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She ran as fast as she could.She would not let them get her. Not now. She has been through so much already. Why cant they just leave her alone? She never did anything to them, but here she is not only being haunted by these terrible men but by the ghosts that speak to her every night. Every night and day they follow her. They read her mind and pick at her soul. Thye pick at her until she is coarse and bleeding. No one else could see or feel them. Only her.

She saw them and witnessed the horrible things they had done in the past. Every horrible thing...She shook her head in horror. She would not let herself think of that. These men were chasing her becuase of those powers she had. Seeing the ghosts...and other powers. She could move things with her mind and see the memories of every person she touched. Not the good ones though. The bad ones. No. The terrible ones. The ones no one would ever wanna see. She told herself to focus at what was at hand now.

She turned her head to see how far the men were now. The were so close. So very close. She closed her eyes and sighed. Her body ached and was screaming at her to stop to let herself breath, but she pushed herself. She would not lose to these people. She was to stubborn to.

She knew turning around to check would only slow her down but her curiousity gave in. She turned her head and saw the lights and heard the shots of guns. They were looking for her. She turned her head back around but not in time to miss the tree root sticking inches out of the ground. She fell hard.

A scream of agony escaped her lips. She grasped her leg and cried silently. Her eyes scuried to every corner of the dark forest. She was searching for a place to run. A place to hide. A place to be safe. She spotted a puddle of water that was shining in the light ofthe rising sun. She looked at herself for the first time in days.

Her once bright brown eyes were now dull and blood shot. Her beautiful raven black hair was now mangled and dirty. Her tan face was now pale from exhaution. Blood dripped down her nose. Unnoticed. Her cheeks were purple from bruises. Her lips were chapped and dark. A tear slid down her cheek and she scanned the area once more.

She turned and saw a small house in the back of the trees. She looked at the men who were now only feet away cocking their guns. She leaped up and ran towards the house. The men followed, but she was still in her youth. So naturally she was faster then them even when bruised and broken. She knocked frantically at the door.

The door opened and she saw a shy old man. His hair silver. From old age? He didnt seem to old. His face wrinkled even in his youth. His eyes were anything but innocent. They had this feeling of knowing in them. Like he experienced more then any normal human should. She collapsed at his door step and he cought her in his arms.

He dragged her inside the house and laid her on the couch. He closed hte door and sat down waiting for the next knock. Finally the door was knockedo n once agian. He opened it to find men standing on his porch. Guns in their hands and frowns on their faces.

"Have you seen a young girl run through here? We saw her run this way."

"No sir I havent, but can you tell me whats going on?"

"We have a loose mutant running around these her areas. If you do see the girl tell us. Please. Good bye."

"Yes...Good Bye."

The man closed his eyes and the door at the same time. He turned around and faced the girl on his couch. She was so young. He sighed and walked to the kitchen to get warm water to clean her wounds. He would wait until she wakes...then he would know who she was....

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