Tm: Hey out there everyone. You know the deal. You send me the dares and the truths and I put them on.

Kenshin: Who is going to be in the fic. So that the reviewers know who to pick on I mean to choose?

Tm: Oh yea I almost forgot about that. Sessy, Kouga, Jin, Tyoua (spelling?), Yoko Kurama, Hiei, Kenshin, Kaoru, Miso, Megumi, Sano, Hiko, Bakura, Marik, Ryou, Malik, Keiko, Yukina, Kai, Yuri, and Boton.

Jin: That's a good amount of people you got there lassie.

TM: I know that

Bakura: What about the reviewers?

TM: If you want to be in this story just tell me and I will see if I can put you in.

Hiei: Review now * points sword at reviewers *

TM: you don't need to force them Hiei. Well I look forward to your dares.