Harry Potter and Broken Wands

First of all I would like to point out that this story is complete and that I am writing the sequel.

This is my story about Harry Potter's sixth year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It follows Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and contains loads of spoilers.

This story is rated PG-13 and is not always nice. It contains some limited nudity, sexual undertones, violence and alcohol. It was rated R at first but I lowered it since most people seemed to think PG-13 was more appropriate for this story.

It is written in third person from Harry's point of view. Just like Rowling's books.


Harry meets Fleur Delacour again when she joins the order of the Phoenix and they fall in love. As time goes they realise their relationship is not what it is supposed to be…

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Main Characters from the Harry Potter books are

Harry Potter
Fleur Delacour
Hermione Granger
Ronald Weasley
Nymphadora Tonks
Ginny Weasley
Remus Lupin

I have made three new characters as well, Selena Bellatrix Malfoy, Nancy Lyon and Vertex.

Ships in this story are

Harry Potter and Fleur Delacour
Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger
Remus Lupin and Nancy Lyon

There will be ups and downs in these relationships don't expect everything to be okay at once.

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Disclaimer: This story is based on the books written and owned by JK Rowling and various publishers. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark violation is intended.


Chapter 1 Happy Birthday

As the night rain poured down on number four privet drive Harry Potter lay clear awake in his bed. It was the second week of the summer holyday and he was utterly sick of it. He had stayed in his room almost all the time since he got back from Hogwarts. The weather had been too bad for him to take his usual walks around little winging and the only times he had gotten out was when he ran down to Mrs Figg's for tea. It was horrible to be shut up like this.

His mind often wandered to the veil Sirius had disappeared behind and he sometimes just lay in his bed crying for hours on end. Luckily the most horrible surprise of the last school year, the prophesy, was something Harry's mind seemed to considered as too awful and unreal to bring up in his head.

He had during the first days of the summer holyday before his mind had started to stop the prophesy drifting through his head figured that he was a dead boy. No matter how hard he tried, he would never be remotely as powerful as Voldemort was; he wasn't even an animagus like his father. He was fairly good at Quidditch, and above average in defence against the dark arts but that was all. Voldemort would probably have killed him already if he had known more about the prophesy but Harry didn't complain. He sometimes had a strong urge to find out whether Luna Lovegood was right about meeting your love ones afterwards.

He had several times brought out his fire bolt and been on the verge of just flying away to London to get some gold and then just fly away forever, Voldemort had probably never been too far south judging by his skin colour and would probably not look for him on every tropical island. Then he had always thought of Ron and Hermione and sometimes even Ginny and Remus, they would all miss him as badly as he would they.

Harry sighed he lay thinking of Sirius as usual before he went to sleep he, missed Sirius terribly much. Harry started to cry and then he just couldn't stop him self he started to sob loudly. He had always managed to keep his tears silent but now he felt so much sorrier then ever before. He pressed his pillow tight over his face to dampen his sobs. Harry couldn't find a good reason to why he was sobbing like this but he supposed that it had something to do with accepting the fact that Sirius was gone forever.

He fell asleep many hours later still sobbing. His emotions didn't stop tormenting just because he happened to be asleep however. He had the saddest dream of his life, a cute little silver blond haired girl with blue eyes faded in and out of darkness and finally she just vanished, he recognized her vaguely as if she had appeared in his dreams before. He had suffered many dreams more horrible before, but none as sad; he couldn't really understand what was so sad about it, just that he had been crying badly all through the dream.

Next morning Harry awoke by a knock on his door. He awoke very abruptly because his aunt hadn't dared to wake him since Mad Eye Moody had told them to be nice towards Harry when they met at kings cross. There was another knock; it was a very soft knock very unlike his aunt's sharp raps. This confused Harry, and he decided to open the door so he slipped out of his bed took the few steps needed to reach the door and opened it. No one was there maybe it was a sound he had heard from the kitchen.

"Harry it's me Tonks," He heard a whispering female voice say.

On instinct Harry whispered back, "Hurry! Get inside before the Dursleys get you!"

He heard the floor squeak and saw his chair fall over.

"Sorry!" She said as he closed the door behind her.

Harry who had had a few moments to think grabbed his wand tightly behind his back. He hadn't seen her yet, for all he knew she could be anybody from Voldemort to Dobby. Harry turned half away from her and then in mid motion leapt to where he thought she where. He felt an invisibility cloak under his fingers and pulled. Soon he saw Tonks surprised face he pointed his wand at her.

"How do I know who you are?" He asked her as calmly as he could.

Before she could say anything he added, "Do the pig snout."

She closed her eyes and concentrated and after a short moment, her nose had transformed.

"Sorry, Moody must be rubbing off on me," Harry muttered putting his wand down.

"Don't worry about it," Tonks said as she looked down his pyjamas.

"Woke you up?" She added with a teasing smile.

"Yeah, but don't worry about it," Harry said blushing slightly. He didn't really like to be seen in Dudley's old pyjamas.

"So, what are you doing here?" He asked hoping to take the attention away from his pyjamas.

"I got the day shifts until you leave… No more paperwork!" She added happily.

"And you can talk with me?" Harry asked.

"No, I don't think so but that wouldn't be any fun, so I didn't ask," She said with a grin.

"That's great I'm practically dying here," Harry replied.

"I would too. We got to get you a better pyjama"

Harry blushed.

"Hurry up and get dressed," She added and turned her back to coddled with Hedwig.

Harry got dressed and told her that she could face him again.

"You got to be kidding? Who buys your clothes?" She said looking at Dudley's old clothes.

"They weren't bought for me," Harry said a bit irritated.

"I can see that," She said calmly and then smiled, "the-great-boy-who-lived-and-don't-get-decent-clothes."

Harry didn't find this very funny so he simply said, "I like to see you get better clothes out of the Dursleys."

There was a moment of silence as Harry gave Hedwig some owl treats for breakfast.

"Common let's go over to Mrs Figg for breakfast," She said and slipped back under her invisibility cloak.

Harry opened his bedroom door for her and closed it after her. His aunt and uncle had breakfast outside in the garden the door was open they both sneaked out. Harry avoided them and they avoided him, in fact, they had hardly said anything to him all summer. Harry and Tonks walked down privet drive towards Mrs Figg's house in silence.

For what seemed for the first time this summer, the sun was shining. They arrived a few moments later. When Mrs Figg's front door was closed behind them, Tonks stated that she wasn't supposed to be seen by anyone and that she had to wear the invisibility cloak all the time.

"So, how are things going?" Harry asked the invisible Tonks.

"Can't give you any details Harry." She said apologetically.

"Loads of attacks, as you probably read in the Prophet." Mrs Figg said sipping a cup of tea.

"Yeah, anything happened today?"

"Some French family was killed, innocent bystanders. Delacour I think it was," said Tonks from her what appeared to be empty stool.

"The Delacours?" Harry whispered feeling very sick.

"Yeah, horrible," Tonks said sadly. Harry whished he hadn't had any breakfast now.

"Gabrielle too?" He choked out after what seemed to Harry a long moment.

"You knew 'em?" Mrs Figg asked in a concerned voice.

"Yeah, are you sure?" Harry whispered.

"Yes I'm sorry Harry, Mr and Mrs Delacour and their little daughter," Tonks said in a truly sorry voice.

"Fleur's all right then?" Harry asked in a high-pitched voice.

"I think so, there wasn't a Fleur mentioned in the article anyway," Tonks replied and hugged Harry comfortingly.

"How do you know them?" Tonks asked him.

"Fleur was Beauxbaton's Tri wizard champion; I thought I saved Gabrielle…" He couldn't continue instead he got up and walked away he knew Tonks followed him but she didn't say anything. He walked around all day in Little Whinging, not able too sit still.

Next morning when he woke up, he felt a little bit better and he wondered where Tonks was. It was raining outside and he didn't want her to be forced to stand outside his house so he dressed and walked out in the rain.

"Tonks?" He whispered as loud as he dared.

"I'm here," he heard her voice reply from somewhere out on the street.

"You should have woken me up. Are you wet?"

"Of course not, I'm a witch. Slightly bored though," She replied.

"Let's go over to Mrs Figg's and have some breakfast," Said Harry.

"So, you got your OWLs back yet?" Tonks asked him.

"No, not yet, I usually get my letter around my birthday. I hope I get good enough grades to become an auror," He said.

"Oh, you want to become an auror?" Tonks asked.

"Yeah, at least that's what I'm aiming for"

"That would be great I could be your mentor," Tonks said. She was rather childish sometimes Harry thought, not stupid just very frank and optimistic he liked that about her.

The weeks passed much faster then it ever had done before on privet drive in the company of Tonks. She brought him clothes she had bought with money from his vault. They were all colourful to say the very least and not really Harry's style but Tonks loved them, and they were much better then Dudley's old cloths. Before Harry knew it, he woke up on his 16th birthday.

Somehow, Tonks had sneaked into his room cast a silencing charm on his room. She sung at the top of her voice, "Happy Birth Day". The feeling of someone singing 'Happy Birth day to you' was a completely new feeling to him. He loved this feeling, he never knew what he'd missed all these years and before he could stop himself he felt a tear roll down his cheek. He hated himself for it.

"Harry, are you crying?" Tonks asked him.

"I don't think anyone has ever done this to me since I was very little," He answered feeling very stupid, he wiped the tear from his cheek and smile widely.

"Thanks," He muttered.

"You mean the Dursley's never sang to you?" She asked in disbelief.

"No," He replied shortly he didn't like the subject of his childhood.

"Not even before Hogwarts?" She asked him again.

"No, so do I get any gifts?" He asked her trying to change the subjects.

"Oh, Yes!" Tonks exclaimed proudly, "Open mine first," she added eagerly.

"Makeup?" He asked he didn't expect this.

"Yes, magical concealment cream. It'll magic away your scar…"

"Help me try it out," He interrupted her running up to his mirror.

"All right," She stood up and walked over to him, "But I warn you, I never bothered with make up."

"Don't be stupid you're a girl it's in your blood," He replied opening the package and smudged some on to his forehead and tried to even it out.

Tonks sighed as she saw his poor attempts to conceal his scar.

"Let me," She said and almost at once she managed to conceal his scar though also accidentally pointed him is his left eye slightly.

"Do you think it'll work, I mean will people recognize me?"

"Oh, depends," She said and looked very uncomfortable. "Open Ginny's present," she said handing him a small rectangular package.

"Okay," He replied and opened the small rectangular package.

It was a comb one side was bright and one side was multicoloured. On the bright side it stood 'Silver Blond' and on the multicoloured side it stood 'Normal'.

"A comb?" He asked her, "Did you to go shop together?"

"What if we did?" Tonks asked him grinning widely. She grabbed the comb and started to pull it through his hair. The hair that passed through the comb became blond the very opposite of Harry's hair colour. Harry's yaw dropped.

"No one who doesn't know you will recognize you now," She stated. It was true the boy that looked back at him from the mirror didn't look like him all that much though on a closer look his green eyes gave him away.

"Almost as polyjuice potion," He said with a wide grin and added without thinking, "but this doesn't taste bad."

"You used polyjuice potion?" She asked but then she added quickly, "No don't answer that I'm on duty strictly speaking."

"If you say so," He replied and decided to pull the conversation back from polyjuice potion.

"Can't wait to visit Diagon Alley, no one will notice me."

"Open your other gifts, save the big one for later it's nothing funny." She said when he started to move towards the biggest package.

"All right you choose."

"Open this one it's from Hagrid" ,She said and handed him a little package. It was full of fudge.

"Want one?" He asked her with a wicked smile.

"Oh no, you won't fool me! That fudge would glue the mouth shut on a dragon for a year."

They laughed for a short moment but then they both felt rather guilty. Hagrid meant well he always did. He got a similar package from Mrs Weasley but this time Tonks gladly accepted some toffee it was very good as usual.

He got a Quill from Ron that wouldn't allow you to misspell words even if you tried and a huge black book that looked very expensive from Hermione called 'Dueling for Masters'. He opened it and saw an inscription. 'To Harry with thanks from Dumbledore's Army' it said followed by a list of every Dumbledore's Army member. He smiled proudly.

"Dumbledore's Army?" Tonks asked curiously.

"Didn't Dumbledore tell you why he left Hogwarts?" He asked her.

"No, he was so busy I don't think anyone dared asked him"

Harry told her about Dumbledore's Army. He avoided the fact that he'd been the teacher, but to no good.

"So all the students that joined Dumbledore's Army got 'Dueling for Masters'," Tonks asked him unbelievingly.

"Well no, I kind of was the teacher," Harry answered, he hated this kind of attention.

"I see, Professor Potter," She said mockingly.

"Oh shut up," He said with a grin.

"You still got two packages left," Tonks reminded him.

He opened the smaller one of them from Fred and George, he opened it carefully he knew perfectly well that it could blow up any second but it didn't instead he found a glittering box with the text 'Skiving Snackbox' written over it.

"Skiving Snackbox?" Tonks asked him.

"Yeah, the Twins invented excuses to skive of from class," He replied and showed her a 'puking pastille'.

"Why oh why didn't they invent them when I was in school," She groaned and Harry laughed.

"Only the big 'nothing funny' package left," He said and started to tear it open. It was a mirror but to his surprise, it didn't show him it didn't even show the blond scar less him. In fact, it reflected nothing at all. Inside he could see distant black figures moving.

"A Foe Glass," He said in surprise.

"Yeah I hate those things, can't they invent a Friend Glass instead?" She asked. Harry understood what she meant he knew he had mortal enemies but he didn't really like to be reminded of them.

"Yeah, I see what you mean. Still it's very useful," He said in a rather gloomy voice. He was a little surprised by the number of shadows; if you looked closely, you could see about a hundred of them.

"Yeah it is," She agreed, "I got one too, most aurors have."

Then she smiled widely, "Speaking of which do you dare open your Hogwarts letter?"

"You got it," Harry asked her and his stomach gave a horrible jolt.

"Yeah, here you go," She said and handed him an envelope with the Hogwarts crest on.

"This is it," Harry said.

"Yeah, but don't worry Harry, I mean it's only school."

"Only school," He echoed silently.

He took a deep breath, tore it open and pulled out the letter.

"Gryffindor bravery," He muttered to him self, Tonks must have heard him because she snorted.

Dear Mr Potter

We pleased to inform you of your OWL results.

Ancient Runes -
Arithmancy -
Astronomy P
Care of Magical Creatures E
Charms E
Defence Against the Dark Arts O
Divination P
Herbology A
History of Magic P
Muggle Studies Muggle Raised (O)
Potions O
Transfiguration E

You have received seven OWLs. We recommend that you continue to take the following subjects

Care of Magical Creatures
Defence Against the Dark Arts

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress

PS Congratulations! You have a good chance becoming an Auror.

He laughed out loud in relief; he'd gotten outstanding in Potions apparently Snape was a better teacher then Harry gave him credit for, or maybe it's because he and Ron had studied potions very hard at the end of last year. He smiled widely, he had a fair chance of becoming an auror hopefully Ron had too. Hermione had no doubt received several Os and could no doubt become whatever she wanted except maybe a seer.

"I did it, this is my best birthday ever," He said happily, Tonks hugged and congratulated him.

"I have to write Ron and Hermione," Harry said and wrote down some quick words.

Hermione and Ron

I got 7 owls not much perhaps, Hermione. I got Os in Potions and DADA Es in Transfiguration, Charms and Care of magical creatures and an A in Herbology. Thanks for the gifts. Hope to se you soon, write back.


He sent the letter off with Hedwig.

The day continued in a very happy manner, he had cake at Mrs Figg's. He had never before blown out candles on his birthday cake but it made him feel normal. He was very happy he'd gotten a birthday party even if it was just the three of them it was still a birthday party.

That night he went to bed with a wide smile. He glanced over at his Foe Glass, to his relief he didn't see anything more then distant dark shapes. He didn't like the idea of having the shadows of his mortal enemies in his room next to his bed, but on the other hand he knew for sure that he wasn't in any danger of being murdered any time soon. With that comforting thought, he fell into a restful sleep.


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