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Anyway, to avoid mass hysteria, I have given you all *gasp* NAMES!! And, to recap, I have written who you are a fan of in parentheses next to your name. Just... try and keep up, onegai?

Sakura Izumi Nakaharu= Yuri (Royu)

Tweety4ever09=Atari (Yami)

TypoNumber5= Midori (Yami)

TheVoices1= Uma (Bakura)

Faith Kaiba= Mugsy (Seto)

Brodie and Casey= Brodie (light) and Casey (dark) (See MS's response thingy)

Mary Sue= Mary (I have no idea who you are a fangurl of... you neglected to tell me, or I forgot. Email me, onegai? Or else you won't be in the fic!! Horror of horrors!!)

Dark Staranime= Kai (EMAIL ME!!!)

Kimmy Nagasaki: Queen of Games= Kimmy (Joseph, lol)

Starlight Queen= Tani (EMAIL ME!!!)

Rlena vamp= Lena (EMAIL ME!!!)

Liviania= Suki (EMAIL ME!!!)

Lady Silver Rose= Suki (EMAIL ME!!!)

Witch Twin Megan= Megan (Bakura)

Shia= Shia (Bakura)

Callyfin= Lauren (Bakura)

Tails and Yami Tails= T. Dawg and Homie T (EMAIL ME!!!)

Trickortreat= Cassie (EMAIL ME!!!)

You see? YOU SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE I HAVE TO WORK INTO THE FIC?!?! *Bursts into tears* THIS is why it took me so long to update! I didn't want to have to but so many people in!!! But... I am a human (ish) thing of my word, and if you are on that list and have a bishonen to glomp, you are 100% in my fic! Rejoice, my good people.

And now... what you've all been waiting for... the all-powerful word...

Everyone: GET ON WITH IT!!!

Fine, fine... ONWARD!!!!!!!!!!


...for about two seconds...

Because, when NTBHASWTA said that he was melting, Anne immediately ran towards him to watch what was bound to be quite an interesting spectacle (how often do you see a blue-haired midget melt?). However, as she ran, her left foot got caught in a cable connected to the stage where Ghost of the Robot was about to continue playing, and she lost her balance.

Alex, sensing what would happen a split second before it did, swirled around toward her light. "ANNE!" She screamed, keeping the name-screaming cliché alive.

But it was to late. Anne fell face-first on the dance floor. A sickening crunch was heard.

Alex shoved her way through the re-circling crowd (Anne was the center, now) to be at her hikari's side. "Anne!" Alex repeated. "Are you okay? Say something!!"

"C...crudbuns, I dink I bwoke my dose," was the weak reply.

Alex untangled Anne's foot from the cables and helped her sit up. Sure enough, Anne's nose was slightly disfigured and bleeding heavily (Eeeew...). Handing her a handkerchief, Alex shifted Anne's weight so she was leaning on her shoulder. "Someone call 911!" She commanded.

Midori, who had followed Alex to Anne's side, was trying to help carry Anne, but eventually gave up, since Alex was being so overprotective. "Maybe the sirens and flashy light things will cheer her up," She offered.

"Shiny?" Anne asked softly, drowsy form her loss of blood.

"Yeah," Uma nodded vigorously. "Very shiny."

Midori blinked. "How did you get here?"

Uma shrugged. "Magic."

Mugsy, who had just hung up the phone, announced that the ambulance was on its way. Anne smiled weakly. "Shiny."

Kai went over to Anne's original characters. "Listen, guys, I think you'd better go back to Anne's house."

"Oh, to clean up, yeah?" Lia was wondering how so many misfits could help the authoress.

"Yeah. I think we'd better get rid of some of the crowd anyway. All of us wouldn't be allowed in the hospital." Kai eyed Sven.

"It's not his fault his sort of a maniac," Amber said defensively, "but I see what you mean." And with their respective puffs of colored smoke, the O.C.s were gone.

The ambulance arrived with its siren wailing at the top of its proverbial lungs. Anne was loaded into it with the utmost of care (except when she was dropped unceremoniously on the curb when Casey tripped and dropped her end of her). Alex was allowed in the ambulance's caddy, but the rest of the reviewers and cast members loaded into the remarkably long jeep-limo- thingy. Yuri was driving, for the simple reason that she got to the driver's seat first. She switched into reverse and crushed the two cars behind her.

"Um... have you ever driven before?" Megan asked apprehensively.

"Nope!" Came Yuri's cheery reply. "Pretty good for my first time, huh?" She crashed and then ran over a rather expensive-looking Camery as she broke the speed limit to follow the ambulance. Yami gripped his seat apprehensively until his knuckles turned white. Atari tried to comfort him via glomping. Midori was having too much fun watching the cars in their path explode.

"Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire..." Uma droned as the Camery burst into flames in their rear-view mirror.

Kimmy, her face troubled, loosened her grip on Joey's arm to stare off into space. "I wonder if Anne'll be okay," she thought aloud.

"She's my fangurl," Yami muttered. "How could I let this happen?"

"AAAAAAAAAW!!" Midori said as she joined Atari glomping Yami. "You have a soft spot for your fangurls!! That's so kawaii!!!"

Yami remained silent.

"As long as this doesn't turn into a Mary Sue fic with Anne and you!!" Atari chipped in, horrified.

"Ra, no!" Yami assured the two girls clinging to him. "That's not it."

"Goodie!!" Said both the fanatics, tightening their grip anew.


Shia and Megan, sharing the bench-like passenger seat, were still giving Yuri a last-minute driving lesson. Yuri wasn't doing as well as one would have hoped.

"So red means go??" Yuri asked, tearing her eyes off the road long enough to see Megan's horrified face.

"No! GREEN means go, RED means—"

"Got it!" Yuri chirped happily as she ran a red light.

Shia glared at Megan. "I refuse to take any part of the blame that will no doubt come from the police and the limo company where we got this jeep-limo- thingy."

Megan sighed. "Fine, but you owe me a Dr. Pepper."


Lauren was in the back row of seats, attempting to comfort a near- hysterical Alex. "She'll be fine, Alex! Really!"

"Unless the unforeseen happens," Kimmy said cryptically from the seat in front of them.

"What d'you mean by that?!" Alex snapped fearfully.

Kimmy shrugged. "Dunno."

"Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire..." Uma continued.

Yami was turning blue at this point. "Could you get OFF, please?!"

Atari and Midori exchanged glances. "No..."

"Why not?!"

Midori rolled her eyes as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "In order for this not to be a Mary Sue fic between you and your beloved authoress, we need to continually glomp you!"

"And you're pretty," Atari added.

"Right, that too."

Yami sighed.

Mugsy was sitting on the uncomfortable Seto Kaiba's lap, trying to convince him to pay for Anne's hospital fees. "But you're so rich and stuff! Can you do this ONE little thing, Set-y? For MEEEEE?!"

"No. Especially not for you," He added, just to be on the safe side. "Now, get off."

"Aww, you don't mean that!" Mugsy huggled the CEO in a near-death grip, making absolutely sure he couldn't escape. "Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?" She whined.

"Urk..." Was all the newly dubbed "Set-y" could manage to say.

"Pleasepleaseplease?" Mugsy shot him with her puppy-dog eyes [Copyright: Mokuba Kaiba].

"Uh..." Seto slammed his eyes shut. He was a sucker for the puppy-dog eyes. This was the exact same way he was forced to buy Mokuba a pet every week or so. "Must... not... give in to... eyes..."

Mugsy's look intensified. "Pweeze, Set-y?"

"F-FINE!!" Kaiba yelled. "NOW GET THE @!*$ OFF ME!!"

"Kaiba! Language!" Midori scolded from her position on Yami's torso.

Yami snorted. "Having trouble?"

"SHUT UP!!" Kaiba struggled from Mugsy'd grasp. Mugsy, upon sliding on the floor of the limo-hybrid due to Kaiba's shoving, clung to his shins in clear defiance. Kaiba sighed irritably.

Alex was biting her fingernails in the back seat, a habit that she thought she had broken a long time ago. "Will she be okay?! This is SO my fault for not keeping an eye on her!! She could have stuck her finger in and OUTLET, or..."

"She'll be fine. Really," Lauren repeated herself.

Alex continued biting her nails with a vengence.


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