Thanks for reading Harry Potter and Broken Wands. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it… if that is possible : )

Thank you Seaver for beta reading and making wonderful plot suggestions.

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Thanks all! Sorry for losing capitals and removing spaces from your names, the program I used to count and sort you all couldn't handle that.

Thanks keebler-elmo for being my hundred and most frequent reviewer!

Also thanks Acacia Jules for being my two hundred reviewer!

I am sorry for leaving a few things hanging but I need something to write about in the sequel. Broken Wands was pretty quickly written so I think the sequel will be too.

All right now for the review answers…

JoNaY: Well the big question… ¤ spoiler alert ¤ they'll be together for good at the end of the sequel.

Jbfritz: Thanks, I'll post the first chapter of the sequel ASAP.

Acacia Jules: It wouldn't be too unlike JKR to do that… Yep 200th reviewer! lol, I celebrated the end of this story with chocolate as well! Unlike all you poor, none Swedes, I only have to wait until Easter (first Thursday of April more precise) for next trick or treat celebration. We do that twice a year! However only witch costumes are allowed as it's the day all witches travel on broom to blåkulla (place where witches meet and do nasty stuff). Thanks you for reading it.

coolone007: A/N = Authors Note (or alphanumeric, I think)… Yeah Dumbledore is his cryptic old self. Oh no they are not betrothed but it's true their parents certainly believed they would get along at least as friends. Yep I'll send you an email… I know I already wrote you all this in that email but for the cause of consistency in me review replies, I repeat myself.

Nasser Himura: Well we'll see how that goes… there will certainly be some magic at Number four Privet Drive.

Shawn Pickett: Thanks. You'll have to wait for a while for the sequel.

Wytil: Yep Harry's wand is still broken… lol… don't worry though he'll mend it in the sequel.

Kirkalicious: Thanks! Harry and Fleur will end up together, don't worry.

Rocky235: Thanks, that's a really nice review! I am not very proud of my English but I am very proud of the plot. Thanks.

keebler-elmo: They will start experimenting with their powers in the sequel… Harry is by birth stronger then Fleur magically. Yes, they draw magic from each other as soon as they touch each other… remember when 'Dueling for Masters' broke Fleur's office door down… Fleur's parents had a reason. If you remember I let Nancy point out during the Xmas that Fleur had to sort up her parents belongings… they might find some clues.

Fledge: Thanks I like the happy wakening up part as well. Harry is in denial of the prophesy he hasn't even been thinking of it himself. I will have fun with the male Dursleys… Thanks I figure it will probably be a while before I can write anything like the "Psychic Serpent" though… thanks I feel much more confident in my English now as well. Thanks, I'll do my best to make the sequel as long and interesting as possible.

blunt-but-honest: Thanks… oh I figured Dumbledore and Petunia only knew each other by letters. I don't think they actually have seen each other… Thanks again.

NIKKI: I know I already said this in my mail but…. Thanks, thanks, thanks again, of course you may print it!

h-ruff: Thanks! You are welcome!

Saphire Morgona: Thanks! No sequel is up yet I'm afraid. I can mail you the link when I start posting the sequel however.

Liberate: Thanks… you think Rowling would be proud… thanks!

Let me know if you want a mail when I start posting the sequel. Just like this story, I plan to finish the sequel first before I post the story. So it'll take a while before I start posting… sorry all. If it's to any comfort I think I'll be able to write a few thousand words every day.