Ninety-three years earlier

     Spock was dead.  Twelve years after he was challenged to reform the Empire and try to avert its predicted collapse, that Empire had sentenced him to death.  Yet he had died not by the Empire's hand but by hers, for it was far more painless than spending hours or even days in an agony booth, the Empire's method of execution.  A simple press of a button and his body was vaporized.  Now Saavik had all that was left of Spock, his katra, which was why she was on Vulcan.  He'd placed it into her just before she beamed out and pressed the button.  She also activated that device's self-destruct mechanism so it wouldn't fall into the Empire's hands. 

     Not her Vulcan, for it was under Earth control.  Another universe's Vulcan.

     "Find a logical reason for sparing the Halkans," that universe's Captain Kirk had urged Spock.  He'd done more than that; he'd found a logical reason for the Halkans to yield on the dilithium crystals.  They were the role model for the reforms he helped initiate, first on Vulcan, then throughout the Empire.  He knew of the other universe's Federation from a mind-meld with one of its officers, and Vulcan's dedication to logic and peace in that universe.  In Spock's universe there was only one role model available, and that was the Halkans.  The other Kirk hadn't stopped to think about the implications.  The Halkans were total pacifists, and it was because of their influence in Spock's government that Starfleet had moved against him.  And she was here.  Whatever happened with the Empire would have to be without Spock. 

     She saw him about thirty meters in front of her, and knew she'd come to the right place.  He appeared to be taking a group of cadets from this universe's Starfleet on a tour of Vulcan.  The goatee was absent, but there was no question of his identity.

     "Mr. Spock!" she called as she ran toward him. 

     Captain Spock turned to face her, a bit taken back.  "May I be of assistance?" he asked the new visitor.

     Without warning, Saavik raised her hand up to Spock's temple and locked him in a mind-meld.  "Remember," she told him.