*Here we go....*

"Ya umm..nice to meet you to. I guess."

"Uh huh....Nanah? May I call you Nanah?"


"AH! Fine. Gah. You have his attitude."


"Savannah, Do you know anything about your real parents?"

"No...not really. Ive never seen them or heard from them. OH! Except this one time this man with this weird sun glasses on and his red head wife and baby ran into me at the mall once. He looked at me and just smiled and the women told me I had good parents. I thought she was talking about my foster family at the time, but It didnt seem that way."

"Whoa...," he whispered and then began to speak to her again, "Would you lke to know about your parents?"

"Wait...you know who my parents are?"

"Yes I do. In fact we all used to be friends. I even sorta had a crush on your mom. She was hott. Your dad and I were bestfriends.."

"Oh ma god."

"You even have a bit of her southern accent.Hahaha."

"W-What were their names?"

"Oh. Well your moms name was Marie but we called her Rogue. I guess that was like her mutant name. As for your father his name was Lance. He was called Avalanche."

Savannah had so much hope in her eyes and pleasure. She was squeezing her black hoodie so hard it could've ripped. She looked back up at him and asked, "Were they mutants?"

"Why of Course. Your father he could send waves into the ground causing it to rise. Its called Geogical Munipulation. Your mom could absorb the memories, abilities and physical characteristics of anyone with whom she comes into flesh-to-flesh contact with."

"Oh....wow. Can you just umm...tell me about them?"

"Uhh Sure. Well, your dad, He was an orphan. He had a terrible life for the most part. At least in the beginning. When he joined the Brotherhood, which at the time was the so called 'bad' mutants, he felt like he finally had a family. Like someone really wanted him. Thats were we met. We became best of friends along with Toad and Blob. *Sigh* Man I miss them," He leaned back and closed his eyes until the girl nudged him wiht her elbow,

"Oh. Well as for your mom when she was about 15 she joined us. She became like a little sister to us. Well, not your dad obviously. There was alwaysa connection between them. I was so jealous. Then your mom left us for the Xmen. You've probably heard stories of them. She was happy there.We missed her but as long as she was happy.," He smiled at this and the memories rushed to him fast. He sighed and continued,

"Well, little did we know that your father and mother were keeping a secret reletionship going on. They would meet by the lake every night. Well finally they came forward with their reletionship when they realised they could touch. I think I was the only one happy for them at first. Soon people realised how much they loved each other though. They got married at a young age. About 19. Well your mom would be 18. Then well...she got pregant with you. She was almost 20. When you were born they just didnt wanna give you up, but they had to. It was to much for them. Both being orphans made it even harder. Well about two years later they...died. We all fought hard. So hard. But many died. That including your parents. Kitty died, Todd died, Blob...so many. The only ones who I dont think died was me and Scott and Jean. Maybe a few more. You think its bad now. You should've seen how it was back then between humans and mutants."


"Are you alright girly?"

"I dont know. I mean I just found all this stuff out about my parents. Its...how old would they be now?"

"Same age as me. About 37."


It was an uncomfortable silence. Both were quiet and lost in their thoughts. Pietro was the first to awaken from them. He was tryngto think of something to say. TO break the ice. Finally he lifted his head and asked, "Whats your mutant name?"

"Oh. Well Ive never been part of one of those groups, but its Morbid."

"Morbid? Hmmm...interesting. You dont seem to morbid."

The girl frowned and layed back in the couch. He noticed how tired she was and whispered soemhtign about her getting more sleep and then turned out hte lights and walked up the stairs to rest himself...