Project Justice Fan Fiction


Unexpected Sight

Written by Tannak aka Nak
Authors Note:
Now I know this may be fan fiction story for all those who is a HUGE fan of Rival School & Project Justice. I just like to write out the stories that are RIGHT, after the incident of Justice High. Hey, I may be a boy who is writing this, but I do have a heart to show how much I show my feelings for others. So I do hope you enjoy my first chapter of this story. Thanks for my friend who supported me for this event. More chapters are coming up, I'm slow working on stories, but at least I tried my best. Take Care and Enjoy!

One day at Taiyo High, Batsu and Hinata was walking towards home. Carrying their books. "I wonder what's Kyosuke been up to? I hope he's all right, " said Batsu. " Yeah.He hasn't shown up at home for like almost 3 months, " replied Hinata. Batsu looks at Hinata and says, " Wow, I never knew you missed him THAT you?

" Then Hinata stops walking and narrows her eyes at Batsu. " Batsu, is that suppose to be a joke? And I'm actually serious. " Batsu looks at the ground, " Sorry.but I just can't believe somebody would just disappeared without a word.and no one would know what's going on. " Hinata smiles " Hey, c'mon. Kyosuke-San will come back. I just know he will. " Batsu looks her and smiles has well.

" Yeah, we just are going have to believe that he'll return. " As the both of them continues walking down road, seeing Justice High being rebuild has they take a look. Batsu stares at it with silence, then Hinata looks at Batsu with concern. " What's wrong? " then she looks at Justice High is being rebuild.

" Oh.. " Batsu shakes his head has he kept walking and says " C'mon, let's get going." Hinata replied, " Yeah. " As she looks at Justice High with her thoughts (Kyosuke-San. please come back soon.) then she ran up with Batsu has they walk home. In the meantime, at the Embankment on the Yamato River. Shoma stands still, as he looks at the sunset. " .It's been almost three months.and there's no word from Kyosuke because of his lost brother. " Looks at the ground, has Natsu appears behind him and pats him on the shoulder. Natsu asked, " Are you okay, Shoma? " Shoma start blushing red has he laughs nervously, " Uh yeah heh, I'm fine, w-w-why you ask??? " Then Natsu takes her hand of Shoma's shoulder and replies " Well, you were not yourself after the incident. " Shoma looks at the ground once more, " I'm just concern about our friends." Natsu looks at the sunset, " Everything will be okay.I'm sure Kyosuke will return from his suffering. He just needs time to let it go before coming back. And beside Shoma, your attacks didn't really meant to hurt Hyo; it helped to stop Kyosuke and Hyo's father evil spirit. You did what it's best and we all did. " Natsu said.

Then Roberto and Nagare came along. " Hey guys, what's up? " asked Roberto. "It looks like you guys change after the incident. " says Nagare. Shoma turns around and faces them, " We're fine.Really! Come on, we're going to miss practice! "

Shoma smiles, has he starts walking, carrying his baseball bat on his shoulder has his backpack on it. " Sure things aren't okay right after the incident." said Roberto. "We shouldn't blame the thought we did was right, it's no big deal. " Said Nagare. "I suppose you're right about that Nagare." said Natsu has she follows Shoma. " We can't let it go through our heads.even though it was the toughest choice.but we all thought we did what is right to save one another. " said Roberto has he walk along with Natsu and Shoma, has Nagare looks at them and nods, following them heading to Gorin School.

They are others who also felt guilty of stopping Hyo, who was possess by his and Kyosuke's father hatred. Yet quite lately things aren't really almost the same around. After stopping Kurow's mad plan, nevertheless, he escapes after the incident. Everyone thought he was dead by the sword of Hyo, but he was badly injured. Who knows what Kurow is up to now for his next attempt.. maybe or maybe not.

Meanwhile, in the Seijyun Girls High School, Yuriko seem a bit pale because of her brother's disappearances. Akira walks the side of her and looks at her, asking a question. " What's wrong Yuriko? You seem depressed all it about your brother, Kurow? " Asking in concern. Yuriko slowly nods and sighs. Replying, " Yes.I just don't know where Kurow is.yet I believe he's up to something." Then Zaki came along, her arms are fold and stares at them. " Hey.We know this is going somewhere, but we must be prepare for what are the causes are.right now, we must wait for what the actions are. " said Zaki. " Yeah.but what about Kyosuke-San, he's been gone for quite a long time. " Said Akira. Then Zaki raises an eyebrow at Akira. " Nothing is wrong with Kyosuke-San, he needs to think this over of what had happened, who knows if he can possibly control his father's evil spirit within him. " Replied Zaki.

Yuriko takes a step closer to the exit gate has Akira and Zaki walk along, looking at the sunset. " I believe what's best for him.I'm sure he'll be back like everyone else say.. " said Yuriko. Zaki nods in an agreement and looks at Akira. " Hai, he'll be back like Batsu and Hinata say so, and everyone else. " Akira said. Then they walk down the street, heading home from school.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the mountains, Kyosuke Kagami is hiding in the bushes, restraining himself. Yet he also carries the evil spirit of his father's hatred just has Hyo once carried. Kyosuke never felt an enormous energy he has ever felt. " How.did.this.get through.. me? " panted Kyosuke.

Kyosuke have been hiding ever since, he doesn't want to go back to the others, acting like nothing was wrong. The energy within is torturing him, trying to fight out to be release. However, Kyosuke is trying to find out how the evil spirit of his and Hyo's father get into Kyosuke's body. Kyosuke struggles onto a stair step and blinks slowly, looking at the direction of the high cliff, seeing Taiyo High. Kyosuke sighs and adjusts his glasses, slowly blinks and sits down, holding his left arm. Kyosuke is giving a second thought come back home, but he doesn't want to frighten his friends.

Kyosuke turn his head, though he heard something from behind him, as he jumps off the stairs and hides behind the bushes. Kyosuke slowly tilts his head up and peeks at the people who were approaching. Unexpectedly, it was Roy and Tiffany, walking down the stairs, carrying their books. " Are they looking for me? " Kyosuke thought to himself as he watches the two friends. Roy and Tiffany looks at the ground, walking down the path, seeing they're not seems in a talkative mood

Kyosuke narrows his eyes, but in great shocked he heard something from behind him and in caution, Kyosuke runs towards the sound, yet it was a chipmunk and Kyosuke sighs, but notices he made some noises to Roy and Tiffany. Roy blinks and looks up, " Huh..? " Tiffany looks at him with a confuse look in her face. " What is it, Roy? " Roy looks back at Tiffany " Oh, nothing, it's must have been a squirrel or something. " Tiffany looks at him with concern " Are you sure.? " Roy looks at Tiffany with a smile " I'm sure. " Tiffany smiles has she slowly leans against Roy " Good.we did what we though was right.we all know that Kyosuke will soon come back, okay? Don't have to blame yourself like Boman, or Batsu or the others, it's the way to do. That's all. " Roy held Tiffany close has they walk along the sidewalk. " Yeah, let's us hope for the best and just smile like nothing just happen, let our friend, Kyosuke solve his problems on his own. "

Kyosuke stares at the two loyal friends, as he watches them walk down the sidewalk when he step out of the bushes. Kyosuke gazes up and sighs, " Thank you my friends.I really appreciate the luck you've given me." Kyosuke slowly adjusts his glasses, seeing the sun is setting, yet it's was getting dark, Kyosuke continues to walk with his hands in his pocket. Yet slowly, Kyosuke doesn't see anyone walking down the streets, however at the moment, he stops and looks up at a house. " .. " Kyosuke stares at the house and blinks slowly and notices it was Hinata's Home. Kyosuke places a hand onto his glasses again and focus his glasses to take a better look, seeing someone at the window, yet Kyosuke blinks and slowly react by continuing walking down the street, but all a sudden..

" Arrggh!! Why do I have to take out the trash? " Hinata drags out the trash can and tosses to the side, not knowing that Kyosuke is walking at the path where the trash can is heading at his direction. Kyosuke with a quick reaction, Kyosuke struck the trashcan with a Rajin-Ken (Lightning Upper) yet again, Kyosuke grabs his side, feeling some deep energy flowing through his body. Hinata blinks, though she would hear the trashcan making noises, but heard lighting struck and Hinata hurries down to the scene, and with a sudden surprise Hinata saw Kyosuke. Kyosuke looks up with pain and sees Hinata. " K-.Kyosuke-San!? " Hinata asked has she rubs her eyes a bit, thinking she's daydreaming. Kyosuke with a little time, seeing Hinata rubbing her eyes, has Kyosuke jumps onto the rooftop, quickly has possible, avoiding Hinata.

" Gomen Nasai. " Said softly Kyosuke. Hinata looks up, blinks and looks around her, seeing nothing. " Kyosuke-San!? " cried Hinata. Kyosuke silently waits and closes his eyes, feeling a bit guilty and yet Kyosuke just waits for Hinata to enter the house. "I.could have sworn.I saw him.. here." yet Hinata looks down at the trashcan, seeing there's a hole in the trashcan, seeing smoke drifting off, and slowly shook her head. " must've been him.. " Hinata place a hand onto her chest, feeling her heartbeat and gazes up at the stars. " Hinata-Chan! Time for Dinner! " yelled Hinata's Mother. Hinata blinks and nods, slowly walking inside the house. " I know Kyosuke I just saw there. " Hinata said to herself has she closes the door.

Kyosuke peeks over and sighs, holding his forehead and adjusts his glasses. "Aahh.I can't let her see me.I'm afraid that whatever is inside of me, I might go berserk.. just like my brother, Hyo.I'm sorry Hinata-Chan.but you can't see me.not yet. " Kyosuke silent stands up and jumps off the rooftop as he lands onto the ground. Still, he continues walking down the path that he was heading, which is his home.. " I promise.that someday I will return.until I solve my mystery.." Yet Kyosuke looks up at the stars has he walks home in the dark.

~Writer's Note -- Whoa.Okay.maybe a bit._; odd o_O; So uh, I'm done for now, but Chapter 2 is coming up. I hope I fixed the errors of what everyone post a review. I hope you enjoy the prologue. Any Questions/Comments? Email me. Take Care ^_^, Thanks a lot for reading.