looked closely at the old witch sitting beside the Dwarf. "This has got to be Minerva McGonagall." He went on to the next and stopped dead in his tracks.

The next statue was of a tall man with shoulder-long hair. He had a hooked nose and his pupil-less eyes looked like they were glaring at something.

"It can't be." Igris had come up to him.

"Severus Snape." Venatio whispered in awe. "What I wouldn't give to be taught by a great Potion Master like himself." He moved on. "Nicholas Wolf, Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom, the Vampires Raven, Zev, Ramsis and Athan."

"The First Vampire!" Igris exclaimed. "Merlin's beard!"

While the two of them had been working their way towards the middle, the Headmaster had been looking at a figure that sat just after Ginny Weasley. The man had short hair, a pointed face and if the eyes had been open the Headmaster could've sword they would be grey. This was his ancestor Draco Malfoy. He had lifted his hand to touch the statue when the person on the right caught his attention.

"Harry Potter, the Lord of Light." Venatio whispered. And indeed it was. They could see the infamous lightning-bolt-shaped scar, and the other scars the man had acquired during his battles against the Dark. It couldn't be anyone else.

"My god!"

"The poem said to tell them our troubles, so get on with it." Venatio went back down the line and stared at Severus Snape.

The Headmaster sighed and started his tale. It was as if the statues were really listening. The silence was deafening. "We ask four your help." He said at the end. All three of them waited.... And waited.... And waited, but nothing happened.

"I knew it was a dud." Igris muttered. No sooner were the words out of her mouth before she screamed.

The statue of Harry Potter wasn't a statue anymore - in fact, it had turned into a living person! Impossible green eyes stared calmly at her, black, unruly hair grown past his shoulders and to the floor during the years of sleep, and the black uniform needed some mending. Despite all of this however, the man made an impressive picture.

"Eeep!" Igris hid behind Venatio.

"Oh gods," the man whispered. All over the table the statues were waking up. It was as if water had been dumped on them. First the hair turned from marble-white to whatever colour it had been before the Sleep, then the face regained its colour, followed by the rest of the body and robes. All over the place heroes from much-beloved legends came to life, stretching, shaking themselves or staring with curious eyes at Venatio, Igris and the Headmaster.

Harry potter stood up and everyone else looked at him. "Welcome to Hogwarts."


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