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Digital Hearts – World 00 – Wide Awake


***Takato's POV***

My eyes opened and I glanced around. I was at the bottom of a random new building still under construction. Large metal skyscrapers littered the area in piles, along with huge bags of quick drying cement and a few portables. I seemed to standing in a construction zone, but why was nobody here. The place was illuminated in soft bluish light from the moon, but my vision was still foggy. Last thing I remembered was going to bed… So why wasn't I there now? I shrugged it off. I'm either dreaming or I've been kidnapped, and given the fact that I'm unbound and there's no sign of anything else, I guess I'll go with the first option. It's more favorable anyway.

"Sooo…what now."

I glanced around. This feeling was familiar. The last time I ever felt like this I was watching Renamon pummel a Lynxmon into the ground from two stories up. However this time I wasn't a few stories up, and there certainly weren't any Digimon around. The entire place seemed devoid of life. I reached up and checked to see if I still had my goggles in this dream… nope.

Nuts, I miss them already.

There was nothing better to do, so I pondered how free my movement was in this dream. Maybe I could see Henry this time, or better yet, Jeri. Of course, Rika came to mind, but she wasn't to impressed about my seeing her in a dream last time and somehow I doubted this would be any different.

I stepped forward, but something caught my eye. Maybe there was a Digimon here yet, but I didn't recognize it. It was small and very dark… Naturally my first thought was that Impmon was up to some mischief again. I walked over and prepared myself to scold him, I never tried talking to anyone in this kind of dream before but there's no time like the present.

"Hey Impmon. What are… you… do… WHAAAAA!"

Thing didn't have a face! Well actually it had eyes… beady little red eyes, but still. Even if it was small and probably a Rookie, it was creepy… really really creepy! And as if it couldn't get any worse, it heard me. I was suddenly wishing I hadn't told Guilmon to stay in his shed at night all the time, cause I could really use his help now. He'd chew that little whelp up and spit him out… I on the other hand, did I what I normally do best when I'm scared… I bolted backwards. It seemed to work for a little bit, until I ran into a dead end and the thing cornered me amongst a wall of crates.

This sucks! What kind of a dream stops you from going through walls!

I reluctantly readied myself for a hand, to… thingy fight. *Just great, am I suppose to run or step on it or kick it or-*


*-Let… Renamon handle it…*

I must admit I found Renamon's brutality a little unnerving. But then I remembered the creepy thing didn't have a face and felt a little better. The Vulpine stood up and looked down at her target, waiting for it to release it's data. Not to load it, of course, but just to make sure it was completely gone. However, she was in for a long wait. The thing didn't release any data from it's body. It just kinda… faded into the shadows. Renamon didn't bother pursuing it. She just frowned and put her right paw on her hip.

"Running out on our date is no way to treat a lady." She said coolly, obviously disappointed in the fight.

Maybe I've been hanging around Terriermon too long, but I couldn't resist. "So where's the lady?"

She looked up and straight at me. "Who just said that?"

*Aww nuts… She sounded angry.*

I started to back away slowly and carefully, going along the edge of the closed in area. Renamon could hear my voice, but noticed my movement didn't seem to make any sound. All the same I kept calm and quiet. I'm not sure, but I think Renamon can smell fear or something like that. She scowled at the darkness, and me momentarily as she scoured the area. Just when I had passes the wall and was ready to start running full speed ahead, she turned and stared directly at me.

Aww double nuts…

For a few seconds I stayed not moving. I was actually relived when I heard Rika's voice behind me. Renamon wasn't staring at me, she was waiting for Rika. Whew, I was feeling better already. I let out a big sigh of relief… Not my brightest move so far this dream.

"Renamon, did you just sigh?" Rika showed up behind me. She had that white trench coat, not that I could blame her. It was getting kind of cold. I think the coat makes her look even more dangerous than usual.

The vulpine shook her head. "Wasn't me Rika, but I heard it too."

"Where did it come from?"

"I have no idea."

Rika took off her shades and nibbled on the ear-piece. She was thinking about something. "Hmmm… Did you get that little black Digimon?"

"Well I certainly splattered him… then he just…"

"Vanished?" Rika asked, sounding a bit annoyed. Her eyes hardened. I knew she was look at Renamon, but since I was directly between them… 'shudder'. She scares me… honestly.

"…Yes… I'm sorry Rika."

Suddenly her hard expression disappeared when she saw Renamon's sadness. "Don't worry about it. It's not big enough to cause any problems and I'd be surprised if even lasted another day."

"Quite. I didn't even have to use an attack."

Rika laughed. "Yeah, I'll bet it's so weak even Terriermon could take it down."

"Or Guilmon could mistake for food." Renamon suggested. They both laughed at that one… I didn't think it was so funny.


Renamon and Rika both stopped laughing and glared right through me. "Who's there?"

Renamon stepped forward. "Does someone else want to play?"

Uh oh. Now would be a good time to wake up.

Rika walked forward towards the voice she heard. I promptly backed away getting more nervous by the second. Rika caught up easily and walked directly through me, leaving me stunned for a moment. She didn't even seem to notice as she repeatedly called out for whomever was in hiding to step out.

This is really weird.

Renamon glanced around quickly as well before calling out to her partner. "Rika, I don't sense any Digimon."

"It could still be a person. It definitely sounded like one."

"There are many Digimon that have human-like voices."

Rika turned back and nodded reluctantly. "Yeah… I guess. Still, I don't like getting spied on no matter who it is."

"I agree." Renamon stated matter of factly. "At any rate. I will finish my patrolling. Why don't you head back. Don't you have a test tomorrow."

Rika's face turned sour. "Thanks for reminding me."


"Well, no use whining about it. Let's go."

While the two fighters walked off, I had the exact same expression as Rika did only moments ago. The reason for that was quite simple really.

I have a test tomorrow too…

Finally everything started to brighten and fade. I was waking up and all I could think of was 'about time'. I wonder if Guilmon had the same dream. I guess I can always find out when I go to see him in the morning. When my eyes finally opened only my bottom half was still on the bed. The rest of me was draped over the side. I adjusted myself quickly. It was still dark outside, but I took a look at my alarm clock anyway to see what time it was… 3:00am… nuts.

I rolled over onto my back I could've sworn I saw something pass by my window. It kinda reminded me of that creepy thing I saw in my dream. I didn't pay it any attention though. As Renamon said, 'it's too small to do any real damage'. And besides, I'm tired, maybe the drowsiness is just getting to me. I just rolled over and started to doze off again. I felt a little cold, but then again spring was just beginning. I glanced over to where all that cool air was coming from.

"Hmm? That's weird. I thought I closed that window."

***Rika's POV***

"Stupid little faceless rat…" I murmured.

I couldn't believe it. I was sleeping soundly minding my own business when Renamon reported that she sensed something. I didn't blame Renamon for telling me, of course, I blamed whatever she sensed. I didn't bother to use my D-Arc on it. It wasn't worth it. Renamon's fist proved that much.

I look up at the moon. Renamon's silhouette was looking the other way, just standing in the white light. I always enjoy how cool she looks like that. Like something to be feared and revered. Terriermon and Guilmon don't look like that.

"…Even if they fight almost as well."

Well, I guess no one can blame me if I'm not at my best against Ryo tomorrow. We're scheduled to have another card match. I won't go in the details about our current score (A/N: 29-1 for Ryo) but lets just say he need to beaten… badly.

I finally reached the front gate of my home. Renamon helped me get in over the gate. No need to wake up mom, after all. Grandma was still on her granny chat. I guess she doesn't need as much sleep because of her age. She turned and waved kindly. It was nice not have to hide from everyone.

"Hi dear. How was you're night?"

"Annoying." I replied coldly.

Grandma chuckled. "Well if you didn't want to go out, perhaps you should've let your friends handle it."

I smirked. "Maybe, but I wanted to make sure that thing didn't bother me again next night. Guilmon probably just slept through it, and Henry might've let it get away."

The old woman handed me a cup of tea and I took it graciously as she continued. "Mind your shoe's dear. What about that handsome young man. Ryo I believe."

I scoffed as I took my shoes off. "He's even less reliable then Goggle head. Remember how he disappeared after the D-Reaper."

Grandma sighed. "I suppose there aren't any others…"

I took a sip of my tea. "Well there's Suzy and Kenta who are definitely not fighters. Kazu could probably handle a few small ones but he'd be totally lost if a big one came through."

The woman nodded. "Well, don't press yourself to hard."

I nodded as I finished the cup of tea. I went to bed immediately after that muttering a quick goodnight to Renamon as I did so. I couldn't hear or see her, of course, but I knew she was listening.

***Henry's POV (The Next Morning)***

"Henwy! Henwy! It's wake up time!" Suzy shouted as she charged in through the door to my room.

I glanced over to warn Terriermon of the impending danger, but he didn't even get the chance to move before he was trapped in the clutches of my little sister. I could see the look of terror across my partners face and… well, I had to suppress my urge to start laughing. Takato and Rika had no idea how lucky they were that they didn't have siblings. I sat up feeling refreshed. It had been a good night sleep.

"Suzy, you know the rules. No playing with Terriermon till after breakfast." Actually I just made this 'rule' up a short while ago. But at least now I would have time to hide the rabbit from her.

"But Heeenwy!" She whined back, gripped Terriermon tighter than before. I've been told that I was that cute once, but I'm not sure if I believe it or not.

I sighed. I never know how to deal with her properly when she's like this. "Come on Suzy. It'll only be twenty minutes before I'm off to school and you can play with Terriermon all you want." Hopefully she'll have forgotten by then.

"Hmmm." She made that 'sophisticated thinking' face before finally agreeing and handing Terriermon back to me. "Awight, but don't forget."

I laughed lightly. "Sure, I'll try."

Terriermon was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief as well. "Whew, that was TOO close."

I nodded and proceeded to get myself dressed.

"By the way. Maybe we should stop by and wake Takato up today. I sensed something last night and if he went to get it then the odds of him waking up on time are…"

"The same as Suzy forgetting about you for more than five minutes." I finished. Terriermon didn't seem to think that was as funny as I did, but oh well. "Yeah, I guess we should, just to be sure."

Breakfast went by quickly, before I knew it I was waving to Jaarin and Rinchei. For those of you who don't know those two are my older brother and sister, not in that order though. They both go to high school and our interaction is… limited to say the east. I was just reching for the door handle when…

"I'm down Mommy. Where's Tewwiermon?"

The green Rookie reached out of my bag, grabbed the doorknob for me with his ear and twisted. "Bail!"

Well, it sounded good to me.

***Matsuki Bakery**

Ah the Matsuki Bakery. I'd never even heard of it before meeting Takato and Guilmon, now stopping by here for a quick bite to eat is the highlight of my morning. Takato's mother, Yoshi was always kind, pleasant, and listening to her sarcastic remarks about her husband was easily on par with Ms Asagi's. I stepped inside and was immediately greeted by the a warm comfortable feeling.


"And I thought Suzie could be loud and obnoxious."

Mei glared at however said then, then smiled when she noticed it was only Terriermon. **How come he can get away with it?**

Takato's voice came down a few seconds later. "I awake alre- huh? What the? Er dammit!"

I sweatdropped. What was he doing up there. "Hey Takato! Are you alright?"

"Henry? Is that you?" I sighed, who else would it be?

Terriermon smirked. "Don't tell me you put your pants on backwards."

"Er, yeah, that's it. Hang on, I'll be down in a minute. Er damn… or two."

Reluctantly I grabbed a bagel and stepped outside holding onto it with only my teeth. It was all I could afford, but that's beside the point. Terriermon's ears perked up immediately after that.

"Henry, I sense something. It's not big… but it's definitely unique."

I sighed as I headed around back to call Takato from his balcony. Why couldn't he be this serious all the time. "Alright. Can you tell where it is?"

"Right where you're heading."

"Hmmm?" I looked at Terriermon only to see him pointing up. Takato was standing on the railing of his balcony. On the house across was… some kind of black thing. To be honest it gave me shivers just looking it. "Takato! Hang on I'm coming."

Hmmm, he probably didn't here me since he jumped over anyway. He can be the bravest person I know when he's in a tight situation, or when he doesn't realize what he's doing. In this case I think it's the latter. 'Why?' some of you might ask, well Terriermon says it best.

"Nice Pajamas Goggles!!!"

***Takato's POV (Rooftops)***

I can't believe this. Other kids wake up and have to chase the school bus, but not me. I gotta chase some kind of tapioca pudding with feet. I heard someone call my name and turn to the side to see Henry below on the sidewalk, running to keep up. I waved to him, which apparently is such a good idea when you're nearing the edge of something. Three guesses what happened next.

Yep I fell off, but on the upside I landed in the pudding kid. He cushioned my fall rather nicely as he went splat. Not that's a sound I would care to hear again. The really creepy part was that he reformed a second later, and took off running again stopping only to glare at me momentarily. I got a look at it's eyes though, like little red beads… just like the dream. I shivered involuntarily from a coldness I hadn't noticed before. Henry round up the corner and it looked like he wanted to say something to me, but I cut him off.

"Aww nuts. He's getting away, let's go."

The rabbit and Tamer exchanged glances like they knew something I didn't. Well whatever it was they were taking to long to say it. "C'mon already." I took off.

As soon as I got out of the ally I noticed the thing enter a pair of double door type gates. A Few kids were entering too and seemed to get freaked out as soon as they saw it. Then they saw me and for some reason they seemed to get even more freaked out. Most of them turned away but there was one person, a girl, who saw me and winked… My exact thoughts at that most were rather blatant.

What the? Oh well, can't worry about that now.

I continue to follow it as it went inside my school. Yes, you heard right. I had followed the little creep all the way to school. Fortunately, I was early so very few people were left to wonder, what the heck was that thing running by me?

That little bugger moves pretty fast. Every time I rounded a corner, I only did it to see the little thing disappear behind another one. Or in other words, it was steadily getting ahead of me, though I'm not sure how… I'm pretty sure I'm running faster. Jelly boy finally slipped up as he turned into a class room in hopes that I wasn't there to see it… I was.

"Got you now…" Or so I thought.

I turned into the classroom and spotted the creature, whatever it was standing on the on the bookshelf in front of the window with it's back turned. It looked over it shoulder at me. It beady red eyes were almost laughing, like he was toying with me. But I had him now. I ran forward, and dived to catch him.

…Apparently that's not a good idea…

The black gnome stepped forward and passed THROUGH the window. It didn't leave a mark or anything. Unfortunately the same could not be said about me. I was in air, how was I suppose to stop? I hit part window and part sharp edge of the bookshelf. My head in particular, took the brunt despite my attempts to block with my arms.

Oh yeah, that… was impressive. I thought bitterly.

I wanted to think more but… My lack of anything to eat, coupled with the fatigue of getting up earlier and running a marathon, and not to mention with my fall from a building… I passed out.

***Ms. Asagi's POV***

I should have known something was wrong, Mr. Shiota (Kazu) and Mr. Kitagawa (Kenta) were here earlier today.

I stepped into my classroom, hoping against all odds that everyone was in their seat. I was disappointed as usual. Everyone was off to one side of the room near the front huddling around something. Usually there were a bunch of subgroups so this naturally peeked my interest slightly. However it wasn't until I saw Mr. Wong with them that I actually became worried, though I hid it rather well.

I made my way over and ushered everyone back to his or her seats to clear some room for me to see whatever it was they were looking at. The student's obliged… Well Shiota failed to move and started whining and his sidekick hung back slightly too. It didn't matter though, now I could easily see everything. Takato was lying on his back spread out. Obviously the students moved him. The most noticeable thing about him though, was that he was still in his pajamas.

Only Takato…

I glanced to see a chunk of my bookshelf missing and a huge crack in the window just above it. That had to hurt.

There go the taxpayers dollars…

"Excuse me, does anyone have any idea how long he's been lying there?"

Jeri Katou raised her hand… The one without the puppet. "He was like that before Henry and I got here."

I shook me head. "I don't believe it."

He's early for once…

"Alright, who wants to take him to the nurse?"

Hirokazu and Kenta raised their hands immediately from the back. They were Takato's friends and they'd do anything to get out of class. To them this must've been like two birds with one stone. Henry had his hand raised, though it was hard to notice since he was so far to the side. He seemed rather eager too. He was probably wondering why Takato was here in such a state.

That makes two of us

There was one more hand. The hand I picked, Jeri Katou. She's a sweet little girl with a bizarre sock puppet. I don't know too much about her home life, since I've never had to visit her parents. Her attendance has always been good.

"Alright then Jeri, Henry, would you mind."

"Not all at all." Jeri responded and wasted no time making her way to the boy. I don't make it a business to pry into my student lives but since that blob attacked the city Jeri has been getting distracted from time to time. She even requested to switch seats with Mari, a girl who sits closer to Takato.

They began lifting Takato out of the room, whilst I started today's lesson plan. I'll admit I found it a bit odd that Henry was carrying his bag with him, but it wasn't a very big deal, so I didn't say anything. Kazu and Kenta both groaned as their chance of missing even a few minutes of this class hobbled out the doorway.

***Henry's POV***

Jeri and I set Takato down on a random bed in the nurse's office. My bag began to stir as Terriermon struggled to get free. I knew if I didn't let him out by might just consider using his Bunny Blast.

Terriermon launched himself at my head as soon as I unzipped the bag. It took him under a second to get back to his favorite position in the world. Jeri giggled.

"I didn't know you brought Terriermon to school today."

Terriermon waved to her for a moment. "Hiya Jeri. So, what'd I miss?"

I shook my head. "Not much. All I saw was Takato running into the classroom. I guess he ran into the bookshelf."

The green bunny/dog sweatdropped. "…Why am I not surprised. Oh, but what about that little gingerbread man wannabe?"

"Gone before I got there."

Terriermon sighed. "What a klutz."

"Ummm." Jeri started, forcing us both to remember she was still here. "Ginger… bread?"

We both sweatdropped. As usual I was left explaining things "We spotted Takato chasing a strange Digimon. It disappeared before either of us got a read on it. He chased it from his house, which, I guess, is why he still had his pajamas on."

"Or maybe he was showing off." Terriermon ginned. I just smiled and Jeri, well I thought I saw her face redden slightly, but I didn't get to check as Takato had just begun to wake up.

Honestly… His timing is impeccable.

Jeri leaned over and held her right hand just over his face so the first thing he'd see when he woke up was her button-eyed sock puppet. I was about to say something to stop her when Terriermon stopped.

"Shhh, this'll be good." I paused for a second, then agreed.

"Mmmgh…….." Takato's voice came out in a slur of sounds he opened his and stared the cotton made pooch right in the face.

"Ruff- Feel better?"


Takato yelled as loud as he could just before he tumbled out of the bud, landing bluntly on his head. Terriermon cracked up, Jeri giggled, and even though it was a bit mean, I laughed too. Takato got up and frowned.


"Sorry Takato."

Jeri put puppet behind her back and leaned over. "Nice to see up again."

Takato blinked. I could tell he was recalling what happened. "Up again… Oh yeah. That Digimon can go through walls. I tried to jump him but…"

"Lemme guess, you attacked an inanimate object." Terriermon finished off, trying very hard to keep his own chuckling under control.

"Ummm…Yeah." Takato murmured sheepishly and looked down. That's when he noticed it. "WHA- My clothes!"

"You just noticed?" Terriermon asked. Jeri blushed, now that he'd drawn attention to it.

I smiled. "Well Takato. Sorry but we better head back to class before Ms. Asagi drags us by our ears."

Terriermon grimaced, then hugged his ears. "Don't say that, not even joking."

Jeri giggled. "Anyway, you might want to talk to the nurse then head out or else the teacher might make you come to class the way you are."

Takato seemed to pale a bit at that. "R-really?"

"Well, I wouldn't put it past her."

Takato got more pale and I just laughed. Terriermon jumped down from my head as I zipped up my bag and made for the door. Jeri lingered behind a bit.

"Do you mind dropping Terriermon off at Guilmon's? We were suppose to do that anyway but we got kind of sidetracked."

The gogglehead nodded. "Sure. I'll see you guys at the usual spot after school."

"Alright, see ya."

"Ruff- bye for now Takato."

***Takato's POV: Guilmon's Hut: After School***

I was sitting on the steps just in front of Guilmon's Hut. The glutton himself was just behind me, bouncing Terriermon and Calumon up and down on his tail. I myself was just reshuffling my cards. Granted they weren't exactly all that useful since I could Biomerge, but you never know when you'll need a water card or a training manual to get out a tight spot.

-sigh- when are they going to get here?

This had been our unofficial meeting since before we even went to the Digital World. Me and Henry stopped by at least once a day and Rika usually stopped by to say something like 'You guys are hopeless.' also… well either that or battle the Legendary Tamer… She almost always loses though, and Kazu never forgets to announce it. Ryo stops by about once a week, but he never stays long enough for any of us to get to know him. He's… a bit strange. Oh! And of course, Cyberdramon came back. That's another thing that bothers me every once in a while. Guardromon has been stuck in his champion form ever since he was forced into it, but Cyberdramon keeps coming back. I've never seen him load any data… he just… can't help it I guess.

"Ruff- Are you still tired?"

I ended up coming face to face the button-eyed dog puppet for the second time that day. I jumped in surprise, thus dropping all my cards. I wasn't angry though, I looked up to see Jeri and blushed. She was smiling down sweetly at me. Kazu and Kenta were right behind her.

"I-I'm fine." I stuttered. Jeri nodded then went over to pet Guilmon. Kazu walked up to me and grinned.

"Ha ha. That was priceless Takato. I wish I still had my camera for it though."

I sighed. He was right. My crush on Jeri was as strong as it was since before Leomon, my courage however… well when it came to her it was pretty much in the same situation. But I wasn't about to admit this to the one person who would ridicule me for the rest of my life for it. I folded my arms and began looking annoyed, kinda like Rika only without the hostility.

"I don't know where you get those ideas Kenta. Do you make up these weird scenario's in class or something?"

Kazu came up and slung his arm over me. "Yeah, Chumly's not interested in fawning over a bunch of girls." Ah Kazu, bless you're clueless heart.

Henry and Terriermon came up behind Kenta smiling widely. I could tell they had heard what we were just talking about. If anyone knew me better than Henry they could considered stalkers. He definitely knew of my crush, but he'd never tell… or let Terriermon tell. It was great knowing I could trust him with anything like that.

"Oh great it's the goof troupe standing around to greet me."

That cynical voice could only be Rika. I wasn't disappointed as I glanced down the stairs and saw her making her way up. I waved and she stopped for a moment. I guess she thought she saw Ryo or something. I turned to let Guilmon know of Rika's return. He likes to say 'Hi' to everyone. Somehow, though, I think he already knew as Renamon was threatening him about something. Terriermon hopped off Henry's and ran to the dino's defense, those three get along so well together.

"Is Ryo here yet? I pretended to be interested in whatever the teacher was saying for six hours specifically so I could beat him here today."

"You wish." Kazu called out, folding his arms behind his head.

"Nice to see you asking about me, Wild cat." Ryo walked out of the bushed… What was he doing in there… probably nothing important.

Rika turned on a dime to meet him. "Ryo! Today is the day I take your reputation as the Legendary Tamer."

Ryo put his hand on his chin. "Hmmm… Mrs. Legendary Tamer, sounds nice."

"Eh!? SHUT UP!" I got to hand it to Ryo. Sometimes I get worried about how those two act, but he always seems to stop before the Rika really loses it. He seems to have a good sense of danger, but I guess three months in the Digital World will do that to you.

Everyone began setting up for the card battle. It was between the hut and the stone stairs. Ryo was on one side shuffling his deck with Kazu and Kenta peering over his shoulder. On the other side, Rika was shuffling hers with Henry and I looking over hers. Jeri joined us to see what was happening. Guilmon and Calumon also came over to enjoy the battle.

Rika started with a Renamon card. It was always her opening. Ryo played Agumon, his own signature opening… I can never understand why he doesn't play Monodramon… The thing about Ryo's style is that it relies heavily on three Digimon, a good number, and his combinations are endless. The three Digimon are Agumon, Veemon, and Of course, Monodramon, usually in that order. Rika has only two Digimon, Renamon and Elecmon. She used to use DemiDevimon but she stopped after meeting his evolved form.

…and a little later…

This match was over, everyone could see it except for Rika, who utterly refused to give up. Ryo had everything, a 90% win ratio, two Megas, and an Ultimate. Rika had a SaberLeomon and that was it. Calumon jumped in the middle and at the cards.

"Oooo~ they're all so shiny." The cream puff picked up the Cyberdramon card and smiled happily at it. "Wow, you shrunk. Wanna play tag?"

Oh yeah, that reminds me. Jeri learned something very neat about Calumon. He can play the card game very well it seems. Even though he always picks the card he thinks is 'shiny' or 'fun' or 'bouncy' (Don't ask) he always ends up accidentally making very strong combinations. It kinda makes sense, I mean, he is the light of Digivolution after all. But it's really neat to think that he's subconsciously a tactical genius… well, maybe that might be stretching it a bit.

"Takatoooo. Is there a hotdog card?"

I smiled. "Nope sorry Guilmon."

"Hey, can you two move? We're in the middle of a game." Rika frowned.

Kazu smirked. "Looks to me like you're at the end of the game."

"Shut up."

Ryo finished up the fight, again by playing Justimon. He really is incredible at this game. No matter what he starts with or what happens he always manages to draw the fight out so he can finish with Justimon. Rika seems to think he's just rubbing it in, but I know she'd finish every match with Sakuyamon if she could. Ryo was smiling brightly, I knew it was annoying Rika without even checking the expression on her face.

"And that about wraps it up." Kazu stated.

"He took you to the cleaners." Kenta echoed, then back off when the red head in front shot him a warning glare.

"Well, should we call it a day?" Henry asked glancing around.

Rika stood up and dusted herself off. "Sounds good brainiac. I'm exhausted."

I yawned casually and said the first thing that popped into my head. "Well… chasing that little black creature at two in the morning will do that."

I am such an idiot…

Everyone turned on me. It took me a second to realize I had said something I really should've just kept to myself. Oh why can't I think before I say stuff.

"Gogglehead! Don't tell me you followed me."

"Staaaalker." Terriermon droned.

Jeri flushed and lifted her sock puppet. "Ruff- Maybe Takato was just worried about you."

I sweatdropped. I had to be extra careful of what I said now or else I might find myself in a figurative bear trap. I also had to keep in mind not to mention anything to do with dreams. I called her my dream girl once jokingly and she threatened to- and I quote. "Send me to dreamland for good."

"Well It's not that I 'followed' you out there persay, I just… umm."

She stared at me blankly for a moment, as if deciding which emotion to turn to. It turned out to be anger, unsurprisingly. Rika closed in on me as if ready for the kill. I looked around for some help, and wasn't disappointed. It was Henry to the rescue.

"Well Ryo, it looks like you got some competition."

Rika turned her glare on Henry. Ryo was just looking at us like we were nuts. I made a pleading face to him and I think he actually understood.

"Hmmm, so Takato. You want to try and steal pumkin from me you'll have to try much harder."

Rika, Jeri, Her evil Sock Puppet, Kazu, and Kenta and I choked on air. "Wha-"

"You're dead!"

Rika launched herself at the Legendary Tamer full throttle. Ryo gathered his cards with one swift hand motion and dodged. Lucky for him he was in even better shape than Rika as he managed to get away from her easily and was at the bottom of the stairs before anyone knew it. The girl stopped and growled, then turned back to get her own cards. Ryo flashed us a thumbs-up sign from the bottom of the stairs, but we couldn't return the gesture, as Rika would've easily seen us.

"Stupid little….. Mr. Per…." Rika mutter. I turned to Henry and laughed. Kazu and Kenta waved goodbye to us as they made their way down the stairs after Ryo. This time I was able to wave back.

With them gone, I turned to Jeri my face immediately becoming red. "So. Ummm, c-can I uh, walk you…… home I mean."

She giggled at me, not a good sign. "Sure." Okay, that was better. Henry just shook his head.

Terriermon giggled while Jeri picked Calumon up in her arms. "Score one for the Gogglehead."

"Terriermon…" Henry sighed, then smiled. "Well see you tomorrow Takato. Preferably not in you're pajamas."

Rika looked up. It was strange though, If I didn't know any better I could have sworn she was wearing blush. "What stupid thing did Gogglehead do?"

Terriermon grinned. "He chased that little freakish dude from his house to his school forgetting to change in the process."

My face was beat red now. "Y-Yeah… I guess… I left the window open."

Rika shook her head. "What a stupid gogglehead."

I gave Guilmon a goodbye hug and began walking down the stairs with Jeri. I considered trying to hold her hand… but that was just… too much for me right now. Henry was making sure Terriermon didn't let out a peep, a fact of which I was eternally thankful for.

Oh shoot I forgot to pick up my own cards!

I turned to Jeri nervously and sweatdropped. "Er, sorry. Can you wait for me for a moment, I have to go get something."

***Rika's POV***

Just As I was finishing, I saw Gogglehead bounding up the steps again. "Back for more?"

"Err no. I just forgot my cards." Takato made my way to top step and began picking them up.

I sighed. "You're hopeless."

It was true. Probably why he and the walking garbage disposable known as Guilmon made such a good team. Still, watching him gather all his cards into a pile, then accidentally knock them all over again... he needed my help… again… it was pathetic. I made my way over to him and began picking his cards up.

I'm pretty sure he was looking at me, but I wasn't about to do the same. His expression was obvious just from the sounds of his voice. "Th-thanks." Nervous… typical.

"For what?"

"Eh, helping me… with my cards."

I shrugged. "Just cause you're so bad at it doesn't mean you need to praise me."

"But still… thanks."

This silence is uncomfortable… I need to break it…

"Hmph. I should be the one thanking you."

I could he was now looking at me strangely without even looking up. "Eh? Why? I didn't do anything."

"…" I didn't want to say the reason myself.

Renamon phased into view. "It's been a week an no one knows about Rika's song. Not even Henry."

"…Oh… Is that all?"

Now I looked up. "'Is that all?' What do you mean 'Is that all?'. If it was anyone else, everyone would know about it. Kazu has one of the biggest mouths in to world, Ryo would definitely tell someone, same with Kenta. Henry, I can trust, but with his Terriermon all of Shinjuku would know in under three hours."

Gogglehead just smiled. "I don't think so. Kazu's a little thick, but he's not that mean. And I know Henry would make sure Terriermon kept quiet. And Jeri's to sweet to tell something so important. I don't know Ryo that well, but I think he would keep your secret safe too."


Foolish optimistic Gogglehead.

"E-Even though… I think everyone… would to listen to it."


"You've got a really nice voice."

Alright.. I blushed against my will. I hate when he does this. He's supposed to be going with Jeri, right? So then why does he keep saying stuff like that. I mean, he's done this before, and on more than once occasion. First my shirt, now my song. Stupid gogglehead.

His face flushed red. "Er, I mean. You don't have a nice voice, uh w-wait. I mean it's not that you… I just… umm. I'm just going… to be going this way now."

Gogglehead stood up and started stepping down the stairs while smiling the stupid grin at me. He wasn't even looking or he would have noticed I hadn't even given him the cards I collected. He had only gone three steps when his feet hit each other and he began to fall forwards. My hand shot out on reflex and grabbed his, like it had a mind of it's own. Takato was leaning to far over to regain to footing. His face was an inch from the stone, but at least he wasn't in a bloody mess on the stone stairs.


Takato seemed confused. "Ummm… Yes what?"

I could feel my pulse quicken. I wasn't use to this kind of stress. "Errr, the… Cherry Blossoms… You asked me, on my birthday." I could feel his hands getting a little sweaty. My grip was becoming less reliable.

"But… they aren't blooming yet. You're the one… that pointed that out."

Why can't you just give me a simply 'Yes' or 'No'

"I can just let you go if you want."

He panicked a bit. I could feel it. "Eh, no don't! I'll meet you at the Sakura trees tomorrow! Seven! I promise!" Sheesh, what was he getting so worried about. I wouldn't really drop him. Great, now, thanks to him, I feel depressed. I put in some extra effort to pull him into an angle where he could actually stand. I stepped around him as he fell over the other way and landing on his butt. I just walked down. "Alright, see ya Gogglehead."

***Takato's POV***

…Girls are nuts…

***Unknown POV: Unknown Area***

I frowned at the figure before me. I couldn't see him but his idiotic voice gave him away.

What a maroon.

"Be serious for once!" I yelled out, annoyed.

"I am serious." He called back. His voice was childish and whiny like a 6 year olds. "That kid got beaten by the weakest thing we could send at him."

I sneered. "Really? I thought you were the weakest thing we could send at him."

I heard a growl. "Them's fightin words."

"SHUT UP BOTH OF YOU!" A powerful feminine voice called out. I immediately stopped myself from saying anything less I get on her bad side.

"Why?" The idiot asked. I hate him.

"Because we have more important things to do than cater to your own foolishness. Takato has proven to be… not what we expected. But in either case we must decide what to do next."

I nodded. "Taking the heart of someone so weak is useless. And calling the Heartless takes up to much resources."

"I don't mind." The fool called out again. I was glad when she agreed with me instead.

"I go with Reseal. Besides, there are better ways to deal with him, like calling a menace from another world to this one."

"Genious mistress!" I exclaimed… well… it was. "But who to use…"

She responded quickly. "We'll use that man that joined the tournament after Ansem was beaten."

The idiot's voice rang out again. "That mama's boy? Well, suit yourself."

"I will locate him immediately."

She nodded. "I will ready the portal."

"I will retrieve the POPCORN!"

…I hate him…



Regless: Well that the first chapter to my new story. I hope no one minds that I put it in Digimon as it does focus on the Tamer more than the others. I figured finishing this was my birthday present. I'm 18 now. But the scene at Guilmon's hut could've been done better I think… Ah well. Please R&R and see ya later.