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At first Frodo was sure riding in one of the boats of the fair folk would be wonderful, and easier than walking. But as the ninth hour of this seemingly endless trip passed by, he now had different thoughts. Walking would at least stretch his tingly legs.

Next to him, Sam noted his master changing positions again. Sensing boredom, and a chance to stop focusing on this terrible boat, he tried engaging the usual game.

" Want to play I spy again Mr. Frodo?" Sam offered.

Desperate for entertainment, Frodo nodded.

"All right... I spy something silvery!" Sam started.

"A fish" Frodo answered.

"How'd you guess so quick? All right my turn to guess."

"I spy something delicious when fried." Frodo answered.

"Oh that's a though one and no mistake, but I'll go with... a fish?" Sam said eagerly.

"Right again Sam."

"Oh! Oh! My turn! I spy something small and swimming."

"Let's see, maybe a fish?" Frodo replied.

"No actually, Pippin fell into the river."