Hello, you naïve fools who think I can handle myself and not make everyone super OOC! How are you? I'm well, thank you. I thought of this while I was "doing my homework" (Reading my sister's magazine ^_^U) , and I think it will be funny. So there. Poo on you if you don't think so as well.

And now, my ficcy.


Yami awoke in his soul room, Yugi having taken over so he could fit on his bed. It was a pain that the two heroes differed in size so, but that was a price Yami was willing to pay in order to be able to manifest. However, waking in a room full of a whole bunch of stairs and no heaters tended to make for fitful sleeping. Yami hated that.

He groaned and felt that Yugi was still asleep. Yami decided to wake him up. It seemed a shame to leave such an unsuspecting person alone, something I'm sure Yugi would agree with, if he weren't snoring so loud. Yami crossed the black hall and entered Yugi's soul room.

Yami had to hold back a loud retch as he looked around for his soul's brother. Yugi's room was so innocent, it left the Pharaoh feeling rather ill. He waded through the mass of toys and happy thoughts to Yugi.

Yami shook him. That only increased the volume of the snore. Covering his ears, he kicked Yugi in his shins. Groggily, Yugi came to.

"Whasa matter, Yami?" He said sleepily.

"Yugi, it's eleven o'clock. Don't you think you should be getting up soon?" Said Yami in a slightly pleading voice.

"'S Saturday." Grumbled Yugi.


Yugi let out a huge yawn. "'F you wanna, leave m' here an' take th' body." Yugi then fell promptly back to sleep.

That was all the leave Yami needed to gain control of the body the two of them shared and got dressed. Yami didn't understand the sort of ritual Yugi had on the weekends, but it left him bored and lonely.

Yami put on the black outfit he seems to like oh-so-much and left the house with Yugi's allowance in his pocket. It's not as if Yugi would notice, and Yami viewed it as more of a "borrowing" thing.

Anyway, Yami was wandering the streets of Domino, not really knowing what to do. If he went into one of the shops, chances are he'd make a fool of himself with the lack of knowledge he has. He'd probably mess up some sort of machine, which the authoress would find hilarious, but he didn't want to attract attention. He was happy walking along.

"Oh my GOD! YAMI?" Said a tall, rather attractive blond wearing a Yu-Gi-Oh T-shirt.

"Oh, crap." Muttered Yami. A fangirl.

"IT IS YOU! I LOVE YOU, YAMI!" The rabid loon started to chase him. Yami, not wanting to be glomped unless it was someone sane or absolutely necessary, ran as fast as he could in the opposite direction. He ducked into an ally and waited.

He didn't hear anyone coming. He had escaped possible glomping.

For now.


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