Marauders Match-making Inc.

A Lily and James story.  Based on the plot of the ABC Family movie, "See Jane Date" with a few quirky twists.

This is my second fanfiction.  This is basically an A/U (Alternate Universe) fic, because it could never happen, according to the way JKR seems to be writing Lily and James's lives. (Oh… and no offense to anyone named Daisy.  I just liked the name.)

Disclaimer: I own nothing.  NOTHING!  The characters you recognize belong to J.K. Rowling.  The plot this was based on belongs to the people who wrote the ABC Family movie, "See Jane Date."  Once again, say it with me.  I.  Own.  Nothing.  Here.

Chapter One: The Heaven-Sent Invitation (Not!)

            Lily Evans sat comfortably in her one bedroom apartment, faithfully watching another re-run of her favorite television show.  Though this woman sitting in front of the TV. on a Saturday evening looked perfectly normal, looks can be deceiving.  She was a fully-trained witch and proud of it.

            Of course, what she wasn't proud of was that she had been lying in front of the television all day in her pajamas.  Sure, the phone had rung.  She didn't answer it.  It could be—don't say his name—him calling to see if she was okay.  Sure, she was okay.  She got dumped by her boyfriend everyday, so yeah, she was fine.  As if.

            Arrogant jerk, she thought, spooning more triple fudge ice cream into her mouth.

            So he had wanted to break up with her.  Lily could accept that. 

            Kind of.

            What she couldn't accept was that he had dumped her for some blond-haired, blue-eyed, big-chested bimbo named Daisy.  Lily shoved another spoonful in her mouth.

            What kind of name was Daisy, anyway?  If you were named that at birth, did that mean you got a size two body and snotty smile automatically?  So what if she was a healer and a model part-time.  Lily was a hit-witch for the Ministry.  Wasn't that just as good?

            Which reminded her…

            I should have gone to work today, Lily thought.  She would have, but then Sirius had some to see her before work.  He had taken one look at her, and called in to work to tell them Lily was sick.  Lily would have laughed, if she wasn't in her present, depressing situation.  The Ministry wouldn't be pleased with her.  They needed all the help they could get, what, with Voldemort on the loose.

            Voldemort.  What a psycho.  A sick psycho.  Killing off all those innocent muggles for the fun of it.  How twisted was that?

            And that's another thing.  The Order of the Phoenix meeting was tonight.  She had missed it by now, though.  Stupid break-ups.  They made you forget everything.

            Except your ex.

            The phone rang.  Lily let it go.  Let whatever that person had to say join the other fifteen calls she had already gotten.  Unanswered.

            But the rings didn't stop.  Lily gave up.  Fine, fine, one phone call wouldn't kill anyone.

            Unless it was from him.

            That might kill her.

            She dropped the spoon into the ice cream carton and hoisted herself up to pick up the telephone.

            "Hello?" she answered tonelessly

            "Lily, darling.  How are you?" the voice on the other end perkily replied.

            Lily grimanced.  Petunia.  Of all the people to be on the phone, it had to be her. 

            Damn her conscience.  No more answering the telephone.  Only very bad things can come from it.

            "Positively wonderful.  You?" she grumbled.

            Lily's tone must have gone unnoticed.  Either that, or ignored.

            "Perfect.  Guess what?"


            "I'm getting married!" was the over-joyed reply.

            What the—? Lily thought.  How ironic.  When I break up, she get engaged.  Is the man upstairs doing this to spite me?

            "Really?" was all Lily could say.

            "Yes, sister," she said.  If she hadn't noticed Lily's tone before, she sure had now.  Petunia sounded like she had just smelled something horrible in the air.  "Your invitation will come in the mail, but I just wanted to let you know.  The wedding will probably be in about 2 months."

            Okay.  Stay calm, Lily. She didn't call to poke fun at you, she just wanted to tell you her happy news.  Be supportive.

            "Well… Congratulations!" Lily said, trying to sound a little happy for her big sister, "By the way, how did you manage to get the wedding to be so early?  Don't you have to book the church way in advance?"

            "Let's just say Vernon knows someone," Petunia said happily.

            "Well, I hate to break this short," Lily lied, "but I really should get off the telephone."

            "Do you have a date?" Petunia asked, for once, not being cruel.

            "Kind of," If you count ice cream as a date, Lily added silently.

            "Oh," Petunia sounded amused, "You definitely should go then.  I can't wait to meet your 'mystery man.'  Bring him to the wedding!  Have fun, and talk to you soon, Lily."

            "Of course, Petunia. Good bye," Lily responded, hanging up the phone.

            So her sister was getting married.  Wow.

            Horror struck in Lily's mind.

            "Bring him to the wedding!"

            Oh, no.