Harry flew furiously over the pitch as rain pelted him. Hew as after the snitch and was hell bent on catching it regardless of the cost. Not two hours ago, Ron and Ginny had received news that had shaken them beyond anything that Harry had ever seen. And it had been a look and a few barely coherent words from Ron that had let him know what had happened.

Another dead.

It was his fault. For being in their house, for getting close, if he hadn't been around them maybe tragedy could have been avoided this time.

The part of his brain that reminded him the majority of the Weasley family was working for the Order, including the unflappable matriarch was being tuned out currently. Everyone would be better off if he just disappeared, just went away so they couldn't be harmed again. Things would be better like that.

As Harry flew close to the ground after catching the snitch, an ever familiar voice reached his ears.

"It's a perfect night to be hunting nargles don't you think?"

"Harry glanced down at the girl standing below him. She was dripping wet and dressed merely in her school robes, which weren't as warm as one would normally wear in rain like this, rain that could quickly turn to snow. But instead she just stood there, looking up at him with her ever large eyes. "Go back inside Luna," he said dismissively. "I'm not interested in nargles tonight."

Luna shrugged and looked away and out into the night, as if she was searching for the animal she'd spoken of earlier. "I'd rather stay out here with you if it's just the same. My housemates aren't exactly ones I wish to spend too much time with. The moon is low tonight; do you think the mooncalves will be out dancing with the wormwoods soon?"

Harry wondered how she could see the moon through the rain, and thought to tell her that mooncalves only came out when the moon was visible, but knowing Luna she wouldn't listen. "Luna, go back inside. You don't want to be out here with me," he said landing.

"Why? I like you. It's not that bad out here," she said with a shrug, looking perfectly content despite the fact that she was underdressed.

Harry whirled on her, feeling the need to shake some sense into her. "I'm not safe! Why can't you understand that?"

"Another dead?" she asked matter-of-factly, nearly causing Harry to trip over himself.


"It's on your face," she said softly, empathy etching her dripping features. She reached up and placed her hand on his cheek. "I am truly sorry Harry. Nothing hurts quite like death." Her hand slipped away and she turned. "You feel so alone."

She wasn't talking to him anymore.

How did anyone respond to that? Somewhere in his grief he had forgotten, albeit momentarily, about Luna's mother dying in front of her when she was a child. Guilt swamped through him in an instant. Why did he have to be so bad at all of this? "Luna, I…"

Luna looked at him with that knowing look she always seemed to possess. She gave off a slight shrug and turned away again. "I remember that last time we were greeted with nargles, don't you? It seems so long ago, but just a moment."

"A series of images flashed through his head. Standing by the mistletoe with Luna, deciding whether or not to kiss her, and her taking the choice away. The teary kiss with Cho underneath the same patch of greenery. Trying to recount it all to Sir--

No, it was easier not to remember.

Harry paced the grounds, still feeling ready to explode. Luna was just watching him patiently. He could feel her eyes on him, just waiting for him to do something, say something. He couldn't understand why she could be so patient, so still. He looked up at her again and for a moment wondered who had taken her scarf this time.

Evenutally he couldn't take the silence any longer and dropped his head. "It's my fault she's dead!" he whispered harshly, as if saying it too loud would disrupt the world.

"Was it your hand?" Luna asked, nearly clinically, as if she were Hermione conducting a formal interview, but her voice was softer and ethereal and almost soothing. "Did she step in front of you? Did you wish it to happen and then set it in motion?"

"Of course not! How could you think such a thing?"

She blinked at him once with those orb like eyes and then peered out fo them with a question lingering. "How can you be accountable then?"

Harry had to stop a moment. Why couldn't she just understand. "Because if it weren't for me, Mrs. Weasley would still be alive, my friends wouldn't be motherless. No one deserves that Luna. How can I face them?"

"If that's true, you're being very selfish Harry, holding all the blame on yourself. She and the Weasley's care about you too. She willingly joined the Order of the Pheonix and Dumbledore let her. And her family probably should have protected her better."

"You know better than that!"

"Do they?"

Harry gaped for a moment, never having considered such a thing. It was absolutely absurd. Not a single member of the Weasley family could think such of thing. "Of course…"

But Luna had already gone off somewhere else, creeping towards the Forbidden Forest. She cut in with, "I wonder if the thestrals are lurking tonight."

Harry chased after calling, "Luna." It took only a few long strides; once he'd caught up with her he took her arm and pulled her to a stop.

She looked at him for a moment and then over the shoulder and into the dark rain. "But then again, maybe we'll see something even more amazing. Like a danion," Luna said, returning her focus back to him, "very rarely scene, but apparently come out in response to sad feelings. To comfort. We may just have a shot. My father would be beside himself," she managed excitedly, turning away once more, as if she could really see them.

Harry, looking at Luna, couldn't help but think maybe one already had.

"Come on Luna, lets go inside and get dried off, and maybe we can go find your scarf."