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- Chapter Twenty-One -

Cian looked suspiciously smug, Harry mused as he watched the First Vampire walk across the Entrance Hall. Athan, Ramsis, Zev and Salazar were all smirking, with a certain look in their eyes that told Harry that the Exterminate-Falx Mission went very well.

Beside them walked a slightly shy female vampire, who Harry assumed was this 'Sam'-character he had heard about. She was sending slightly awed looks towards all the male vampires, but her eyes lingered especially on a joking Athan. Harry's eyebrow went up at that. If he understood the vampiress' look correctly, then the previously oh-so-single-and-proud-of-it Athan wasn't going to stay as single much longer. Female vampires were known not to give up once they set their sights upon a potential mate.

Allowing a smirk to form on his own lips, Harry walked towards the group of vampires and stopped in front of Cian. "Good hunt?" he asked innocently.

Cian smiled deviously, his fangs showing. "Couldn't be better."

"Nice to hear," Harry replied. "However, I do hope you're going to clean up after yourself," he continued and pointed to the blood on the floor which had dripped from the groups' clothes. "We don't have Argus Filch around anymore, you know. If you'll excuse me…" he nodded politely to the vampiric group and moved on before they could reply.

Sam blinked as the green-eyed man exited the castle. "Is he always like that?" she asked Athan.

Athan nodded. "Though I expected he would've demanded to hear what went on during the fight with Falx and his minions."

"Huh, you never know with Harry, and it's damn annoying." Salazar muttered and yawned. The sun was on its way up.

"The fact that one cannot predict the way his mind works, is the only reason why we won the Red Lightning Wars in the first place." Zev said as they headed down into the dungeons for their daily naps.

"Ah, the good old bloody days," Athan sighed wistfully. "Well, good night to you all!" he said and headed towards the room he had been given.

"Hold it right there!" Cian's voice rang out. "We still need to place Sam in a room."

"So what's the problem?"

"The problem is that none of the other rooms down here have room enough for her. They are either used as storage rooms, or have a window, or both – all of course due to magic." Ramsis spoke up.

"Which means that she will have to share a room with one of us," Cian continued after sharing a grin with Ramsis.

Athan still didn't get it. Couldn't blame him really, the sun had almost risen half-way above the horizon.

"Your room, unfortunately, is the only one large enough for two vampires to inhabit comfortably." Salazar added albeit grudgingly. Why was it that Athan always got lucky?

Slowly it went up for the half-asleep vampire.

One room + two vampires (one male and one female) very weird/uncomfortable situation and scheming friends.

He blinked, and then – to everyone's surprise and pleasure – Athan blushed. "No! Nu-uh! No way! She's not sleeping with me!"

Sam blushed then realised what had been said. "PERVERT!" she hollered and punched Athan half-way down the corridor.

Zev wished he had a camera right then. To him it had always seemed as if no matter what Athan did, he never got embarrassed about it. As long as he had known the other vampire it had been like that. And now he was wasting a perfectly good opportunity for blackmail, and all because he didn't have a god damned camera! The gods really hated him, didn't they?

"This is going really good, isn't it?" Ramsis commented as they watched two half-asleep vampires arguing about sexual innuendos and perverted idiots.


After exiting the castle, Harry had headed on a inspection round through all the different army camps camped on and outside Hogwarts' grounds. The dwarves were busy producing and fixing weapons, the angels were meditating, the army consisting of centaurs and fauns and other mythological creatures was lazing about, and the Medjai were practicing. The Chinese and Japanese army was also practicing, and Harry spent some time watching the samurai training with their swords. Lastly he reached the elven encampment outside Hogsmeade where he was greeted with respectful nods or salutes from everyone he passed.

'I hate war.' The green-eyed game's master thought to himself.

'Only those who haven't experienced war want to create one.' The voice replied with a sad sigh.

Harry snorted. 'Tell that to the evil Dark Lords trying to take over the world.'

'They are just stupid,' came the reply. 'Er, Harry, there's something I haven't told you about Lucifer.'

'I don't like the sound of this.'

'Neither do I, but it must be said,' the voice took a deep breath. 'LuciferhasthepowerofForesight.' It said as fast as possible, then ran off to hide wherever its corporeal body was.

'WHAT!' Harry thundered.

"-Ah, Lord Dragon!-"

The shout shook Harry out of his anger, and he turned around, coming face to face with Captain Orminor. "-Captain Orminor, it is good to see you.-" He said as the elf came up beside him. "-Is there anything I can help you with?-"

"-Perhaps, perhaps not.-" The elf replied. "-I am just wondering about this Dark Lord. What information do you have on him? Anything that can aid us in the upcoming war?-"

Harry thought for a moment. "-I know this Dark Lord personally, and it is a long tale I won't bore you with. Suffice to say that since First Vampire Cian and his allies took out the rebellious vampires, and since a demon friend of ours is doing his best to sway demons to either stay neutral or join our side, the newest Dark Lord knows he doesn't have much time. It is not going to be a full-out war, Captain.-" He said finally, and the elf raised an eyebrow.

"-He is going to put his hopes in one attack!-" Orminor exclaimed in disbelief. "-Is he really that stupid?-"

"-He's powerful,-" Harry corrected the elf. "-He has the power to back up such an attack, and no matter how many allies we have, the Dark Lord will always stay one step ahead of us.-"

"-But how can that be? Who is this ally which makes the Dark Lord so strong and confident?-"

"-It is the Dark Angel Lucifer.-" Harry said with a sigh.

Orminor's eyes widened. "-Then he will know everything we do and be able to counter it! He doesn't need any personal spies in our midst, he has the Dark Angel's power of Foresight! We're as good as dead!-"

'That's a bit dramatic,' the green-eyed man thought to himself. "-Lucifer might have the power of Foresight, but the end of the battle is veiled – even from him. Only Fate and Destiny know how it is going to end, and only the King himself might decide who wins and who loses. We're just pieces on a giant chessboard.-"

The elven captain shook his head. "-I still don't like the knowledge that the Dark Lord knows everything we do.-"

"-No one does,-" Harry agreed and started moving again. He suddenly needed to get away from it all. Away from Hogwarts, from the armies, from Hogsmeade, from the war. He needed to think, and the best place to do that – in his opinion – was out of the moors, especially the beautiful Rannoch Moor.

Captain Ornimor bowed respectfully. "-Thank you for your time, Lord Dragon. Now we know what we're up against.-"

Harry nodded to the elf. "-Indeed. Could you spread the word to the other camps about Lucifer's power of Foresight?-"

"-I will do as you ask, My Lord.-" The elf bowed once more, then disappeared into the elven camp.

Shaking his head, Harry headed out of the camp, and apparated to Rannoch Moor. He settled himself on a stone and started contemplating this new twist. Lucifer had the gift of Foresight. Where was Trelawney when you needed her? Actually, scratch that, where was any seer when you needed them?

'What are we going to do?' he thought to himself. 'No matter what we think of in advance for the oncoming battle, Lucifer will know about it. And only the end of the battle is clouded from the Dark Angel's sight.' Feeling a headache coming on, he rubbed his temples. 'Dammit, why couldn't Lucifer just keep his nose out of mortal business!'

He didn't know just how long he sat there contemplating this newest problem. No matter what idea and plan he came up with for the battle, no matter how much he tried to shade it with his occlumency and magic, each time it was fruitless, and he could feel the glee Lucifer felt every time the Dark Angel smashed the mental barriers and shields and brutally stole the ideas from Harry's brain. It was painful as hell whenever Lucifer forcefully entered his mind, and Harry soon found himself kneeling on the ground clutching his head in his hands, trying to keep the Dark Angel out of his mind; but it was to no avail, and after what seemed like hours of the mental battle going on, Harry couldn't take it anymore and he blacked out.

As soon as Lucifer felt the Gamemaster go unconscious, he sent several of his strongest minions to collect the human. The green-eyed mortal intrigued him, not only because he dared go up against him, Lucifer, even if he know of the gift of Foresight; but also because one simple, human man held Lucifer's greatest desire. And now Lucifer was going to take pleasure in taking said desire, he was going to enjoy throwing it into Gabriel and the King's face. He was going to be the most powerful of them all, and the Gamemaster was going to help him.

Oh yes, he was going to enjoy ripping the Magical Core out of the green-eyed mortal.


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