:this is a fanfic that is very special to me. Being that it was the first one that I ever wrote. I actually had to track this down because I didn't have the file with the story on it. Thank you so much to a member of the old, and very memorable C&HDA for keeping this. Thank you wacko2, and I'm sorry I don't post anymore, but at least you know I'm alive now! LOL

 Now, I have read this through for the first time in 3 years (oh my god, it's been THAT long) and I find the story, to my more now experienced fanfic writer's eyes, a little immature. I hope you enjoy it though. This is going to be a one-off from me.

A Weekend with Rosalyn: Part 1 of 2

One evening...

Calvin's mom: Calvin!! This is the last time I'm calling you! Come out from where you're hiding and get in the bathtub. Now!!

After a few minutes of searching, Calvin's mom finds him in the garden.

Calvin: I don't want to take a bath!!! It's Friday! I don't need one!

Calvin's mom: You're covered with mud!!! Of course you need one.

Calvin runs off, his mother right behind him. She catches him and drags him into the house. Calvin's dad comes home...

Calvin (screaming and struggling from his mother's hand): Don't make me go in the bathtub! Pleeeeaaaase! Augh!

Calvin's mom gets him in the bath and puts him to bed. Later...

Calvin's mom: Right. That's it. I need a vacation.

Calvin's dad: We'll go camping again in the summer. Don't worry.

Calvin's mom: No way! I need one now! This weekend.

Calvin's dad: Now?

Calvin's mom: I need a rest. We could go and visit some places we've never been before and relax. I'm sure Calvin would like that.

Calvin's dad: He needs to build more character, anyway.

Next morning...

Calvin: Aauugghh! No more vacations! I'm not going!

Calvin's dad: It will be fun. It will build character.

Calvin: Yes. Then it will kill me. I'm NOT going!!!

Later, Calvin comes home from school...

Calvin: I'M HOME!!

Hobbes pounces on Calvin.

Hobbes: You're home! I think your parents have something to tell you. It's not good news.

Calvin: Nothing can be worse than going on vacation with mom and dad. Come on, let's go in.

Calvin's mom: Oh good, you're home. We've decided you don't have to come with us...

Calvin: Yeah!!

Calvin's mom: ...Rosalyn is coming to stay to look after you instead.


To be continued...