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Why is it that I can never do it? She asked. I should be able to by now. But I can't. Why? There's nothing keeping me here. There's no one who wants me here. . . She started sobbing. So why can't I? She brought the knife closer to her wrist. She had decided to try a different approach. She cut the top of her skin, and blood dripped onto the cement. Just a little bit farther. . she told herself. I can do it. . Her hands were shaking.

"WHY CAN'T I DO IT?" She screamed at the sky. She flung the knife on the ground, and ran home.


"Seto!" Shichi scolded. "You're here 2.5 minutes later than you usually are!"

Seto groaned. "Can't you just leave me alone?"

"Of course not!" Shichi smiled.

Taeta ran into the classroom, just as the bell rang.

"Why is it that you like getting to school so early on Tuesdays, but you're late on every other day?" Yugi asked her.

"I dunno. . ." She said, shrugging.

Yugi sighed.

"Ruby? Will you please put that book away?" Their teacher asked.

Ruby slowly looked up, then slammed the book shut, and set it on her desk. "Why must you bother me when I am actually learning something? The only thing that you could possibly teach me is how to grade papers."

"Riiiiiight. .umm. . " The teacher obviously didn't know how to respond to this, so he just cleared his throat and started class.



"Aw man. . another assembly," Joey said, groaning. "There's only a half hour left of school, anyway. Can't they do this tomorrow?"

"Stop complaining idiot," Ruby said.


"I agree with the little goth," Kaiba said, turning around. "Just shut up."

"I am NOT a "goth"" Ruby said, glaring at Kaiba.

"Sorry. I failed to notice," He said, sneered.

"Seto! Be nice!" Shichi said.

"Will you stop telling me what to do?" Kaiba asked, angrily.

"That was the first time that I--"

"Listen, I don't CARE, okay? All that you've been doing is bugging me, and I'd prefer it if you would STOP. JUST LEAVE ME ALONE AND GO BOTHER SOMEONE ELSE!"

Everyone was silent for a couple minutes. (Everyone being Yugi & his friends & Ruby)

Shichi's eyes quickly filled with tears, and she ran into the bathroom, which happened to be nearby.

Taeta glared at Kaiba. "LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID!"

"That's real low, Kaiba," Joey said.

"Can't you ever be nice?" Tea asked, angrily. "She just liked you! Of course, how could you know that? Obviously you're not very used it!"

"I don't need to listen to you idiots," Kaiba said, as he continued toward the gym.


Kaiba turned around, and saw that it was Ruby who had said his name.

She walked up to him, took her book and hit him on the head with it.

"HEY! What was that for?" Kaiba asked, angrily glaring at her.

Yugi & co. groaned.

"What do you THINK?" Tristan asked.

Ruby, without another word, walked into the bathroom also.

Tea quickly followed.


"Shichi?? SHICHI!" Taeta cried, banging on a door.

"She's in here," She said, as soon as she noticed Tea and Ruby.

"Shichi?" Tea asked, lightly knocking on the door. "Please come out! Shichi. . "

Ruby stepped up to the door, and said loudly, "Shichi. Get out here. He's an idiot. Big deal. There are a lot of idiots in this world. Now GET OUT HERE. We have to go to the gym, remember?"

They heard the crying stop, and in a couple minutes, Shichi came out, smiling, looking like she had never been crying.

Tea and Taeta breathed a sigh of relief.

"To the gym we go!" Shichi said, smiling.

When they got out of the bathroom, they saw Kaiba surrounded by the guys.

"Shichi, Kaiba wants to talk to ya," Joey said, glaring at Kaiba. "We're going to the gym, but if Kaiba SAYS anything, just tell us."

And the others (being Joey, Tristan, Yugi, Tea, Ruby and Taeta) went to the gym.

"Sorry," Kaiba said, in a tone that you could tell was fake. He then turned away, and started heading to the gym.


He turned around, and saw that her eyes were filled with tears again.

"I only did that. . because I love you," She said, then ran out of the school. (How convienant! A door right by the bathrooms! ^^)

"Shichi. . ." Kaiba ran after her.

Eventually, they had gotten to the park. As Kaiba entered it, he saw Shichi laying on a bench. He went over by her, and sat down. (Yepp, that's how big the bench was ^^)

Shichi looked up, suprised. "You followed me here?" She sat up.

"Listen. . I am sorry. . " Kaiba said.

"You don't mean that," Shichi pointed out.

Kaiba sighed. "I mean it. . .I'm sorry." With that, he leaned over and gave her a soft kiss. (YES on the lips, people.)

Shichi, OBVIOUSLY suprised, didn't know how to respond.

Kaiba stopped, and looked at her. There was a look in his eyes that Shichi had never seen before.

"I guess. . after a while. . I started to get used to you," He said. Then he smiled.


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