Title: The Consequences

Author: In Fair Verona

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Seth and Summer engender a 'rumor' which travels around Newport and learn the consequences of their actions when the unexpected happens.

Shipper: Seth x Summer

Disclaimer: It is all property of FOX, every last bit of it. I don't own anything in this story or related to it.

A/N: Um... enjoy... it doesn't really fit the summary yet, but just... read, please?


It was the same old party, at the same old Holly's house. Newport's finest strutting their stuff in the living room to the beats of Good Charlotte, as if they couldn't be any more hypocritical. There were people puking in the pool, and people crowd-surfing in the lawn, and of course there were the people hooking up in the spare bedrooms upstairs.

What would a party be without those people? Newport thrived on those lucky few- the ones who got wasted enough to make whoever they were doing look cute. Those people are the start of the rumor mill that circulates all around Orange County.

"I heard that Chris hooked up with Rachel at the party last night!"

"Are you serious? I thought it was Chris and Samaire!"

"Are you kidding me? It was Benjamin and Samaire, I was totally there. I saw it!"

"How much did you see exactly?"

"Enough. They were completely wasted!"

"But I thought that Samaire just found out she was pregnant from the party two weeks ago with Adam!"

"Nope. False alarm, and Adam's been with Mischa since the party last night too."

"I always knew those two would get together..."

"Please, I'll bet my Prada sunglasses that they break up at tommorow night's party."

See? It's what keeps Newport alive, the country-club gossip. At tonight's party, another keg event at Holly's place, possibly the most shocking gossip to rock Newport was being conjured up in the 2nd floor guest bedroom.

Summer Roberts twirled a perfectly manicured finger around a curl of Seth Cohen's rich chocolate colored hair. She smiled drunkenly at the boy while leaning in and planting a big one right on his soft lips while her free hand grazed the lining of his jeans and latched onto a belt loop.

No one would've expected these two to be in here together, doing what they were doing, but one kiss and enough vodka will go a ilong/i way. It had all started with that simple kiss- after Summer had finally seen Seth's sweet side. After one week of completely ignoring him, now she was all over him. She didn't seem like she had the intentions of letting go anytime soon either.

"Summer?" Seth murmured inbetween the quick kisses that Summer planted across the smooth skin of his neck. Summer pulled back slightly, panting for breath.

"What?" She responded impatiently, eyeing him like he was a double-scoop chocolate sundae that was going to melt if she didn't finish eating him all up.

"Why... why did you ignore me until tonight?" He mumbled, furrowing his brow. There was a quick silence that passed between them, during which Summer had probably tried to gather her thoughts. Instead of voicing whatever incomprehensible response which came to her mind, she just draped her arm around Seth's neck and pushed them away from the bedroom door and lead him towards the bed.

"It doesn't matter, Cohen. Not now." She purred softly into his ear, falling back onto the bed and bringing him with her. Seth seemed to forget whatever it was that he had thought about before as his arms encircled the object of his long-time affections and caressed her skin with soft and passionate kisses that would make her dizzy had she not already been wasted. "This feels so good." She moaned softly under the weight of him. Seth, who's head was already spinning from the sheer bliss of everything was thrown into a new thrill at hearing this.

"Summer, that's all I want. To make you feel good." He said softly, kissing the corner of her forehead before she brought his lips back down to hers. In one swift movement she had turned the tables and flipped him onto his back, her slender frame perched on top of his. His arms traced the contours of her body lazily while her lips crushed his.

"Well, you have my permission." Summer replied huskily, her fingers fumbling with the buttons of his shirt. With his help she managed to pull the shirt off completely and ran her hand across the heated bare skin of his chest, causing shivers to course through both of their bodies. More hands and caressing touches flew across each other's skin as bit by bit, they bore more of their naked souls to each other through the passionate act. As they found each other nearly completely unclothed and wrapped up in each other, only one questioned remained.

"Seth, I want to." Summer said, looking straight into his warm eyes through her thick lashes. If Seth hadn't known better, he would've thought Summer was completely sober in her statement. "I want to." She repeated, answering his un-asked question.

"If you want to, but I never really have before..." He trailed off, a blush creeping to his already flushed cheeks. A playfully devious smile flickered across her cherry lips as she grinded her hips against his, bringing forth even more of an arousal from Seth. "Well you seem to know what you're doing." He managed to choke out, entwining his fingers with hers as she dominated him.

The remaining articles of clothing were cast aside as they became one in a moment of sheer ecstasy. Loud moans and incoherent mumblings that emitted from the locked guest bedroom were drowned out by the blasting of Good Charlotte downstairs. But when the morning came and sense returned, nothing would stop the monster of a rumor that would be unleashed.