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Well, anyway! I guess this chapter could also be called, 'The Morning After'. . .but 'Hangovers' sounds better and kind of explains how. . .er. . .most of the characters feel at the moment. I think this might be the last chapter before book 5 'comes out' (at least in their world anyway). So. . .enjoy!

Chapter 6: Hangovers

            I woke up the next morning wishing I were dead and trying to figure out what had happened the night before. Obviously I'd gotten drunk, but why? Oh yeah, we partied because we'd killed the bitch. Let's see; a vague image of all the teachers dancing and singing, Rachel and Bageera by the door, and kissing. . .

            Oh crap! Did I actually do that?! Am I being hunted down by rabid fangirls now? Oh crap! Oh crap! Hey. . .wait a minute. . .what was he doing there in the first place, he's not a teacher. . .I dashed out of the room (both wand and sword with my in case any rabid fangirls decided to suddenly attack me in the halls) to see what would become of our new professor this time.

            The good news about me being 'half-elven' is that the author chooses when I'm hung-over and when I'm not because they can never remember whether or not Elves get hangovers. At the moment, my hangover was mild enough so that the yelling in the classroom didn't bother me much; but it sure bothered Remus.

            "What do you think you're doing!?" Sheesh, mom sure does have a set of lungs on her. . .I just called her 'mom' didn't I? Oh well!

"I'm the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher," Remus said, holding his head (or, at least, that's what the author said, it was a rather interesting sight. . .), "And could you please not yell?"

             "I am the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher in this school," Arwen said with a certain pride (Why she said it like that I don't think I'll ever know. . .), "you can even ask Professor Dumbledor himself." Oh dear; headache returning, headache returning!

            "Dumbledor is the one who appointed me," Remus groaned (head back on the proper place between his shoulders).

            "Oh really?" Arwen stormed out of the room, her whole third year class following her. Remus sat down at the desk, and then spotted me. Realization suddenly dawned upon him. "I have to. . .go. . .now!" I said, quickly getting as far away from the classroom as possible and in search of Rachel and Sarah. I found both of them 5 minutes later in the Common Room.

            Sarah was on the couch, laying down with a pillow over her head to block out all sound, and Rachel was happily sitting by the fire, reading a book. When I walked in, Rachel looked up and Sarah merely groaned to show that she was still alive. "No hangover?" Rachel asked with her eyebrows raised.

            "On and off," I replied meekly, sitting down on one of the squishy armchairs.

            "Boy Sarah," Rachel said, turning to her friend with a wide smile on her face as Sarah groaned again, "The oh god of Hangovers is smiling down on you!" Rachel was reading Discworld again, go figure. What other book has a God of Hangovers?

            I wonder if Discworld has Mary-Sues, hum. . .

            Well, anyway, back to the task at hand. "Do you know why Remus is here?" I asked. Rachel looked up from her book and blinked, "I never really paid attention to that, I was more worried about keeping you all inside and everyone else outside."

            Sarah mumbled something, but I couldn't hear or understand it because 1) she wasn't talking very loudly and 2) her face was still buried in the pillow.

            "Sarah, we can't understand a word you're saying," Rachel said, rolling her eyes. Sarah just groaned. "How much did she have to drink?" I asked.

            "Dunno," answered Rachel, "lost count after about 5."

            "What about me?"

            "You? I wasn't worried about how much you were drinking; I was more concerned about what you were going to do when drunk."


              "Yeah, he was pretty drunk too. So were McGonagall and Dumbledor; never get them drunk, it will scar you for life."

            Sometimes its best not to remember what happened when you were drunk; this is one of those times I am now going to act like I don't know what happened yesterday. Ohhh! Headache!

            "In other news," Rachel continued, putting her book down, "I do happen to know why Remus is here; another Sue has followed him."

            "Can't they have breaks in between each other?" Sarah (who had finally decided to rejoin the living) groaned. Rachel laughed, "You're funny when you're hungover Sarah." What exactly was so funny about multiple Sues showing up at every damn hour of the day I don't think I'll ever know. "She's a teacher assistant," Rachel continued, "and if I tell you it's a Romance story then I think you know what's coming."

            It's going to be a very long week. . .