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Splish Splash! Chapter One!

Grumpily dusting his face off of dirt, Inuyasha glared at Kagome. "Now what did ya do that for? That was completely uncalled for!" The silver- haired demon stood up and leaned against a tree, almost as if he was trying to act that once again having Kagome make him fall flat on his face was nothing. Even though she could tell it did kind of piss him off. "You mortal women and your touchiness! A guy says one thing and you automatically treat him like a dog!"

"Inuyasha!!" Kagome shrieked, fuming and her eyes bulging a little too menacingly at him, before regaining her composure and ringing her hands together in front of her, pressing into her forest green skirt. "Inuyasha," Kagome began again in a more passive and calm voice. {I will not let him get to me. I will not let him get to me.} She thought over and over to herself, trying to control her temper. "Touchiness?" She asked recalling his last statement. "Touchiness?" She asked again her breath getting faster as she recalled just what he said. 'Keh, you stink. Can't you wash better? You smell.' Kagome turned to him and couldn't restrain herself any longer. "Sit!" She yelled again and took a step back. "You should know I shower daily and use only the best smelling soaps and shampoos! If anyone stinks here it's you!" She yelled then added, "Baka." Very nonchalantly.

There was a brief flash of pain as he landed again on his face. At least this time he had only been leaning against the tree as opposed to sitting in it. Sitting on his haunches as he always did, he glared at Kagome through his silver bangs, though not as harshly as he might have, even with he'd landed on his face twice in a row. "I forgot that your sense aren't as good as mine, so I'll let the comment go for once. But what I won't let slide is the fact that you keep on dropping me! Don't you know any other words?" Folding his arms, he grumbled, "Even in the future, people are still pathetic! They still smell, and the girls are still stupider then they look! The only good thing to come out of the future is ramen!" His mouth almost turned into a contemptuous smile, but he managed to stop it from spreading. He liked watching Kagome get worked up, he just wished it wasn't so easy to do. "Yeah, that's right, Kagome. You're dumber than you look. And you still smell."

Kagome was straining to smile and not lash out. She might not have fangs and claws, but hell, she could still cause damage. "Inuyasha?" She asked sweetly as she crouched down before him and batted her eyelashes at him. "Sit." She said softly and watched him crash, then allowed a string of the 'other words' Kagome knew to rush out of her mouth. Getting back up, Kagome dusted off her skirt. Inuyasha really did cause a cloud of dust to rise every time he hit the ground. "Oh and Inuyasha?" Kagome called out over her shoulder as she walked on ahead. "You might just be smelling yourself! When was the last time you showered?" Kagome asked idly fingering a strand of hair around her finger and sniffing it. It still smelled nice.. Clean... Why did he say she smelled bad? Kagome's face fell and she sighed. "Baka."

"Will you stop calling me an idiot?" he growled, slowly losing his temper. 'If I wasn't wearing this damn necklace there wouldn't be a contest about who annoyed who first!' He walked away, dusting off his fire rat clothing. 'Damn, this thing is a bitch to clean.' He glanced over his shoulder, his golden eyes lashing back and forth. She was kinda cute... so why did she have to treat him like crap? Her angelic looks were only skin deep, if Inuyasha had anything to say about it. "You forgot to wash you mouth out with soap, Kagome."

Kagome stilled and turned. But whatever she was about to say stilled as laughter filled her eyes at the sight of him. Standing there with dirt covering his red outfit, his hair somewhat messy and there was just the cutest smudge of dirt on his nose. She couldn't help it and began to laugh. Walking back over to him, she forgot about their previous argument and smiled up to him sweetly, a halo practically glowing over her head. "I'm sorry." She said then brushed the dirt spot off of Inuyasha's nose. "Did I hurt you very much?" Kagome asked looking slightly concerned.

His back as stiff as a board, he stared into her eyes. "I don't get hurt," he said, his voice a growl, like he was trying to be tough.

Kagome looked up to him and her eyes softened. She simply made an 'mph' sound and smiled softly. "I know." She added and felt as though something was different in the air, something that shouldn't be meddled with or ruined by her on going babbling. A moment of silence passed and Kagome lost her nerve, stepping back and giggling nervously she hooked a strand of loose hair behind her ear. "Come on. We better get going before dark."

Nodding once, he lifted her up, hoisting her up on his back. When she was settled, he allowed himself a small smile, now that she couldn't see. He was tempted to make a comment about her weight, but he'd save that for another day. Kagome didn't weigh anything at all to him, really. When he carried her, he could barely feel her. Running like the wind and jumping from place to place, he tried to ignore Kagome. She might not have been cumbersome, but he could feel her breath brush his face, he could hear every sound she made. Inuyasha could even smell her shampoo, and, while a little overwhelming to better than human sense, still smelt good.

Kagome fell asleep after a while of long glides through the air, stopped only by an occasional pounce off of a tree branch. She enjoyed the feel of Inuyasha's fire rat robes, not to mention the warmth coming off of him, even the way his silver hair tickled her cheeks as the air rushed by them. Laying her cheek on his shoulder, her lips close to his neck she sighed contentedly and fell asleep. After a while, she woke up again and instinctively caught fist-fulls of his robe. "Inuyasha?" She whispered softly not recognizing their surroundings. "Where are we?"

"I don't now exactly," his voice cold, but his tone almost soothing. "You said you wanted to go, you didn't particularly say where. We're somewhere in the south." He glanced up at the moon overhead. They'd traveled pretty far. It was almost dawn. "Why don't you go back to sleep? Or are all of your instincts telling you that something's wrong?" Jumping to another tree, he looked down and spotted what looked like an abandoned shelter. He pointed to it, trying to forget how softly she'd slept. "Or do you want to stop there for breakfast?"

Kagome, still enveloped in a sleepy haze got off of Inuyasha's back and holding on to his arm steadied herself on the tree branch leaning forward to look down at the shelter. It wasn't quite dawn yet, and was still somewhat dark. Her eyes weren't as adjusted to the light as Inuyasha's so it was hard to make it out. Blushing softly, Kagome hoped he couldn't see the rosy colors her cheeks picked up. Shaking her head softly, Kagome smiled sleepily. "No, I'm fine." Kagome said then looked over at him. Considering his words she 'opened' her senses and tried to find some trace, anywhere of a Shikon shard, but came up with nothing. Shaking her head, Kagome looked at him sadly. "I don't sense anything." She said then perked up. "Breakfast could be good!" Kagome said then patted her backpack, still on her shoulders... {Poor Inuyasha, he was carrying me AND my backpack... His back must be breaking. Maybe I shouldn't have 'sat' him as hard as I did.} Kagome thought to herself then shook her head. "Lets go sit-" Before Kagome could figure out what she had done, she heard a crash and cringed. "I-Inuyasha?" Kagome asked softly biting her lower lip. {I just wanted to suggest we go sit and have some breakfast, plan out the rest of the day... Why did I say sit?!?}

No matter how many times she would "sit" him, Inuyasha never thought he would get used to the ground rushing up to meet his face. This time he sat up slowly, already irritated. What a way to start the day! He fixed his hair almost meticulously. He didn't even glance up to see how high Kagome was in the tree. Accident or not, let her find her own way down!

{Well... At least he didn't growl at me..} Kagome thought to herself then edged over the branch to the tree trunk and began climbing down before jumping back up to the branch and sitting there for a moment. {I can't climb down...} Kagome thought to herself with a frown her fingers playing with the hem of her skirt. {Damn short skirt...} Kagome blushed when she thought of how it would look from Inuyasha's vantagepoint. Nibbling on the inside of her cheek, Kagome still couldn't figure out why she just didn't come in jeans instead of the school uniform, it would really help... in situations like these. Getting back up to her feet bravely, Kagome decided to play dirty. "Inuyasha! Something's moving over there!" Kagome yelled and pointed ahead, hoping that he would fall for the bait, go to find out what it is and she could meanwhile scurry down the tree like a squirrel. {Note to self: Next time, wear pants. Or at least not baby blue undies.}

He stared straight ahead. His ears twitched as he tried to listen for the sounds of anything moving. He didn't hear anything unusual, just the nocturnal animals heading to bed. Inuyasha snickered a little. 'Onna. She probably just saw a shrew or something.' He smirked. 'For looking so dumb, she's alert. And pretty smart too. Completely and utterly reckless though! "Stay hidden, Kagome," I say, and she's already chopping at skulls or climbing into portals or something else completely and utterly suicidal!' He glanced over his shoulder. "Do you need any help climbing down yet?" He couldn't contain his surprise when he saw she was already standing on the ground. He 'hmphed' in response.

Kagome blushed but smiled triumphantly non the less. "Thanks for the offer. But I did just fine! Thank you." Kagome said and thought to herself, {With only one splinter in a very awkward place.} Reaching around her back, she brought her backpack up and grinned. "Can you get some fire wood? That way I can make us breakfast."

Inuyasha sighed. Without saying anything, he began to collect firewood, mentally grumbling to himself. Sure, it was nice of her to always cook, but he felt like... well... Too busy thinking to watch where he was going, he almost fell into a lake. Inuyasha stared at it. Collecting the wood that he had dropped, he began to thread his way back to the abandoned building. He dumped his wood in front of Kagome, trying not to think of himself as the faithful hound who now waited for a kind word or reward. "I found out what this place used to be. There's a hot spring out back." He was a little proud of himself, and a little relieved. If Kagome had her daily bath, then she would spend the rest of the day complaining about her precious hair or that the water was freezing cold.

Kagome jumped up and clapped her hands together. "A hot spring?" Kagome asked and looked thoughtful as she day dreamed about a wonderful warm bath, she could lather herself up and wash away all the grime and dirt- That Inuyasha insisted she had on her. "Well.. I guess we could take a short break today, right? Just to clean up?" Kagome asked looking up at him briefly before starting a fire and riffling through her bag to pull out- Ramen!

He felt his mouth begin to water. There was something about instant ramen that was addictive. Watching her begin to make the noodles, Inuyasha pretended to be bored, sitting down with his knees by his shoulders, as he always sat. Which he kind of was... except for the inciting smell of cooking noodles and the fact that he actually liked watching Kagome. When she wasn't being a bitch to him. "I wouldn't have told you there was a hot spring if I didn't mean for you to make use of it. What do you think I am? A tease?"

Kagome looked up at him and thought about it for a second. "You just told me that because you think I smell." Kagome tossed back and smiled softly to herself when she bowed her head over the Ramen, her hair falling around her hiding her face. Tossing her hair back, Kagome handed him a cup of Ramen and turned on her heals, still crouched on the ground and began riffling through her bag. Picking up a towel and some soap and shampoo, Kagome stood up. "A sneak is more like it. I'll be back soon!" She said and headed down the way the spring was.

Half the cup was already in Inuyasha's mouth as he chewed it thoughtfully, watching Kagome run off. The other half followed a gulp and a slurp later. He'd watched her bathe before, and knew the consequences of getting caught. But she was an endangerment to herself! He'd just have to make sure that he wasn't going to get caught. Inuyasha followed Kagome's scent and began to climb a tree when he heard the sound of water. 'I'm not going to peek,' he told himself. 'I just don't want anything to happen to her.' He paused a second. 'Because then I'll never get this stupid necklace off, and then I'll never find the rest of the Shikon jewels. If she's carrying them, then at least I'm the only demon who can get near them!'

Kagome enjoyed the warm waters. They weren't exactly warm, but not quite cold either. Just the right body temperature, ducking back under the water to rinse out the soap from her hair, Kagome rose up to chin level, the rest of her submerged in the water. Hearing a rustling high up amongest the leaves, Kagome's head quickly snapped up. Narrowing her eyes she couldn't exactly make any shape out but... "Sit?"

This time water struck his face. There was the oddest sensation. He was in water, and then he was back up on the surface. "Whad'ya do that for?" he demanded. "It's not like a haven't spied... on... what's wrong with my voice?" he demanded. It sounded higher than normal, and not quite so cold.

Kagome's yelp turned into a growl and she glared... At herself? {Did I die? Am I having an outer body experience? Why am I yelling at myself? I have spied on myself? What in the-?} "Inuyasha!" She screamed only to discover him right by her screaming his name too... Splashing about in the water, Kagome couldn't figure out why her nose hurt or where Inuyasha was. She heard his voice but couldn't see him an- Why was she wearing a fire rat robe...? And why were her nails so awful looking? Her hair was silver and she felt a lot heavier and- Looking down Kagome screamed and turned around glaring at herself, or rather at her body. Eyes widening she began swallowing hard then spitting out the water that had gotten trapped in her mouth before she broke the surface. "Wh-What... I... In-Inu-Inuyasha?" She whispered, her voice sounding way too low to be hers.

Staring at himself, he looked down. Tendrils of hair clung to his neck, and he saw that he was, without a doubt, no longer a male. Unfortunately for him, he kept staring.