Marauders' Match-making Inc.

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Chapter Nineteen: The Perks of Being a Match-maker...

"So, when did you realize that you loved me?" Lily asked while she giggled at James' facial expression.

Pure horror.

"I'm not at liberty to say," he responded, recovering nicely as he spooned more ice cream into his mouth.

They were currently sitting in the living room of Lily's apartment, watching a muggle television show. James felt at peace, somehow. Just happy to be alive and be with Lily.

And frankly, he wouldn't have it any other way.

"Yes you are," she said with a laugh. She reached over to the ice cream carton and got herself a spoonful of double fudge. After finishing the spoonful, she rested her head on his shoulder and was surprised at how comfortable she felt with him. Wasn't it about 3 and a half months ago that she doing the same thing with James? Only then, she was not able to put her head on his shoulder without feeling awkward.

"I don't know," he stated, looking down at her resting form and softly brushing away some of the hair that was in her eyes, "Maybe as early as the first time I saw you."

"Really? So what about the first you talked to me?"

Lily smiled lightly as she started to drift off into a semi-unconconcious state.

James' shoulder sure was a nice place to rest on after a long day of work at the Ministry.

Too bad she hadn't made the revelation sooner...

"I think you put a hex on me for hexing Sirius, but I could be wrong."

He grinned as he waited for Lily to respond and stared at the muggle show on the screen. "Hmmm," was her big response.

"Is life always like that, Daddy?" asked the little blond boy on the screen as the camera panned over to his smiling father's face.

"Yeah, son. When you find someone or something you love, life is always like that. It's like getting to eat ice cream everyday."

"So can I?"

"No," the father answered, shaking his head, "But you can always dream."

James shifted his glance back to Lily as he felt her head start to slip off his shoulder. He carefully put the spoons in the carton, the lid on the ice cream and turned the television off as quietly as he could, hoping he wouldn't wake her.

He let her rest in his arms as let himself start to drift off to sleep.

He didn't think he or Lily would need the ice cream in the morning (according to the muggle television show), so let it melt...

But as he started to slip into the blissful sleep that Lily had there was some kind of knock at the window...

Let it go, he thought, They'll still be there in the morning.

And Sirius, Peter and Remus felt very perturbed as they threw rocks up at Lily's apartment window with their wands, wanting to talk to James. What was wrong with them? Could they not hear?

"Maybe if we throw up a really big rock... Maybe then they'll hear us," Sirius contemplated, looking at the boulders on the side of the apartment building.

"And then call the muggle police because there is a bunch of prats throwing large rocks at the building and breaking windows," Remus replied, looking at Sirius like he was nuts.

"Hey, I'll do anything for fun," Sirus stated loudly as Peter laughed at the scene in front of him.

"Tell me something I don't know," Remus said wearily with a sigh.

The three friends stood there for a minute, discussing what they should do while Remus tried to ignore more of Sirius' 'ingenious' ideas. Why couldn't they be heard? Were they being ignored? If so, Lily and James had no right to ignore them.

After all, being the match-makers had to count for something...

-The End-

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