Chapter 2

The Surprise

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At the night, Kyosuke stumbles to his home, slowly leans against his door, looking through his glass windows, seeing it's his home like it use to. Kyosuke looks behind him carefully, making sure he's not spot around. Kyosuke opens the door silently and steps inside his home, closing the door. Yet he locks the door and a relief sigh in his expression. Kyosuke glance in his room, he slowly take a step inside his mansion, has he goes to his room, up in the 3rd floor. Kyosuke blinks, seeing his door is open wide, be caution leans against a wall, peeking towards the door, looking inside, with such luck, he didn't see no one inside..However.he seems his lamplight is on for some reason.
Yet, he blinks again, he doesn't remember having a lamp in his mansion. All a sudden, Kyosuke hears footsteps, Kyosuke runs into his room without hesitation. Kyosuke hides behind the door, he waits for the something that goes beyond the door. Kyosuke waited for the intruder, has he hears the close gets closer and closer, Kyosuke clenches his fist tightly, has the footsteps fade away. Kyosuke blinks, and looks at the lamp, then looks at the door.
Still hiding behind the door, then finally, Kyosuke sees someone goes to through the door, quietly Kyosuke leans against the wall, waiting for the right moment to attack, for the minute, Kyosuke sees someone familiar and again, he stop his movement and silently slide to the door and walks out. With a quick moment, Kyosuke sighs again and looks back, hearing the footsteps starts to walk again and Kyosuke opens another door and walk inside and closes the door all the way and slowly locks it. Kyosuke sees the person before and it was Batsu! " Why is Batsu here at my mansion, and how did he get inside.? " Asked himself Kyosuke. Slowly, Kyosuke leans his head onto the wall, so he could hear what's going on next and wonders why Batsu is in his home.
Patiently, Kyosuke waits has he hears from the other side of the room. " Ugh.Damn it..I can't seem to find any damn clue! " stressed Batsu. Batsu looks at his wristwatch, " Ugh.I'm about to lose sleep.. I guess I should go." Batsu said. Kyosuke blinks and turns his head, stepping away from the door, knowing the door lock is secure and nothing could get inside. " Huh.I guess I should try one more door to enter." Batsu walks to the door, he tries to open it and blinks. " Huh? Hey.what gives?! " Batsu again struggles to open the door and looks around him. " I think.this door is having some problems.I guess I have to knock it down! Sorry for the damage Kyosuke. " Batsu said and put down his flashlight and lamp. Kyosuke blinks; hearing all the commotion, thinking it could be possibly to find another way of how to escape this situation. Again, Kyosuke spot his window, he opens it and has he jumps out, slightly pushes the window has Kyosuke turns his body around, watching the window didn't hit it's surface, and Kyosuke again, back flips himself to the ground. " Kuso.Everyone is so concern about me and now looking for me? " Kyosuke said in his mind, has he hides behind a tree now.
Batsu shoulder tackle the door once he pop open the door, looking around. " Ugh.! Nothing in here at all! " Batsu picks up his flashlight and looks around the room, blinks, seeing the window is kind of open. " N- Nani?! This window is open.still!? " Batsu rushes to the window, opening it and sees nothing outside. " Hmm..This is getting more and more suspicious at the minute.. " Batsu hears his wristwatch beeping and blinks, hearing his radio calling in, he picks it up, " Yeah.? " Hearing all kind of static has Batsu hears a respond. " Hey Batsu, any clues yet? " the voice was Hinata. " Nope, no clue, we check this house like 6 times and now you mention that you saw him in YOUR house? You got to be imagining a lot of stuff lately Hinata-San. " Batsu replies back to Hinata on the walky talky. " Baka! I KNOW what I saw! Just get your butt over here, we'll try searching this place here again tomorrow. " Hinata said on the radio. Kyosuke blinks again, hearing all the commotion, still hides behind the tree, has he waits for Batsu to go back inside the room, peeking out, seeing Batsu closes the window.
Kyosuke blinks and sighs once again, looking around and narrows his eye at a light nearby. " Hmm..I wonder what's shining over that side of the mansion.? " asked himself. Kyosuke again, nods slowly and slowly walks towards the light, seeing a bike and blinks again. " N-Nani!? That's Hinata- Chan's Bike! " Kyosuke stated. Kyosuke hides behind a wall, hearing 2 footsteps, thinking it's Hinata and Batsu. " Hinata-San, I'm tired. " Yawns Batsu. Hinata elbows him in the stomach, seeing Batsu's reaction. " Baka! We're not done! I know you're tired, if you want to go to sleep, then go! I'll find out what I could find in this big old chump! " Yelled Hinata, has Hinata runs back inside the mansion.
" Oi..!? Matte Hinata-San! " Batsu holds his stomach has he tries to follow Hinata, however, " Hold it! This is the police, you're trespassing someone's property! " Yelled from up ahead. It was a police helicopter, spotting Batsu in the yard. " No one is allow to be in Kyosuke's Mansion side, identify yourself or we'll open fire and report this news! " yelled from one of the police form the helicopter. " Nani!? KUSOTARE!!! " Batsu yelled and runs into the bushes. Kyosuke blinks and looks at the helicopter," Why is everyone SO tight on my case of my absences?! " Frustrated Kyosuke, has he slides a window open and jumps inside the room. So many surprises.I hope Batsu is doing all right by running.. " Kyosuke said to himself. Kyosuke blinks has he notices a noise from the other side of the door, Kyosuke adjusts his glasses, knowing that it was Hinata.
" Kyosuke-San.where are you.didn't you return here or something.I know I saw you today.I just.know it. " sigh Hinata. Kyosuke blinks, leaning against a wall, has he listens carefully has he hides, hearing Hinata's word. " I just.wish this would happen, think I'm.Wait..No! This can't be could I think of that.? " Hinata said to herself. Kyosuke adjusts his glasses once again, hearing Hinata. " Oi.I hope Kyosuke doesn't mind I sleep here." Hinata walks out of the room, heading towards the bedroom, Kyosuke leans over to sees what's going on and silently follows Hinata. Hinata slowly touches the bed and slowly flops onto the bed with a exhausted sigh. " Oi.So..tired.maybe I should get some rest before I start looking around again.. " Hinata suggested to herself, has she covers herself with the blanket and closes her eyes, beginning to fall asleep. Kyosuke smiles and has he watches her and slowly, walks away from the room, walking towards a glass window and looks at the place. Spotting Batsu still running and Kyosuke raises an eyebrow. " Oi.I wish the chasing would stop for at least today " chuckles Kyosuke. Kyosuke watches Batsu runs has fast has he can, seeing the helicopter loses it sight from Batsu. " Oi Mae! Baka.Nani makes those damn idiot cops think I'm trespassing? How come I see other people sneak in the place and you didn't stop them? Kuso." exhausted Batsu has he place a hand on his forehead and slowly walks out, hoping he could keep any avoids of the helicopter.
Kyosuke chuckles silently, seeing Batsu walking out of the place, slowly, Kyosuke turns his head, hearing Hinata moving in her bed, Kyosuke walks back to the bedroom, watches Hinata. " She sleeps like a angel.. " Kyosuke said, has slowly, Kyosuke spotted a scroll that is next to the bed. Kyosuke ponders about the scroll, yet he haven't see anything like it before and never heard it from anyone, Kyosuke again and silently tries to approach the cabinet that is next to the bed, he slowly grabs the scroll with a swift touch, and all a sudden, Hinata pops up, hugging Kyosuke. Kyosuke with a frighten expression of his face; he carefully looks at Hinata, seeing her still sleeping. Slowly, Kyosuke place a hand onto Hinata's arm and slowly moves her back to the bed, gently has he watches her and slowly place the scroll in his pocket and sighs once again. " This is getting bizarre every minute. " thinks Kyosuke.
Hinata again, mumbles in her sleep and turns over. Kyosuke blinks and adjusts his glasses, slowly placing a hand over to Hinata's cheek. " Hinata-Chan, you don't have to keep worrying about me, I'll be fine." quietly Kyosuke. Kyosuke watches his hand and blinks again, moving his hand away from Hinata's cheek and turns his head, looking at the stars, all a sudden, a black shadows appears flying pass the glass window. Kyosuke blinks, stepping back silently, making sure Hinata doesn't wake up and quickly with total silent, Kyosuke closes the door has he walks out and hurries down the exit door, has he opens it, he steps outside, jumping into the air, front flipping himself and lands onto the ground has he kneels down on one leg and lifts up his head.
"'ve of the son of the Imanwao Family. " a mysterious voice said. Kyosuke looks up has his eyes were widen a little, " W-Who..!? Wait.I know that voice.." Kyosuke furiously. " Heh Heh Heh Heh! You sure be familiar with my voice! " stepping out of the shadows, revealing his identity. Kyosuke sees the face of the familiar before, " N-Nani!? Kurow Kirshima!? " gripping his fist. " Well, you seem to have trouble controlling your own pain, now eh? " Kurow with a evil grin, dropping his filthy coat, dropping it to the ground and stretches. " Oh it feels SSOOOOO good to be back.Heh heh, what's wrong? Not surprise to see me? Or you want to see how well I am when I next strike my enemies? " snickers Kurow. " Ugh..! Baka, What do you want now!? " impatiently Kyosuke. " Like I say before, Kyosuke Kagami! I plan to kill all the Imanwao family and rule Japan ruleless! Now that seeing that you're going through such pain and sorrow about your Brother, Hyo. I decided to finish the job, ever so , seeing how weak you are now in your condition, catching the evil spirit of your father has well! Now prepare yourself Imanawo! " Kurow yelled has he lunges forward Kyosuke with his claws. Kyosuke blinks and quickly rows over to the side and pulls up his fighting stance, " Grr.this is not a good place to fight " Kyosuke suggested. " Ooooh? So you say it's better to fight inside? " Kurow laughs. Kyosuke blinks again, knowing that Hinata is in the mansion, thinking viciously of a way to start an attack. " Hmph! After you dodge my attack and you won't fight back! How weak you are! " again with another attack towards Kyosuke. Kyosuke avoids the attack with a swift kick that trips Kurow to the ground and Kyosuke backs up again one more.
" Baka! Now you trying to read my moves now, eh? And you start to counter it?! " angry Kurow. Kyosuke again, adjusts his glasses and narrows his eyes at Kurow. " Don't you dare mock me with that taunt you indolent fool! " again, launching a rush over claw towards Kyosuke, Kyosuke blocks the move, but temporality, Kyosuke loses his guard down and got one of his sleeves cut. Kurow again with another attack, Kyosuke blinks once more and rolls over to the side has possible, with a quick moment of his time, Kyosuke struck Kurow on the spine with a palm struck and with echoes in his mind and area, " Ahhhhhhhhhhhh...!! Kakusan!!! ( Cross Cutter ) striking Kurow off to the side, watching Kurow flies to the other side at the moment. Hinata wakes up from the sound and blinks, " Nani!? " Hinata looks up at the window and looks over, seeing the fight between Kurow and Kyosuke. " It's Kyosuke! I know it's him! The same one I saw earlier today! " said Hinata, but carefully, she watches the fight, seeing Kurow. " N- Nani!? I thought Kurow was dead by those cuts from Hyo!? " Gasp Hinata.
Kurow flies to the other side and blinks slowly, looking up. " Ugh! You may won this round,!? ~ Looks up at the glass window and spots Hinata ~ How about we play a little tag!? Catch the girl! Up there! ~ Points to Hinata ~ grins Kurow has he runs to the door. " Oi! Matte! ~ runs after Kurow, seeing Kurow running down the halls and tries to keep up with Kurow, running after him, and quickly sees Kurow turns around and struck Kyosuke in the stomach and kicks him to the side, falling down onto the ground ~ Ugh! Damn.this isn't good. " said Kyosuke. " Haha! I trick you again? No!? ~ grips Kyosuke's shirt and tosses him to the other side of the room ~ can't keep up! ~ He spread out his fingers, unleashing his claw from his gloves and laughs ~ Now prepare for your death! " Yelled Kurow, rushes over to Kyosuke again, slashing and busting in Kyosuke's way.

Kyosuke with short timing, trying to avoid the claws has much has possible, moving to the left, ducking down to the ground, rolling over to the side, and finally, he counters once again with a Genei Kick, once Kyosuke lands back to the ground, still seeing Kurow up to his feet, Kyosuke waits again, watching Kurow. Hinata rushes down the stairs, hearing all the commotion going on and blinks has she reach the fight scene. " Kyosuke-San! " yelled Hinata. Kurow turns his head and smiles, " Oh?! Your princess is here! Mind if I kill her has well!? " Lunges at Hinata. Kyosuke widen his eyes, he rushes over has he can, knowing he wouldn't make it on time, but all a sudden Kyosuke appears out of nowhere in front of Kurow and Kurow stops. " W-What!? How did you get here so fast!? " He swings a fist towards Kyosuke, however, Kyosuke blocks it and twisted the arm. " AAAHH!!! SHIT! " shouted Kurow, stepping away from Kyosuke. Kyosuke's eye are blue, and Kurow looks at the face of Kyosuke and blinks. " Oh's the evil spirit of your father isn't it?! " Kurow back steps again has he watches Kyosuke, Hinata blinks, looking at them, sitting down, doesn't know what to do at the moment. Kurow sweat drops and runs out of the mansion. " Blast you! The next time we met, we will settle this event one and for ALL! " yelled Kurow.
Kyosuke blinks and looks around him. " Eh..N-Nani?! " Turns around, looking at Hinata, didn't expect to see Hinata. " Hinata-Chan.? " Hinata gaze at Kyosuke with fear in her eyes, never seeing Kyosuke with such power. " Kyosuke.San?.What.was.that.? " fear Hinata. Kyosuke blinks and looks at his hands, seeing his hands are shaking now. " I.don't.know." Kyosuke responded. Hinata stands up, running over to Kyosuke and hug him. Kyosuke blinks, didn't expected a hug has well has he looks at Hinata, slowly place his 2 hands on Hinata's shoulder and slowly pushes her off of him. Kyosuke turns around and adjusts his glasses, beginning to walk away. " Wait! Kyosuke-San! Where are you going now?! Please stay, let me take care of you and the others! " Hinata suggested.
Kyosuke shakes his head, not replying back to Hinata, has Hinata runs up in front of him grabs his arm. " Please! Kyosuke-San, let us help you! " cried Hinata. Kyosuke looks at Hinata. " There is no need to anyone, even you for helping me.this is beyond my strength that I could possibly carry.Gomen Nasai.but I should leave. " said Kyosuke. Hinata gets upset of what Kyosuke sad and slaps him for the first time, Hinata stares at Kyosuke and covers her mouth, not believing that what she did. Kyosuke stares at the ground for a few seconds and again, walks to the side of the Hinata, " Gomen's the best of you and the others to stay aay from me has possibly.otherwise.I might end up doing the same thing what I did earlier to Kurow that I didn't know what had happened.. " Kyosuke stated.
Hinata's eyes filled with tears and looks at Kyosuke. " Kyosuke-San.. " Kyosuke slowly walks to the door and stops at the moment, turning his head, looking at Hinata, " Please don't tell anyone else about this event.I will return.I promise. " Kyosuke walks out of the mansion, leaving Hinata with tears in the mansion. All what Kyosuke could do is to leave everyone until he can overcome his father's spirit. Kyosuke once again, walks out of the sight of the mansion, Hinata watches has she closes the door, leans against it, burying her face onto her knees, crying..

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